May 31, 2014

Canna Flowers

Canna flowers at Bogor Botanical Gardens (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia). Captured after the rain stopped. A famous spot inside this Botanical Gardens. I took these shots last Monday. During weekend, this place will be full of people.
Canna flowers
Wet Canna
Canna flowers

May 30, 2014

Sky Watch: Around Electrical Towers

There’s something about electrical towers that always attract me to capture them, though it’s only one lucky shot. Perhaps the electrical tower is a symbol of huge power.
Electrical Tower
Different skies, towers and times

May 29, 2014

Steering Clear from Addictive Habits

Addictive habits arent limited to smoking, alcohol or drug addiction, there are actually many addictive, destructive habits that can take their toll upon a persons health and relationships; often without them noticing until the damage is done.
Facebook addiction
What started as a great way to interact and share online has become a life-wrecking addiction for some, though it should be made perfectly clear that the real culprit here isnt Facebook, but more so many peoples willingness to feed their ego, which in a celebrity-centric world, brings out the wannabe-celebrity in many.

For those people, social needs such as affection, belonging and love can be met through Facebook and many have also shunnedreal liferelationships in favour of Facebook and other social networking websites.

If you notice an overwhelming inclination to log onto Facebookan inclination that supersedes your willingness to have your social needs fulfilled by family and friendsits high time you took a break, perhaps deactivating your account for a week to see how you feel afterwards, and its definitely time to start interacting with family and friends in person once again.

One of the most common and harmful addictive habits its possible to take up, smoking is a nasty habit that cuts short the lives of millions of people each and every year.

If you smoke theres a very good chance you know what youre doing to yourself, and those around you, isnt at all good; moreover, theres no need for statistics here because we all know just how horrifying they are.

The START plan is highly recommended because its helped countless smokers kick the habit and entails the following:
SSet a date to quit smoking
Set a date thats comfortable for you, for example, if youre attending a party on the weekend, dont quit until Monday
TTell your family and friends about your plans
Smokers need encouragement and support, plus many feel theyd disappoint their loved ones if they took up the habit again
AAnticipate the challenges youll face and plan ahead
Recognising that there are challenges involved and that you need to prepare for them can help you to avoid a failed quitting attempt
RRemove all tobacco products and accessories from your home
This includes cigarettes and tobacco products as well as ashtrays, lighters, etc. that remind you of smoking
TTalk to your doctor about getting help to quit
This involves smoking cessation aids like nicotine patches and gum, as well as Vaper Empire e-cigs that have proven an excellent aid among those looking to reduce their nicotine intake in a healthy way

Micro addictions
You mightnt be familiar with micro addictions but theres a good chance youve a few youre not aware of. Whilst one or two avoidable negative habits wont make much a difference, when they impact upon your life negatively youll need to do something about them.

Micro addictions in the modern era include overusing Facebook and social media websites, not to mention excessive television viewing, instead of participating in life, and checking your email compulsively waiting for emails that seemingly never come.

Some other common micro habits include seeking approval from others instead of trusting your own instincts, arguing just for the sake of argument and eating for comfort’s sake.

To kick negative habits that are taking their toll on your life and relationships; recognise that a problem exists, chip away at the habit gradually, ask family and friends for supporteven just in the form of a friendly reminderand understand that life is better and more enjoyable when free of addiction.

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