May 6, 2014

7 Fabulous Mother's Day Jewelry Gifts

Mother's Day is fast approaching and you are still pondering what to get that special woman in your life. Jewelry is among the top gift choices for moms of all ages and tastes. Here is a brief guide to help you choose a jewelry gift that will warm her heart.
Jewelry bead collecting is a popular trend that continues to be a favorite with women. If mom already has a beaded bracelet or necklace, you can give her a beautiful bead that grows her collection. Or, you can start mom's collection by selecting among a variety of gorgeous beads made from glass, Swarovski crystal, murano, enamel, stone, gold or silver.

Bracelets might stand out more because they are not given to moms as much as other types of jewelry. Some great bracelet ideas that mom would appreciate are personalized ID, delicate hearts, religious symbols, diamonds, gemstone, chain link and bangle styles.

Charms are a lot of fun to browse through. The best jewelry sites feature a wide range of charms that are suitable for deserving moms. Charm categories include religious symbols, fashion accessories and clothing, animals, home items, careers, food, music and other fun themes.

For the mom with pierced ears there are stunning selections of earrings that feature real diamonds and gemstones. You can play it safe and choose diamond studs that look great on every woman. Or, if you know her taste preferences, choose a dangle or hoop style with dramatic flair.

The necklace is one of the most popular jewelry items that mom receives on this special day. Popular styles are lockets, diamond, gemstone, chain and pearls. The best necklace is one that perfectly represents mom's personality.

Some moms are really into rings. Picking out a ring requires you to know the mom's exact ring size. It also is a good idea to take note of the ring styles she prefers so that you have a good idea of what she likes. There are fancy and basic styles. Fancy would include diamonds or gemstones. Basic is a plain band or metal bands with extra features.

A special mom that wears watches will love a luxurious gold ladies watch. Luxury means that her watch would have tons of designer style and top rate timepieces.

Find a beautiful selection of Gold Pendants and other fine jewelry gifts for mom at reputable online jewelry shops.

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