Jan 13, 2016

Tips on combining graphic T-shirts with the rest of your outfit

The graphic T-shirts, besides being more powerful, aesthetic, and interesting, also have the advantage of making an outfit original, or more unique. Still, a printed tee cannot make a miracle on its own and create a unique style at once - the choice of other bits and pieces and garments, the way you combine everything together and taste with which you play with the contrasts of colors, patterns, materials and cuts lead to a completely new and personalized style.


With a high-waisted shorts and a plaid oversized shirt
Pick your graphic tee, combine it with a nice and flattering pair of shorts and top everything off by tying your plaid shirt around your waist and you will already have what you need to look cool and fashionable. Complete your look with boots that have a slight heel for edgier look or keep it casual with flats.

With a maxi skirt       
This is definitely one of the preferred options for many girls. The masculine / feminine mix that can be achieved with this outfit in which the shirt is balanced by a flowing skirt is very popular at the moment. And, the comfort of maxi skirt is undeniable. You will feel like wearing sweatpants while looking great and stylish.

With a pajama style pants and a jacket
This is an option that you can easily reproduce for work. Add some stylish pumps to balance the slack pants and voila. To finalize the look of a ‘fashion blogger’, half-tuck the shirt. Still, be careful that both the jacket and the pants are of neutral colors and without patterns.

With overalls
This style is very popular in the summer months, and the jumpsuit is doing all the work. By playing with different materials you can achieve different looks. For example, jeans overalls with a pair of white sneakers will make you look like a cool kid with an attitude.

With a kimono
You do not need to wait for special occasions to wear your kimono! Combine it with your graphic t-shirt, a pair of Converse shoes and a big hat and adopt the boho chic all year round! Still, pay attention to the kimono print and avoid it clashing too much with your graphic tee. In this case, opt for a neutral pair of shorts or pants.

Start with care and neutral colors
Guys can have a bit more trouble when it comes to combining printed tees with their outfit. For starting out, it is recommended that you focus on t-shirts of discrete graphics, regardless of the theme, so as not to overload your style. Thereafter, depending on your experience and your taste, you can allow yourself to wear T-shirts with bolder graphics. In this second case, it will be important to combine them with neutral and basic pieces that will calm the graphics and avoid a possible carnival effect.

It is all about matching other bits
In order for this graphic tee to fit well with your outfit, think about matching the colors of other items (shoes, pants, shirt / cardigan, etc).

Say no to colliding patterns
Avoid wearing printed T-shirts with other graphic pieces (for example graphic tee and patterned pants), or you will soon understand the complicated and perilous nature of this approach to fashion. So, forget about the pseudo-rebellious poses of a young man, and focus on the successful integration of the shirt in keeping with the right mix of neutral pieces and good assortment of colors, giving more character to the look and originality.

Stylish in a polo shirt
This piece is a wildcard in the wardrobe of any man. Pair this kind of shirt with good jeans and even shorts and you are ready to go! Personalized polo shirts with small printed details and stripes are timeless and fashionable. 

Finally, it is all about your attitude. The first rule of looking great and original is to feel comfortable in what you are wearing. Do not let current trends rule your life and style, but follow your personal preferences. Take time to play with different colors and patterns and you will definitely find a perfect mix to rock with confidence.

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