Apr 29, 2015

The Feminine Holidays: A Discourse

There is a list of special public holidays dedicated to women -some of them localized and some international and marked every year in many countries. The best known women’s holidays are Mother’s day and International Women’s Day.  It is worth mentioning Women’s History Month and Women’s Equality Day, widely celebrated as well, but, unfairly, a little less talked about.
Mother’s Day is a way to celebrate Motherhood as well as influence that mothers have had in society since the dawn of time. The complication starts with the exact date of the celebration. It is marked differently in various countries -some have it in March and some in May. I will say straight away that there is also Father’s Day that honors the role of fathers, this is not a one-sided discussion, and it takes two parents to raise a civilization.

Mother’s Day as we know it was first celebrated in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century. The origin of the holiday has deeper roots in Greek and Roman traditions. Today, this event is marked in a lot of western European countries and the US, though some people criticize a commercial aspect of the holiday, describing it as nothing more than a money-making scheme on behalf of the card-making companies. The original idea was not related to spending money and setting the terrain for mothers to compete with each other.

No, a beautiful tradition is at the root of Mother’s Day. Flowers have always been a representation of femininity, and the cycle of life. Mothers have always been given sprigs of Mother’s Day flowers to honor her role as the giver of life. The same happens on the International Women’s Day, today.

Frequently, there is confusion when one mentions International Women’s Day in, for example, Australia, or Mother’s Day in Russia, as in the past they were quite regional and didn’t mix. But that is changing fast, as the United Nations pushed forth the motion for International Women’s Day to truly become international.

Women's Movement

International Women’s Day, or International Working Women’s Day, is celebrated on the 8th of March every year. The idea here went a bit further. It is not related to motherhood, but it celebrates women’s economic, political and social activities, and the freedom most women are still fighting for. It was first introduced in Europe and was particularly important in the Eastern European countries and the Soviet Union. At present the core political nature of this day has lost its impetus and turned into a simple appreciation of women and their role. A lot of issue is thrown at the idea of giving women flowers on International Women’s Day and leaving it at that, when the origins of this holiday were anything but frail and tender.

Some critics who express their view that commercialism is becoming more visible in both these holidays are passing the message through, and the modern approach to honoring women’s holidays is no longer to throw money at them, but to treat them with the respect they deserve for at least that one single day.

The role of women in many countries is not recognized as essential in enabling society to exist and prosper. That is why these feminine holidays are an important way to raise awareness. We should never forget the energy, dedication and care that humans – men and women equally –invest on a daily basis, in order to make everything function. And until everybody receives the respect they deserve, they should not be left out of celebrations.

Got Some Permanent Cosmetics Done? Here’s How to Take Care of It!

In today’s world, it’s almost unimaginable that someone hasn’t had something done. We are pass that judgmental attitude and we’re rolling with the new trends. Well, we hopefully are.

The thing with permanent cosmetics is that there is a certain type of care after treatments needed for everything to go just as it should and for you to see the after results you were hoping to see.

Most common touch-ups are done on lips and eyebrows. Here are some tips on how to take care of them.
For any good results, aftercare protocol is extremely important. The procedure itself is done with a sterile single-use needle and high quality pigments.

Be aware that you are running a risk of losing all or much of your new lip color if you allow your lips to dry out during the first two weeks after the treatment. The instructions we are providing you with are universal and are therefore applicable for all lip treatments. However, don’t follow them if your physician has instructed you differently.

What to expect?
Your lips are at first going to have a bit darker color than you wanted. The final result is a much lighter shade. The darker color is normal because your skin needs to adopt to the irritation and changes made.

About 40% of your color will be lost in the first two weeks. Your permanent make-up will look perfectly natural after that point. Still, you need to understand that it will take at least two more touch ups for your permanent makeup to achieve the desired look.

What to expect after procedure?
Your lips will feel swollen, tender and very dry immediately after the procedure is done. Don’t panic if they seem crooked due to swelling or uneven. This is completely normal. The swelling will diminish within 24 to 48 hours. This is when you’ll see your lips become evenly shaped.

What about medicine?
You were probably prescribed antiviral medication before the procedure. You should continue taking it for 7 days following the procedure. If your physician prescribed differently, go with what’s prescribed.

Avoiding medication will get you anywhere. In fact, you will almost certainly develop very painful cold sores around your lips if you don’t take the medication.

