Jan 25, 2016

Benefits of collagen for skin and other health conditions

Each one of us tends to loose immunity with growing age. Our body tissues deteriorate as we step ahead towards old age. Sometimes the process starts at an early stage of life due to nutritional deficiency or some disease affecting the body. In either case it is vital to consume a healthy diet rich in all necessary nutrients. Sometimes our diet does not supply us the required amount of nutrients. Thus, we should take best supplements to stay away from the state of nutritional deficiency. Such supplements are good source of vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals and proteins.

Besides all nutrients, supplements also provide collagen, a hard fibrous protein which is vital component of skin, hair and bones. There are five types of collagen each supporting and strengthening different parts of body being present in skin, ligaments, connective tissues and bones. The importance of collagen in our body could be better explained by its benefits listed below:

For Skin- You might be wondering what does collagen do for our skin? Collagen is extremely useful in protecting skin from environment. It not only retains moisture levels but also protects it from acne. Collagen also acts as repairing agent for skin. Collagen maintains skin elasticity, reduces age spots and improves skin from wrinkles. Collagen helps in controlling dark circles. Collagen, by improving blood circulations, is a factor that glows your skin. In fact in case of skin burns, collagen helps to replace burnt skin with new skin.

For Hair- Collagen is extremely useful for protecting hair from UV rays. Additionally it also prevents drying of hair by binding and retaining water. Hair structure also strengthens with the help of this magnificent agent naming Collagen.

For Nails & Teeth- Similar to hair, collagen strengthens nails and teeth and prevents them against damage & weakening.

For Heart- Cardiac skeleton houses Collagen as its main component in valves, septa and heart chamber. Thus, it is very essential for normal functioning of heart and maintaining blood flow.

Prevention from Pain & diseases- Collagen helps to reduce back pain by decreasing intervertebral disk degeneration. It is also helpful in repairing cartilage and preventing damage of joints in case of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis conditions. Besides this, Collagen is useful in other diseases too like cancer, tumor, Alzheimer’s etc.

Leads to better life- Apt amount of Collagen takes you to a better quality of life by enabling you sleep well. A sound sleep surely enhances your work performance and blesses you with a good health. Thus, collagen is very useful for people suffering from insomnia.

Reduce Body Weight- Collagen improves metabolism in human body which is in turn very important for those who are looking forward to lose weight.

Collagen is helpful in normal functioning of lungs, prostrate, liver and other parts of the body. Strengthening of muscles is another job of collagen that cannot be missed to mention. It reduces puffy eyes, ulcers, depression and similar other health related problems. Briefing, it would be right to say that Collagen is very essential for our body from top to toe. Thus, we must understand its importance and try to maintain its necessary levels in our body.

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