May 24, 2014

A Cattleya

A Cattleya flower captured at an orchid store. One petal looked decayed.
Wonderful colors
Do the colors of flowers ever inspire your fashion style? Pink and yellow look good on Cattleya but I've never tried these color combination on my body :)

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CJ May 24, 2014  

The colors are wonderful on the orchid. I don't think I've ever dressed in pink and yellow either. I actually don't like pink very much. I rarely wear shades of red, orange or yellow ---not sure why. Just not my preference.

CJ May 24, 2014  

What a great photo for both Today's Flowers and I Heart Macro. My camera doesn't take good pictures that close-up, but I love seeing macro images by others.

CJ May 24, 2014  

PLEASE READ BUT DO NOT POST THIS COMMENT --- I posted a comment about your yellow and pink flower and then I think I mistakenly posted a comment on your blog that was meant for another blog. I'm not positive because I can't see my comments until you approve them. (I moderate comments on my blog, too.) It was meant for a very close-up view of a tulip. So ---please post the one that is obviously about the yellow and pink orchid. And delete this one and the one about the tulip. And now I'm worrying that I didn't hit "publish" on the comment I wanted to leave. I'll check later and re-post it if it isn't there. Sorry ---not quite awake. I guess I ought to do this after I finish my coffee.

Unknown May 24, 2014  

Still very beautiful! Have a great weekend.

Karen May 25, 2014  

That's just gorgeous Lina! I don't think I would wear pink and yellow together either though.

Arija May 25, 2014  

Such a beautifully painted orchid. It is asking to be pinned into someone's blond hair.

Laura May 26, 2014  

Such vibrant colors in a single flower… beautiful Lina!

Linda May 26, 2014  

Lovely photo! I don't think I would look good in that color combination but it looks great on the flower.

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