May 10, 2014

Dancing Lady

Do these orchid flowers look like dancing ladies? The gown and embracing hands show it.
 A best friend is an orchid lover. When I spent last week's long weekend at her home, I had a chance to capture some of her collection.

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Judy May 10, 2014  

When you say they are dancing ladies, I can see it - the full frilly skirt, and upraised arms!!!

Unknown May 10, 2014  

Yes, they do look like dancing ladies. :)

Karin M. May 11, 2014  

Such wonderful shots,
very good photo work ..
Greetings, Karin

Donna@Gardens Eye View May 12, 2014  

These are beautiful Lina...they do look like dancing ladies!!

kissed by an angel May 13, 2014  

Yes, I also can see a very pretty dancing lady!!! Very fanciful :)
Enjoy a wonderful week, Lina :)

Arija May 13, 2014  

I love the 'dancing ladies', they come in so many varieties and are on such delicate stems that they really do dance.

Anonymous May 15, 2014  

Orchids are such unique flowers. These do look like dancers!

Indrani May 15, 2014  

Lovely orchid!

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