Additional tips:
·         For the first four days, apply the supplied Bacitracin ointment on your lips several times a day
·         Use a clean Q-tip to apply ointment to the lip area
·         Apply the supplied ointment (in the small jar) several times a day for another 10 days after the first four days have passed
·         Do not let your lips become dry as this will create dryness and scabbing.  By gently dabbing it, apply a liberal amount of ointment whenever it feels like your lips are getting dry. This is imperative!!!
·         Post treatment, brush your teeth with water only for 72 hours

Again, similar to lips, your eyebrow color will appear much darker than wanted, right after the procedure. Don’t panic! The color will fade really soon. In about two weeks it will become natural looking.

To have your brows looking the way you’ve imagined, you’ll have to be careful about the aftercare process.
Also, your competition/physician will schedule a touch up session in less than a month after the initial procedure was done.

Do I have to use the prescribed ointment?
Absolutely! Without its careful application, your brows will start scabbing and the initial coloring and shape will be lost. In the first 7 to 10 days, you have to apply the aftercare ointment two to three times a day. Also, under no circumstance, let your eyebrows get dry. A fresh Q-tip with each application of ointment is a must and make sure you’ve washed your hands first.
Before you go to bed at night, apply ointment.

Itching is also common (this means it’s healing). However, it’s advisable not to scratch your eyebrow area – you need to let flakes fall off on their own.
Don’t panic if you feel tenderness, itching, swelling and redness. This is due to skin irritation and will go away in no time.

NOTE: Do not wear any makeup for at least 5 days on or around your lip and brow area if you had cosmetic tattooing done.

We have provided with some basic information. Always consult your competition or physician on the exact instructions related to pre and post procedure treatment. 

Apr 28, 2015

Do You Want Natural Longer and Thicker Eyelashes?


How to make a tapering and thick eyelashes naturally without mascara - Many women want to have a form of long and tapering eyelashes. Beautiful eyelashes will make a woman looks more elegant and attractive. In order to have long eyelashes, you need to perform a special way. Fortunately, according to an article at nitips.com, there are natural ways to get beautiful eyelashes shape like this.

Eyelashes also include hair that needs nutrients to grow. If your nutrition intake is good, then the hair also can grow healthy. To be able to form a beautiful lashes; start with the consumption of food that good for hair health. You can increase the intake of fruits, vegetables and foods rich in folic acid, beta-carotene and vitamin B such as avocados, carrots and nuts. You may also consume shellfish or seafood to make more healthy hair growth.

The shape of eyelashes on each person is different; there are long, short, thick, or even thin. If you have a short lashes and want it to be more long and slender, you can follow the following tips.

1. Using natural oils
You can maintain the lashes using natural oils and creams. Use olive oil or cream that is safe for the eyelashes before bedtime. These natural oils will stimulate hair growth and overcome the irritations which inhibit hair growth. Using natural oils on the lashes will also make it increasingly long and tapering. Before going to bed, you can also use vitamin E oil on the eyelashes.

2. Brushing eyelashes
While providing natural oil on the lashes, you can also brush it. Brush eyelashes slowly and gently so as not to make it damaged. With brushing regularly, it can stimulate the hair follicles so that the eyelashes grow better.

3. Trim method
Trim is an eyelashes cutting technique to make them more slender and beautiful. The trick is to cut a little tip to stimulate eyelash growth. But you have to be careful when doing it. Do not get it cut off too long that make it looks ugly. Cut it with small scissors with good lighting in front of a mirror. Once completed, you can provide olive oil in order to nourish eyelashes to grow longer.

4. Applying natural recipes
You can also use natural ingredients that are easily available. You only need to prepare the materials as below.
- First method.
Ingredients: clean water, tea water, betel leaf stems.
How to use: Wash your lashes first with clean water, then apply the tea water that has been put aside during the night in the open air.

- Second method.
Ingredients: Aloe vera
How to use: clean the lashes, then apply the aloe vera gel on it. Do it regularly in order to get maximum results

- Third method.
Materials: betel leaf steam
How to use: cut a little piece at the end of the betel leaf stem, then the sap from the stem end is applied to the eyelashes.

It mentioned that if one of the above methods is done routinely every day, within two months, the tapering and thick eyelashes that you want can be achieved.
Well, I will try the easiest way first -using olive oil. Hope it works.

Apr 27, 2015

Trees around the Crater

When visiting the Ciwidey White Crater (Bandung, West Java, Indonesia), I see only this kind of tree that grows there. The tree commonly called Cantigi here.  Bare trees are seen near the crater. It caused by sulfur gas erupted from the crater. There are no leaves on the trees but they are still alive.

These trees create a unique and wonderful crater landscape.   

It’s my first time to join a tree meme. Thanks for hosting. 

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