Apr 3, 2015

Sky Watch: Vague Skyline

I saw only slight color difference between the calm ocean and the sky that day. 
Captured at the Mutun Beach (Lampung, Sumatra Island, Indonesia). Lots of people swimming in this huge swimming pool.
Sky Watch Friday

11 komentar:

Anonymous April 03, 2015  

That looks lovely!

Anne April 03, 2015  

It looks like the ocean never ends - infinity pool?

Jan K. alias Afanja April 03, 2015  

What a beautiful sight to see the sea vanishing into the sky.

Gemma Wiseman April 03, 2015  

Beautiful sense of gentle mystery in this lovely photo.

eileeninmd April 03, 2015  

Looks like the water is never ending, great capture.. Have a happy weekend!

Leovi April 03, 2015  

A pretty foggy day!

DeniseinVA April 03, 2015  

Lovely photo! The sky melts into the ocean. I wish you a very happy weekend :)

Zauberflink April 03, 2015  

Amazing. It looks so quiet and almost surreal - those floating heads in nirvana...

fredamans April 03, 2015  

Pretty pastels!

Carver April 04, 2015  

Beautiful and peaceful looking.

sm April 04, 2015  

nice capture
yes little bit difference between color ocean and sky

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