Jul 30, 2018

The Best Gold Face Mask

Facial treatments have always been in trends. Even in the early days, humans have looked for ways to treat their skin, especially facial skin to make it younger and more beautiful. Earlier, people used to try different herbs and homemade remedies on their skin. With the passage of time and thanks to research carried out in the field of medical and skin care, we now have products that can make us skin tighter, younger, and considerably delay signs of aging.

The problem with all modern products is that the market is really saturated. It gets hard to choose the best product for your skin. And choosing the best product for your skin is the most essential part of skin care.

The use of gold has always been linked to skin care. People in Egypt used it to great benefits. The use of gold in skin care products has been revived today. Gold Face Mask is one such revolutionary product that uses gold efficiently to treat your facial skin. This 24K gold mask is packed with luxury ingredients like truffles and provides a solid dose of moisturizers, minerals, and hosts of other nourishing agents.

The Golden Luminescence Infusion Face Mask has all the benefits of a surgery without having to go through any painful procedures. It rejuvenates hydrates and plums the skin in a few easy steps. This mask is built to act like your second skin. You apply it to your skin and it naturally adapts to the curves. After the overnight use, you will see noticeable changes in your skin.

How to Use?

Open the mask pack and apply it immediately after opening. Apply the mask on a clean dry skin. Use your fingers to gently spread the mask all over your skin. Ideally, you should leave the mask for 5 – 10 minutes before removing it with warm water. Once the mask is off, pat your skin with a towel to dry.

How to Order?

Gold Elements is the best place to order the Golden Luminescence Infusion Face Mask. You can also ask for a free sample on their website. Plus the customer services available on the website are excellent. You have the option to track your product and ask questions about it through their online chat service.

Ordering the product online also means that no matter where you are in the world, you can order this great product from the comfort of your home. The delivery time understandably can be around 2 days to 1 week, depending on where the order is placed from. For local deliveries, the company makes sure to deliver the product the same day.

The information you share on the website remains safe. We don’t share your data with third parties.


You can also read great reviews from the actual users of this gold face mask on their website and decide for yourself, whether you want to try this or not.

For leaving your feedback and comments or to ask any question, feel free to use the comment section below.

Jul 27, 2018

Baby Acne – A Comprehensive Overview

As a parent, your primary concern is the well-being of your child. So any sign of distress, discomfort or disease you spot in your little one can send you into panic mode, and even make you think you are being bad parent!

This can’t be further from the truth, please do not allow these kinds of thoughts to start swarming in your head! You are a good parent, and the appearance of baby acne is just something that’s out of your control.
Not even health professionals know exactly what causes baby acne, and why does it appear at such an early age.

So, just relax, take a deep breath and go through the entire article before you jump to any premature conclusions.


What Baby Acne Looks Like?

Baby acne is defined as small red bumps all over the face of the baby (most common on the nose, cheeks,and chin) and, in some rare cases, on their back. These tiny bumps are usually surrounded by redness, indicating irritated, sensitive skin.

The acne itself may become more apparent and pronounced due to the following:
·         If babies start to cry or rub their faces
·         If the spit or saliva lingers on the face longer than it should
·         If the face comes in contact with the rough fabric

What Causes It And How Long Will It Last?

As we already mentioned, researchers aren’t exactly sure as to what’s causing baby acne, though they believe it has something to do with hormonal changes.
We believe that the baby’s oil gland become overly stimulated from mom’s hormones and cause acne.

Some other factors which may contribute to the appearance of acne on your baby’s face are medication – if the mom was taking any medication close to the end of the pregnancy or while breastfeeding, it might have causes face acne.

The acne can be present at childbirth, though it usually shows up after a couple of weeks. And the good news is it will only last for a few weeks – most baby acne clears up in two weeks or so (sometimes less), and if three weeks go by and nothing happens, you should consider getting a professional’s opinion.

Baby Acne VS Milia

Being that they are reasonably similar, milia and baby acne often get mixed up.
We already said that baby acne presents itself as tiny RED bumps, enclosed by REDDISH skin.

As for milia, its main characteristics are tiny WHITE bumps, without redness in the surrounding skin.

The white color comes from keratin which becomes trapped beneath the surface of the skin. It is most common in newborns and usually does not require treatment as it will go away on its own after a few weeks.

Treating Baby Acne

Baby acne will generally go away after two-three weeks without any treatment or special care on your part. And if the acne lingers on, you might want to have a word with your pediatrician to discuss some possible treatments, such as medical cream or an ointment.

Whatever you do, DO NOT use any over-the-counter creams, lotions or face washes; your baby’s skin is so sensitive, these over-the-counter creams may come as too strong and make matters even worse!

Do’s And Don’ts

Thought baby acne, in most cases, do not require treatment, that doesn’t mean you should just sit around and do nothing. There are some good practices you can adopt and ones you should avoid to help your baby get through acne as soon as possible.

