Apr 7, 2015

Motherhood and Career: How to Balance a Baby and Professional Goals

Women are amazing creatures capable of seemingly everything and anything. The world of today seems to have finally opened up for everything a woman can offer which is why there are now so many opportunities for women seeking for and building a career.
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The reason why many women are now getting married later is because they are establishing a promising career while at young age. And despite them building a career, when it comes to forming a family and getting pregnant, any woman will face difficulties regarding how to balance it all.

But, no matter how difficult it appears to be, having both a family and a career is possible – and this is how:

1. Maternity leave

In order to be able to successfully maintain both your career and a baby you need to be sure what you company’s maternity leave policies are.

So, if you are just starting your work at a new company, make sure you ask what their policies are. If you are already with the company, then you are probably aware of how everything functions and you’ve got time off built up. A paid leave while you are out delivering and spending time with your baby needs to be an option for any working woman, regardless of her wanting or not to one day become a mother.

Being clear on what you options are at work you’ll be able to plan.

Don’t be too concerned even if you happen to have a difficult pregnancy, because you can qualify for disability. 

2. Child care

Childcare is probably one of the best options for a modern, career driven parent. Once you are off of your maternity leave and you need to hit those offices again, you’ll need someone to take care of your bundle of joy.

When it comes to childcare options, family members and close friends are of course the first choice but they aren’t always available – some may have jobs of their own, they live far or are simply preoccupied with their personal lives.

With this in mind, you should turn to any of the plenty childcare institutions offering daycare as well as in-home options. You can even hire a nanny to take care of your child in your home or opt for an in home childcare worker in their own home – depends what suits you better and what make you feel calmer.

Explore your options well and it will all work out perfectly.

3. Work site daycare

On-site daycare available is a rather popular trend among top companies. This is an amazing option for parents as it allows parents to have their children nearby while they are working. This is especially a great option for mothers who are breastfeeding.

Daycare on site is not only beneficial for parents, but for companies as well – with parents having their children close, they’ll spend less time obsessing about how they are and what they are doing at home. Daycare should of course be open all days that the company is so that the parent doesn’t have to worry about finding a nanny for one day in the week.

4. Working from home

A rather trending thing in the past decade is opening up businesses in your home. This is not just an option for mothers who don’t want to give up on their careers once they deliver but for men too. Plus, statistics have shown that home businesses lead when it comes to money and energy saving.

You don’t really have to start your own business if you don’t want to, but you can come to an agreement with your boss to work from home in the first few months after you’ve given birth. Technology has nowadays made it possible for their employees to communicate through video chat and similar options which makes the whole process easier.

When you are at home with the baby who needs attention and you have to be full on with your colleagues during a conference call, don’t worry about the baby waking up, crying, or else. With swaddle wraps and cozy basinets, babies are taken care as good as ever.

Talk to your IT department and your boss to figure out what the best option for you and your career would be and work on it.

Good luck planning your motherhood! We hope our advice helped and if there is anything else you feel would help, share it with us – we would love to hear it!

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