Jan 26, 2016

Is Either Gender Better at Driving?

The eternal battle between sexes: who can drive better? Even though there is no definite conclusive answer, many will argue that either side is better. However, it does not really depend on whether you are a male or female, it mostly has to do with the ability of how well you can drive, or cannot. Nevertheless, each side has something specific and characteristic which makes their driving better, or less effective.

Colour vs. Reaction Time

Though women are better at seeing a wider spectre of colour, men have an adept ability to react faster. On the road, both will matter a lot, because if you fail to notice something heading your way, it can lower the chances of you reacting in time. On the other side, neither is mutually exclusive, and there are people who can notice things faster and react with lightning speed. All it will take is practice, and if you spend enough time on it, you will be able to perceive impeding danger before it happens.

Women Drive More Safely

Men tend to drive in a reckless fashion, and they will want to show off. Because women tend to take less risky moves, and will pay more attention to the road, they will be deemed safer. Do not assume that all women are safe drivers though, because there are cases which go in the other direction. Moreover, there are men who like to take it slow. Whatever the case might be, in general, women drivers are safer.

Road Rage Is Dangerous

Getting frustrated and angry while driving is never a good sign, and it will often hit men more than women. The more men get angrier, the more they will think that taking risks is worth it. Women on the other hand do not get their judgment clouded as often, which leads to thinking rationally and assessing their current situation. Nonetheless, the male population tends to act on impulse, driving them towards taking risks they should avoid.

Various Styles of Driving

Perhaps the only thing that is not gender-dependant is the driving style each side practices. Nowadays, culture and upbringing play a crucial role in defining who should drive how, and how to behave on the road. Remember though that men will take a “macho” approach towards driving, being aggressive and less patient while in the car. Women are pinned with a more delicate style. At the end of the day, how you drive will also depend on who taught you.

Back to Basics

Revising your driver’s education is vital if you are unsure how to handle specific situations on the road. However, most will find it daunting to ask for help. Driving lessons in Melbourne offer revisable options as well, meaning that those who do not feel secure enough can take the course to build confidence. After all, not all driving classes could cover everything that goes on the road. Be sure to talk it over with your instructor, as they will know exactly how to handle even the most difficult of circumstances.

Driving in general is a hard task and will take a toll on people, which is why it should not be viewed as which gender is better at driving. In reality, to become a good driver, you have to practice a lot, and pay attention to the road and your surroundings. Furthermore, be open to possible changes in your driving style so as to become better and to drive more safely. Remember, on the road you are responsible for yourself and for those around you, no matter if you are a man or a woman.

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