May 7, 2014

Are Women More Vulnerable Affected by Asthma?

Are Women More Vulnerable Affected by Asthma? -Asthma caused more by a person's sensitivity to a particular type of allergen. Various weather changes that often happen these days can be a trigger of asthma attack including cigarette smoke, dust, and allergies. Inflammatory condition that occurs on blood vessels can affect everyone, both men and women.
Therefore you shouldn’t underestimate the variety of symptoms such as itchy nose and nasal congestion, painful skin or breathe shortness. Those are possibly a small part of the common symptoms of allergic diseases and immunology.

Types of allergic and immunologic diseases are very diverse; however, asthma is the case that most frequently heard. Some cases of asthma are manifestations of allergies on people who are sensitive to a particular type of allergen. Shortness of breath occurs in exhaling not on breathing process. When exhaling, the ‘ngik’ sound is heard.

The researchers explain that allergic reactions can be different on every asthma sufferer, depending on the age and gender. However, there is a recent study of researchers from the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (ACAAI) revealed that factually women are more susceptible to asthma than men.

Such data could be obtained because many women aren’t resistant to the symptoms so that they should immediately go to the doctor. While men who are experiencing the same symptoms don’t necessarily need going to the doctor, explained Samuel Sterni, a health practitioner.

As quoted from Huffington Post, the research also revealed that women also tend to be more susceptible to rhinitis. It is a symptom such as the nose and eyes -due to allergies- continue to secrete fluid. As symptoms of allergies and asthma are different in each person, Sterni emphasizes the importance of personal health care. Therefore it is essential to know what your unique allergen is since every person has a type of allergy triggers, or allergens that aren’t always the same; even it can be more than one allergen.

Asthma usually starts with the trigger factors such as excessive physical activity, too cold weather, and fur of dolls or pets. If you already know your asthma trigger factors, then avoid them as much as possible to avoid any asthma attack.

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