Jan 12, 2016

Regular Check-Ups Are Important

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” – just make sure not to wander too far away. It is completely understandable why most people dread doctor’s appointments, hospitals and infirmaries. But what is important is to overcome that unpleasant feeling and remember to visit your physician from time to time. This is important for many reasons, all of them which are beneficial for your overall health. The thing that should be valued most in our lives is our welfare, and regular check-ups are there to help keep us vigorous and in good condition. These are a few reasons why doctor’s appointments should find a place on the top of your list:

Electrolytes and Blood Pressure

Our bodies are comprised from different minerals and body fluids that regulate our health and make sure that everything is functioning properly. Magnesium, potassium and calcium are just some of many electrolytes found in our bodies and whose levels are crucial for our health. This means that these regular check-ups could help determine whether there exists an acid-based imbalance or some other more severe conditions. Also, checking your blood pressure is crucial as if left untreated it could lead to possible heart attacks, strokes, kidney failures and similar.

Dental Check-Ups

While most people would like to avoid regular dental appointments, it is recommended to visit your dentist approximately every 6 months. Good oral hygiene is an important part of our overall health and regular dental appointments could help prevent tooth decay, gum diseases, cavities and other similar things. These appointments should become more frequent as you get older as your teeth tend to lose their natural properties more quickly. This will enable you to keep your oral health on respectable levels throughout your life.
Mental Health

The brain is an organ like any other and there is no reason to treat it any differently. There are a lot of cases of anxiety, depression, schizophrenia and similar conditions that can have grave consequences on our mental, emotional and physical health as well. Mental disorders are not a taboo subject anymore and there have been many developments in these fields. Do not hesitate to make an appointment with your local psychologists, as it could greatly benefit you in the future, even if you do not feel the urgent need to seek professional help.

Muscle and Bone Structure

It is a common fallacy that muscle and skeletal issues are common only with older people. These issues could start like something mild such as headaches and back pains but could easily turn into more severe conditions. There is a good reason why it is said that the spine is the pillar of one’s health. Whether the issue exists in the muscular, postural or nervous system, it is of high importance to address it as soon as possible, according to experts from Incline Health.

Intimate Health

When it comes to women, regular gynaecologist appointments should be conducted at least once a year. Their job is to help you and answer your questions about all irregularities concerning your intimate health such as your menstruation cycle, vaginal discharge, signs of possible infections etc. Also, their obligation is to conduct pap smears every 6 months, to give you tips about safe sex and to do a breast exam.  For natural reasons men do not have that obligation to make regular visits to their urologists but at the first sign of any abnormalities, small nodules, firmness or similar things an appointment should be made.

The most important thing in life is health and it is crucial not to take it for granted. Start implementing healthier habits today and do not forget to make regular check-ups with your physician. You only have one body and it is your duty to nurture it the best way you can.

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