Apr 27, 2015

Trees around the Crater

When visiting the Ciwidey White Crater (Bandung, West Java, Indonesia), I see only this kind of tree that grows there. The tree commonly called Cantigi here.  Bare trees are seen near the crater. It caused by sulfur gas erupted from the crater. There are no leaves on the trees but they are still alive.

These trees create a unique and wonderful crater landscape.   

It’s my first time to join a tree meme. Thanks for hosting. 

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Nancy Chan April 28, 2015  

The leafless trees must have look lifeless compared to those with green leaves.

NatureFootstep April 28, 2015  

interesting kind of trees. Probably evolved in the sulpur gases. I love volcanic places like this. Even the smell. :)

Welcome to TnB :)

Andrea @ From The Sol April 28, 2015  

I have never been to the side of an active volcano crater ... this is a very interesting view. And the trees have so much character, even without their leaves. Beautiful shots, Lina ...

Andrea @ From The Sol

A Colorful World April 28, 2015  

Really fascinating post! So amazing that the sulfur doesn't does kill the trees. The poor things have no leaves! Loved your photos!

Unknown April 30, 2015  

Interesting shapes. It must be a hard place for the trees to grow.

Lmkazmierczak April 30, 2015  

Oh wow...tenacious specimens♪ http://lauriekazmierczak.com/paths-taken/

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