May 20, 2014

Essential Oil

Tips of buying and using essential oil
- Buy essential oil at stores that sell aromatherapy products or aromatherapy clinic supervised by an aromatherapy practitioner.

- Price largely determines the quality of essential oils, since essential oils can be obtained from different distillation. Prices of essential oil set from the grading of distillation results. Ask the seller as much as possible. If they can not answer your questions well, think again before buying, because in addition to pure essential oils, in the market there is also synthetic oil. Synthetic oils have no therapeutic efficacy at all. When massaged into the skin, it may cause allergies, headaches and nausea.

- Single essential oil (essential oil singles) botanic name and popular name are always listed on the label name on the bottle, such as lavender and Lavandula angustifolia. For lavender, there are several price levels because it has many variants.

How to mix essential oils
1.For body massage
Pour 2 tablespoons of base oil and 10 drops of essential oil of 3 or 4 kinds of single essential oils. For example, 2 tablespoons grapeseed oil base added with 2 drops of frankincense , 4 drops of lavender and 4 drops of mandarin .

2.For affixed on the furnace
Prepare aromatherapy diffuser or heating furnace or electric burner, give water in the bowl then add 4-6 drops of lavender or mandarin essential oil.

Complaints and used oil
1.Hot flushes
Symptoms seen in women aged 45-55 years. Recommended base oil is grapeseed, apricot for dry skin, St. John's Wort to alleviate depression, vitamin E and essential oils of clary sage, geranium, sage and lemon. Geranium oil, lemon and clary sage can be mixed and heated in an aromatherapy furnace then placed it in your bedroom room each day.

For those women, trouble sleeping has very close relation with hot flush. So you can not sleep comfortably and soundly. Massage has a calming effect physically and mentally. Heat the mixture of valerian oil, palmarosa and damiana in aromatherapy heating furnace, put in the bedroom every night.

Another way is to make the night cream from above essential oils that mixed with a cream base. Apply the cream to your face and neck.

If insomnia is caused by anxiety, you can use frankincense essential oil, mandarin, lavender and ravensara. Choose 2-3 kinds of essential oils mentioned above.

3.Dry skin
Use grapeseed base oil mixed with essential oils of peach or apricot, vitamin E with essential oils of lavender, geranium, and sandalwood which help increase skin's natural collagen levels.

Drying skin usually dues to the thinning of collagen layer. To anticipate, increase your intake of soy isoflavones, vitamin C, vitamin E, glutathione, and proanthocyanidin that found in grape seeds and pine bark. Buy collagen supplements in the pharmacy is a practical step.

4.Bad mood
Emotional ups and downs are not fun, both for ourselves and those around us. Practicing meditation and self-healing which the purpose is to communicate to the self is very good for soul balance if done regularly and sincerely.

Heat geranium, rose and lavender -2 drops each- in aromatherapy heating furnace, when you or meditate.

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