May 28, 2014

Male Celebrity and Plastic Surgery

According to Wikipedia, plastic surgery is a medical method that refers to the improvement or correction of the appearance and function of one’s body part. Besides well-known cosmetic surgery, there are other types such as microsurgery, burns treatment and reconstructive surgery. Though there are still pros and cons about this surgical treatment, any kind of plastic surgery should improve the life of people who experience it. If you’re interested to know more facts about the various results, you may click here to see remarkable plastic surgery makeovers on famous persons.

Many women have already tried this surgical treatment even in the recent years; cosmetic surgery has become an increasing trend among the male residents. Based on data from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery -between 1997 to 2011-it showed that there was 121% raise on the documented cosmetic treatments carried out on men. 

If you see current male magazines and special websites such as, you’ll see lots of male actors, celebrities and reality stars who most possibly have run through plastic surgeries. There are perhaps different reasons behind every decision yet reaching more attractive physical features is still the main purpose.  
Shemar Moore
Statistics mentioned that the top five surgical treatments for male patients last year were include rhinoplasty, liposuction, eyelid surgery, male breast reduction, and hair transplant. An article at mentioned that Shemar Moore is an example of male celebrity who possibly ever experienced a rhinoplasty or nose job procedure.

Since there’s no huge difference on his face, most celebrity fans assume that Shemar Moore took reconstructive surgery to get back his natural appearance after the biking accident in 2009 that has injured his nose and face skin. He surely has made the right decision. It’s a successful treatment as the photos show the natural result that looks good on him!

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Unknown May 28, 2014  

artists nowadays really do plastic surgeries... especially in Korea (the plastic surgery capital).. by the way, interesting post! :D

Unknown May 28, 2014  
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