Apr 12, 2015

Want to Get Healthier Fast? Follow This Guide!

For anyone leading a fast life, it can get really hard and frustrating to stay healthy and fit. All that fast food, long hours of sitting at the office, overall inactivity followed by a lot of candy bars to keep your mind working may end in a few (or more!) pounds extra and your overall health decrease.

However, not all is lost - there are things you can do to get back in shape and become healthier in a really short period of time.

Here are some advices we hope you'll find useful.
An obvious way to get back in shape and stay in shape  is to try and squeeze in a regular workout. You don't have to workout everyday, but at least three times a week may do the trick. Be prepared to wait for a while until you see the results. Working out takes patience, dedication, persistence and above all - strong will and desire to succeed.

If you are working Monday to Friday, make it your business to go to your gym two times a week after work. Then, leave the weekend for another session (maybe even two), so you can go when you've had a good night rest previously. You may even squeeze in one swimming session - swimming is proven to be the best for loosing weight, staying in shape and getting a real mental boost! Truth be told, this mental boost is true of any sport.

Also, if you don't live that far away from your work, trying walking home. Or even - make it a daily routine to go for a walk around the block every day before bed. The walk will relax you and fresh air will calm you down. You'll definitely sleep better!

Suggesting a full-time employee to get enough sleep is borderline insane. We all know that our working hours don't end at the office and that pending projects keep piling up. With that in mind, we won't advise to get a lot of sleep (if you could, you would without anyone having to remind you of it). Instead, we'll tell you to try and have power naps for about one or twice a day. A power nap is an hour of sleep in between jobs/projects that helps your body and brain regain strength. If you can't sleep, then lie down, close your eyes and think relaxing thoughts. This sure will help you out.

As for sleeping, when you go to bed, turn off the TV, laptop, any gadgets you've got around. Peace and quite will save you.
Drinking water is one of the most important things in keeping your body and mind healthy. Water is not only good for loosing weight but for keeping your body and mind fresh and upbeat. You will often hear people say up to 8 glasses of water is enough per day. Yet, we'd disagree. Your body needs more in order for it to have effect. Here's a suggestion - have a bottle of water (1L) with you at all times and sip from time to time. Even when you are not feeling thirst, drink up! In time, your body will learn that water does it good and will ask for it itself. Drink from 2 to 4 liters per day. You won't regret it!
Remember - water helps digestion, burns fat and keeps your mind limber.

Food you eat is also a major part of your health. While we are young, all we want to do is shove those burgers, burritos, fries and whatnot down our throats, thinking there's still plenty of time to go healthy. But, it often happens that - before you know it- you are in your thirties (or older) and a huge damage on your health has already been made. So, it's time to do something about it.

We advise switching from junk to homemade food and eating a lot of veggies, fruits, soups and healthy products. Organic food must become your best friend. For more information of how beneficial it is, you can always browse for some organic food online just to make sure for yourself that it's the right choice for you.

Try switching to unprocessed foods and sweets. Eat dark chocolate. Learn to enjoy your healthy choices because your body will love you for it!

We hope our guide helped and that you’ll quickly adopt the suggested routines. Remember - every beaning is tough. Just learn to want what's best for you!

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