·         Keep your baby’s face clean–use warm water and a mild, gentle soap and, afterward, pat the skin dry. There are a lot of various baby products to choose from, but if you are in doubt ask your pediatrician.
·         Be patient –do not get frustrated or mad at yourself if you see the acne taking longer than usual. It takes time for them to clear up,so allow that time to pass.

·         Scrub the skin – notice I said to pat the skin dry; there is a perfectly good reason I said it because scrubbing the delicate facial skin may aggravate and irritate iteven further. Irritated skin will be more prone to acne and worsen those that are already present.
·         DO NOT squeeze – you might be tempted to try and squeeze those little pimples you see on your baby’s face, but this is a big no-no! This will only irritate the skin more and might even leave some long-term consequences (such as skin lesions and scarring).  So, whatever you do, do not pop!
·         Over-the-counter lotions – you should try and avoid these creams and lotions, even if they are advertised as “baby friendly.” But, if you are unable to reach your pediatrician, you can try some of these but follow strict guidelines. Make sure the product you choose only features natural ingredients (does not contain any harmful chemicals). And if you do come across a product like this, apply it on a small area first and monitor how it affects the skin. If it makes the condition worse, stop using it immediately!

Jul 20, 2018

Are You Searching for the Effective Ways to Get Lighter Skin?

Actually a woman’s natural beauty is not determined from what her skin tone is. However, it is also the truth in many parts of the world that female grace and beauty still often symbolized by fairness and flawlessness.  That’s why, till now, there are large numbers of beauty lovers who pursue fairer skin and always search for best skin lightening method.  Savvy women opt for cost effective and safe ways which they can carry out from their home.  If you are one of those, read on to get more info about home skin lightening treatment. There are different ways that you can follow to make skin lighter, from basic to higher step which taking benefits from the rising technological progress of at-home beauty instrument.

Darkened skin tone might be caused by lots of reasons including genetic factor, birthmarks, skin disorders which affect skin color (such as dark spots, age spots, freckles, acne blemishes), hormonal changes, excessive sun exposure, long intake of chemical medication, skin melanoma and liver-related syndromes. Some of mentioned factors cause only temporarily darkening skin and some others make permanent darker skin yet still can be repaired with the proper treatment. Knowing the cause of your darker skin tone is essential in choosing the right skin bleaching or whitening products especially the chemical-based products that most of them created only for specific skin requirements.  Skin bleaching products promise to offer fairer skin by reducing the melanin concentration in skin; but be careful, not all of them are safe to use.   

Making your own home natural remedies is a safer option but not practical for busy women. You can choose skincare products that contain natural ingredients for your daily care or take a higher step by using advanced skincare devices just as mentioned at the beginning.  In today’s market, you can find different kinds of beauty instrument for home use which have already approved to treat various skin problems effectively.  For your skin whitening treatment, I feature here two devices worth to have that will do wonders on your skin!
Light wave plastic gun
Facial Mole Removal Pen
Moles on face are surely annoying your appearance –flat or raised moles- we don’t like seeing it.  If you want to get rid of these moles, try using Facial Mole Removal Pen. You can do it by yourself, no need to go to the expensive dermatologist.  Besides moles, you can also remove freckles, age spots, skin tags even small tattoo with this gadget.  It is easy to use but still you need to make sure that you had read the instruction cautiously, watched the tutorial video and practiced it to the other mole on your body skin before applying it on your face.  The mole removal pen offers satisfying result –clearer skin-only if you use it correctly.

During the process of heating needle applied on the mole surface, you might feel a bit pain or burning sensation, but that’s all. There would not be bleeding but a small scab will form and stay for a few weeks till falls off naturally.  The required setting and how many treatments should be done depend on the size and thickness of the mole. For your safety, don’t apply the device on moles that change in shape and color.

Are you willing to invest more on a multi function home skincare device? Girls, consider buying a portable Light wave plastic gun which combines at least three types of advanced facial therapy: radiofrequency, LED light (red, green, blue) and nanotechnology (microcrystalline).  Each type of facial therapy can improve your facial skin in different ways; thus you can imagine how amazing the final result that you might get. Here are some benefits:

  • The heat of radiofrequency on the skin tissue tightens collagen fibres instantly, stimulates collagen production and boosts oxygen level. This therapy is great for tightening and lifting skin along with making your face glowing. But if your facial skin suffers broken capillaries, don’t try it.
  • Red light therapy can tighten skin, fade dark spots and activate cell energy.
  •  Microcrystalline on the head of the gun functions to open millions of tiny pores on the skin surface in just five minutes -without pain and other risks.  It increases the absorption rate more than 10 times and allows your skincare products work on your skin at optimal level.

Those benefits are only a few; in fact, you can obtain more with this advanced beauty instrument.  It is really a worthy investment for your lasting home beauty treatment. So, the right skin whitening products together with the application of suitable skincare devices will give you the most effective way to reach flawless and brighter skin.

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