Jan 27, 2016

Wear designer kurtis to sport ‘Indianness’

There has been a considerable transformation over the years in the way women like to adorn themselves. Also, fashion trends for women have changed considerably. One of such amazing transformations is the advent of designer kurtis that not only appear stylish but also make you feel classy.

As a matter of fact, kurtis are an all-time women’s favourite and their popularity cuts across age groups. No matter what job you do, if you are a woman, you probably know how comfortable a clothing item Kurtis are. And the best thing about kurtis is that they are extremely versatile. Starting from birthday parties to casual or formal family ceremonies, they can be worn to almost every occasion.

Even if you are getting ready for office, you know that a kurti would be the most ideal choice of apparel for you. If you are looking to wear it on some grand occasion like a wedding ceremony, you must make sure, you get it from a designer boutique. A designer kuti serves the same purpose as does a set of heavy salwar kameez. A kurti has got all the ingredients that makes it one of the most comfortable and easy-to-wear clothing item for any Indian woman. Not just that, it also makes you feel so much more confident, secure and beautiful.

Kurtis are found in a number of varieties and styles in the market. Some of the varieties differ from one another in the way their sleeves are designed. Also, they come in varying sleeve lengths. Although, both long and short sleeves have their own fans, long sleeves are mostly preferred during winters. During the summer season, the sale of sleeveless kurtis skyrocket. And that is because a woman finds nothing more comfortable than a cotton sleeveless kurti to wear in the gruelingly hot summer days.

Even printed and embroidered kurtis are available for purchase. And the kind of zing that they add to your looks makes them all the more popular. Kurtis are also available in different fabrics including cotton, silk and chiffon. So, one can choose the fabric according to the season or his needs. For instance, office goers can opt for cotton printed kurtis as they are best suited for everyday wear. Also, because they feel like your second skin, you don’t feel the urge to remove them immediately. Although, there are many benefits of buying a kurti, the benefit that stands out is that they can be complemented with almost any kind of bottom. Most women like to wear them with jeans, leggings and churidars. So, no matter what type of bottom you choose to team up your kurti with, it is going to look fabulous.
You can buy readymade kurtis or get them stitched by some tailor. And you can also browse through online kurti designs to make sure your kurti receives compliments from all your friends and relatives. Now, that you know in how many ways kurtis can benefit you, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get home a heap of them.

Managing your life when the baby comes

Every new parent has things he/she wished to know before about life with a newborn. Even though every day will be new and every day your baby will surprise you in a way you will need to find new solutions to old issues, you can try to prepare yourself physically, emotionally and financially for some experiences every parent goes through.

Be prepared for some baby crying

Even though crying is a normal behaviour for a baby, especially between the ages of two weeks and three months, it is one of the hardest things for parents to deal with. Some of the usual reasons why a baby cries: they are hungry and/or thirsty, they are tired, they are overstimulated (take him/her somewhere calm), they need emotional comfort in order to adjust to the outside world, they are too hot/cold, or they are in pain. If your baby still cries even though you ruled out all the reasons, crying may be caused by reflux. Soothe your baby by gently massaging his/her back, holding him/her in different positions, taking him/her outside, singing and humming to him/her.

Find ways to cope with sleep deprivation

Sleepless nights will be a common problem in your life until your baby establishes regular sleeping patterns. Generally speaking, babies will sleep a whole night by the time they are 3-6 month-old. In the morning, sit up as soon as the alarm goes off, drink a glass of water you will keep on your night table and jump into the shower. Try to stay alert and focused during a day by doing a few jumps, running around the garden, or dancing in order to get your blood flowing. If you are too tired when your baby falls asleep, you should sleep, too. Your baby will need you refreshed when s/he gets up. At night, a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow and a glass of warm milk can help you soothe yourself back to sleep.

