May 23, 2014

Sky Watch: Buildings and Sky

Tall buildings against the sky are always impressive. These pics captured at a business district in Jakarta. 

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Anonymous May 23, 2014  

Nice shots!

Spare Parts and Pics May 23, 2014  

Beautiful skies... they really enhance the buildings (or is it the other way around??).

Indrani May 23, 2014  

Very impressive buildings! Lovely sky in BG.
Happy weekend to you!

magiceye May 23, 2014  

Superb takes!!

Photo Cache May 23, 2014  

skywatching can be excellent in the city as well as you've shown here.

Leovi May 23, 2014  

Nice photos. Wonderful to see the light in these beautiful skyscrapers! Love it!

NatureFootstep May 23, 2014  

sky and buildings and lots of reflections. Quite cool! :)

betty-NZ May 23, 2014  

Lovely clouds behind those shiny, pretty buildings!

JANU May 23, 2014 feels giddy to look up like that.

LadyD Piano May 23, 2014  

Great photo, impressive skyline!

Hazel May 23, 2014  

A nice shot on a 'spot' - Indonesia Stock Exchange.

Carver May 23, 2014  

Beautiful shots of the tall buildings against the sky.

thomas May 24, 2014  

impressive building

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