Apr 28, 2015

Do You Want Natural Longer and Thicker Eyelashes?


How to make a tapering and thick eyelashes naturally without mascara - Many women want to have a form of long and tapering eyelashes. Beautiful eyelashes will make a woman looks more elegant and attractive. In order to have long eyelashes, you need to perform a special way. Fortunately, according to an article at nitips.com, there are natural ways to get beautiful eyelashes shape like this.

Eyelashes also include hair that needs nutrients to grow. If your nutrition intake is good, then the hair also can grow healthy. To be able to form a beautiful lashes; start with the consumption of food that good for hair health. You can increase the intake of fruits, vegetables and foods rich in folic acid, beta-carotene and vitamin B such as avocados, carrots and nuts. You may also consume shellfish or seafood to make more healthy hair growth.

The shape of eyelashes on each person is different; there are long, short, thick, or even thin. If you have a short lashes and want it to be more long and slender, you can follow the following tips.

1. Using natural oils
You can maintain the lashes using natural oils and creams. Use olive oil or cream that is safe for the eyelashes before bedtime. These natural oils will stimulate hair growth and overcome the irritations which inhibit hair growth. Using natural oils on the lashes will also make it increasingly long and tapering. Before going to bed, you can also use vitamin E oil on the eyelashes.

2. Brushing eyelashes
While providing natural oil on the lashes, you can also brush it. Brush eyelashes slowly and gently so as not to make it damaged. With brushing regularly, it can stimulate the hair follicles so that the eyelashes grow better.

3. Trim method
Trim is an eyelashes cutting technique to make them more slender and beautiful. The trick is to cut a little tip to stimulate eyelash growth. But you have to be careful when doing it. Do not get it cut off too long that make it looks ugly. Cut it with small scissors with good lighting in front of a mirror. Once completed, you can provide olive oil in order to nourish eyelashes to grow longer.

4. Applying natural recipes
You can also use natural ingredients that are easily available. You only need to prepare the materials as below.
- First method.
Ingredients: clean water, tea water, betel leaf stems.
How to use: Wash your lashes first with clean water, then apply the tea water that has been put aside during the night in the open air.

- Second method.
Ingredients: Aloe vera
How to use: clean the lashes, then apply the aloe vera gel on it. Do it regularly in order to get maximum results

- Third method.
Materials: betel leaf steam
How to use: cut a little piece at the end of the betel leaf stem, then the sap from the stem end is applied to the eyelashes.

It mentioned that if one of the above methods is done routinely every day, within two months, the tapering and thick eyelashes that you want can be achieved.
Well, I will try the easiest way first -using olive oil. Hope it works.

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Nancy Chan April 28, 2015  

Interesting information, good to know.

Annemor April 28, 2015  

I don't think so.
Satisfied with what I have :)
Have a nice day.

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