Jul 17, 2018

How Sleep Gives You Beautiful Skin

“They say invest in your skin, it is going to represent you in the long run.” As difficult and tiresome as it may sound, it is rather easy to keep your skin from rusting out. For years now it has been said that proper sleep is what promises you clean and shiny skin. And this is not only a household saying that has been passing from one generation to the other, it is a clinically proven fact that a proper sleep can do wonders to your skin.

Doctors have said, a good sleep is the foundation on which you can build and maintain your health and wellbeing. It is the best way to protect your skin from premature death and in the long term it guards you against stress and age- related diseases.

It is believed that adults require a minimum seven hours of sleep and anything less than that for a long time can start affecting their health. Various studies have shown that people who get the minimum hours of sleep are much happier and lively as compared to the ones that ignored their sleep schedule. In fact, if there is anyone that has understood this correlation between good sleep and good skin is the beauty product manufacturers. If you have noticed, most of their skin care creams are made to be applied in the night. The reason being, our cell rejuvenates when we are relaxing, which is of course when we sleep and makes the skin look more refreshing post- rest.
The major changes that you can notice on yourself after following proper sleeping schedules include:

·         Fewer or even no wrinkles- As mentioned earlier, our cell rejuvenate during the night. Which means that people with good sleep schedule have tighter skin, with less lines on their face as the collagen makes their skin plumper and less likely to have wrinkles. People who have sleep disorders cannot sleep in peace and have interferences while asleep. This means that their body is never at rest and that is reflected on their skin. Proper dental sleep medicines can however prevent them from facing such problems.

·         Radiant skin- Another correlation between the skin and the sleep schedule is the blood flow. Our body boosts the blood flow while we are asleep which helps us wake up with a healthy glow in the morning. Any interference in the sleep means disturbance and slow down of the blood flow which makes the skin look dull and lifeless.

·         Brighter eyes- This is the most common and known by all effect of less and improper sleep. Dark circles and baggy eyes, something which probably we all learned to live with in our school and college days. Some people might experience the loss of colour under the yes due to pigmentation/ loss of melanin but people with sleep deprivation are believed to have worse and increased threat of the same.

·         Rich hair- It is very rare that you hear about your hair damage being a cause of your bad sleep schedule but it is true and it effects the hair as much as it does our skin. The reason is pretty much the same, the hair follicles gain nutrients, vitamins and minerals from blood flow and sleep deprivation does effect the blood flow. This weakens the hair and also restricts its growth.

·         A happier appearance- How many times has it happened that you had people come up to you and ask what was wrong with your health when all you were was a little tired and sleep deprived. I guess almost every time. Because, when we are constantly not able to sleep properly, it is not just internally that we feel tired. Our face starts to show how drained out we are inside and this makes us look ill.

The long hours of sleep can be induced by dental sleep medicines for patients suffering from acute sleep disorders. People who sometimes face problems can opt for simpler methods like aroma oils and scented candles to help them sleep properly. But whatever the degree of the problem, one has to be persistent to maintaining the minimum hours of sleep for both his physical and mental wellbeing.

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