May 9, 2014

Sky Watch: Sunset Skies

Photos were taken from the rear window of a friend’s car. We were on the way back to a friend’s home -from a mall in Jakarta city. Last week I spent the long weekend at her home.

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DeniseinVA May 09, 2014  

A great perspective on those beautiful skies Lina. Great photos!

Anonymous May 09, 2014  

THat's a pretty sky.

Unknown May 09, 2014  

Nice photo :)

Photo Cache May 09, 2014  

i too cannot refrain from taking drive by shots of sunsets.

Indrani May 09, 2014  

A busy road and sun going its way as usual. :)
Great street captures.

Unknown May 09, 2014  

Nice colors of the sky.

Leovi May 09, 2014  

Beautiful pictures, beautiful sky at dusk!

Ellen May 09, 2014  

Beautiful pictures of the city sky! Thanks for sharing.

Carver May 09, 2014  

That's a beautiful sunset.

Ellen May 09, 2014  

Beautiful shots of the city! Thanks for sharing.

thomas May 09, 2014  

a very well framed shot

eileeninmd May 10, 2014  

It is nice with the window framing the sky. Lovely colors.. Have a happy weekend!

NatureFootstep May 11, 2014  

great skies.

work online easy May 14, 2014  

beautiful shot i like it...thanks to share :)

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