May 13, 2014

At a Hospital

Last month I accompanied my husband visiting a doctor to treat his ulcer. While waiting for his turn, husband took some shots with his camera phone.  The hospital has some red touches inside.

Ruby Tuesday Too

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Ralph May 13, 2014  

Institutions, like every hospital I've been inside, seem to have the monotony of white walls inside. Happily, a splash of red, just a little bit, adds a bit of life to the bland walls. Nobody wants to be in a hospital - but if we are, a little hint of ruby makes it look so much nicer...

Maria's Space May 13, 2014  

Hope all is well! Love that red wall May 14, 2014  

where is the hospital miss?

Leovi May 14, 2014  

I hope you heal the ulcer to her husband!

DeniseinVA May 16, 2014  

How lovely that he took these photos for you. I hope he is feeling a lot better now and that his ulcer has healed.

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