Jan 5, 2016

Different Types of Gold Bangles

Gold bangles have become part and parcel of Indian tradition from ancient times. The history of bangles in India dates back to centuries. According to Hindu tradition, no married women set their hands free without bangles.  Few things like bangles, magalsutra, toe rings become regular wear for Hindu women after marriage. This is the reason why most of the women in India love to wear these ornaments in the strong metals like gold.  There is huge demand for gold bangles in India. Even married women living outside India will continue to fallow this tradition because they believe that all these ornaments are symbols of their relation with the husband. There are wide verities bangles available to suit the taste of Indian women of different cultures. Let’s look into few of them.
Addressing the demand for gold bangles designs, there is huge collection of verities in the market. They are available in different shapes and designs.  Women love to wear the bangles made of gold and platinum in the special occasions like wedding. Some people prefer to wear gold bangles on regular basis too.

These bangles are made up of precious metal like gold are made in different purity forms of gold like 18 carat, 22 carat and 24 carat. You can choose the bangles according to your budget. The gold bangle price varies depending on the carat you choose to make them. With the advancement in technology, there are online stores who are offering huge collection of these bangles in different shapes and designs. There is no need for women to restrict to single pair of bangles when they choose to go with gold. They can explore their creativity and explore more combinations to make them look more attractive.

Different types of bangles

These gold kadas are wide in shape with hings. They are handmade with intricate design and patterns. These can be worn by the people of all age groups and cultures. Some people prefer to have stone studded kadas. The stones may be precious and semi-precious depending on your budget and desire. Few women who are fond of pearl would like to have pearl studded gold kadas.  Both traditional and modern women can easily wear them on any outfit.

Antique bangles
As the name suggests, these are very rare and precious bangles. The antique designs made excellent artist make them popular. These bangles are known for their excellent designs and have a great demand.  These antique bangles are either stone studded or pearl studded.  You will stand unique in the group when you wear these bangles.  These are little expensive when compared to other types of bangles yet they top the demand. Many online stores today are offering good collection of these bangles.

Traditional bangles
Traditional bangles are never out of fashion. You can choose these bangles according to your wrist size. If you are planning to wear these bangles occasionally, buy bangles that are studded with precious stones like emerald and ruby. Keep them plan for regular wear.

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