If you need help, ask for it

New moms usually have a serious issue of the lack of time. Looking after your baby, having a job, cleaning up along with cooking is exhausting. If financially feasible, you can consider a healthy meal delivery service for the first months when the baby comes. On the other hand, you can hire a home cleaning service, as well. Finally, working at home moms can ask someone from the family to look after the baby for 3-4 hours, or they can consider a babysitter.

Make a list of essential baby clothes during pregnancy

First of all, you will need 4-6 short, or long-sleeved undershirts. Make sure you choose those which snap, or tie on the side since they are easier to put on the baby. Do not use onesies until the umbilical cord falls off. You will need 7-10 onesies, choose the ones which snap at the crotch. 3-4 infant gowns will make changing diapers easier. Sleepers and baby sleeping bags will make your baby comfortable. 3-4 pairs of socks will be enough. Finally, do not forget about hats, caps and bonnets.

Prepare your career for motherhood

Before the baby comes along, talk to your partner about staying at home, or working arrangements. If there are any disagreements, you do not want to wait for the baby to come to solve them. Research about child care costs. Is it more cost-effective to hire a child care service, or for one parent to stop working all together? Talk to your employer about maternity leave and postpartum work options, such as working at home for a certain period of time, working part time, job-shares with other working moms in the company, etc. You should also take a time to research about your rights as a working parent.

Your baby will be your life changer. As Susan Sarandon said "Children reinvent your world for you".

Jan 26, 2016

Is Either Gender Better at Driving?

The eternal battle between sexes: who can drive better? Even though there is no definite conclusive answer, many will argue that either side is better. However, it does not really depend on whether you are a male or female, it mostly has to do with the ability of how well you can drive, or cannot. Nevertheless, each side has something specific and characteristic which makes their driving better, or less effective.

Colour vs. Reaction Time

Though women are better at seeing a wider spectre of colour, men have an adept ability to react faster. On the road, both will matter a lot, because if you fail to notice something heading your way, it can lower the chances of you reacting in time. On the other side, neither is mutually exclusive, and there are people who can notice things faster and react with lightning speed. All it will take is practice, and if you spend enough time on it, you will be able to perceive impeding danger before it happens.

Women Drive More Safely

Men tend to drive in a reckless fashion, and they will want to show off. Because women tend to take less risky moves, and will pay more attention to the road, they will be deemed safer. Do not assume that all women are safe drivers though, because there are cases which go in the other direction. Moreover, there are men who like to take it slow. Whatever the case might be, in general, women drivers are safer.

Road Rage Is Dangerous

Getting frustrated and angry while driving is never a good sign, and it will often hit men more than women. The more men get angrier, the more they will think that taking risks is worth it. Women on the other hand do not get their judgment clouded as often, which leads to thinking rationally and assessing their current situation. Nonetheless, the male population tends to act on impulse, driving them towards taking risks they should avoid.

Various Styles of Driving

Perhaps the only thing that is not gender-dependant is the driving style each side practices. Nowadays, culture and upbringing play a crucial role in defining who should drive how, and how to behave on the road. Remember though that men will take a “macho” approach towards driving, being aggressive and less patient while in the car. Women are pinned with a more delicate style. At the end of the day, how you drive will also depend on who taught you.

Back to Basics

Revising your driver’s education is vital if you are unsure how to handle specific situations on the road. However, most will find it daunting to ask for help. Driving lessons in Melbourne offer revisable options as well, meaning that those who do not feel secure enough can take the course to build confidence. After all, not all driving classes could cover everything that goes on the road. Be sure to talk it over with your instructor, as they will know exactly how to handle even the most difficult of circumstances.

Driving in general is a hard task and will take a toll on people, which is why it should not be viewed as which gender is better at driving. In reality, to become a good driver, you have to practice a lot, and pay attention to the road and your surroundings. Furthermore, be open to possible changes in your driving style so as to become better and to drive more safely. Remember, on the road you are responsible for yourself and for those around you, no matter if you are a man or a woman.

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