May 23, 2019

What Are the Ways to Choose A Nice Pearl Earrings Design?

Earrings are a very important accessory that completes your look. It adds a shine to your personality. Pearl earrings come in different style for different types of outfit. Be it lehenga, suit, jeans, gowns or a saree, earrings have this ability to give a remarkable touch to your appearance. You need to have a good idea as to which earrings go well with which outfit.
Why should you choose pearl-based earrings?

Pearls have got distinctive characteristic to capture and reflect light that implies they will suit almost any look or color.

Learn about the shapes of pearl earrings

Double pearl earrings come in several different shapes such as round, baroque, drops, studs and oval and in various colors like white, silver, black pearls, and pink.

How to choose the right pearl earrings for different occasions?

White pearl earring looks very elegant and is best for traditional event or an everyday wear purpose. For a casual wear, you can opt for pearl stud in 6mm to 7mm diameter. For a bolder look, you can try wearing large button shaped earrings of size more than 9mm.

If you are going for a night party with your friends, then choose pink over white color. Pearl earring in stud shape in pink color is a fun alternative. To make your evening ultimate, wear any knee-length black dress, and complement it with South Sea pearls.

For people who are in search for a modern evening style look, should go for Tahitian pearl earrings. Choose darker and more exotic shades. Its peacock color and baroque shape make them unique and coveted pearl earrings.

The classical white colored pearl brings a discreet and polished touch to business attire or formal suits. Akoya pearl earrings work best for the office setting as these pearls are perfectly round and well known for superior quality and strong luster.


Earrings are a must have accessory in every woman’s jewelry kit. Due to the versatility of earrings, it is required that every woman should keep at least one or two pair of pearl earrings to look refreshing and new whenever they go.

May 16, 2019

Reasons Why Colour Theory Matters In Workplace Etiquette

Colour theory is something that you need to consider when choosing your clothes for work because colours paint a picture of who you are even before you speak. Take a look at all the tips below to learn how you can pick the right colours, how to make the best impression, and how to build a signature style that is all based on your personality.
1. How Do You Choose colours?

You could choose any colour that you would like, and you need to choose the colours that are most appropriate for work. When you start to use colour theory, you can begin picking the colours that match the situation, make you look great, and build your signature style. For example, if you reside in Australia, you could study any australian designer when you are looking for clothing to wear to work. These designers make clothes in all colours, and you must choose the colours that you believe will look best on you.

2. Which colours Are Appropriate?

You should choose the most appropriate colour for work based on what your office is like, the colours of the company logo, or your personal style. You might choose to wear black, blue, or grey because they are the standard colours of an office environment. You might choose to add a splash of colour just to be playful, or you could wear your favourite colour every day as a part of your wardrobe. You know what is appropriate in the office, and you can start using those colours to your advantage.

3. Black Is A Serious colour

Black is a very serious colour that you might wear when you are ready to close out a business deal. Many people who wear black are seen as the most serious workers in an office, and you will make a good impression if you are meeting a client for the first time.

4. Blue Is Classy

Blue suits that are matched with fun colours such as brown shoes or grey pumps will look classy because the colour itself calls attention to how you have dressed. You are exuding the calmer country club image that some clients might like. Plus, a blue suit gives you a chance to wear a crisp white shirt or a fun colour underneath.

5. Grey

Grey is the neutral colour that you're a pair with anything. You might choose to wear grey and black, grey and pink, or grey that allows you to show off some other colour that you like. Grey is the colour that people wear when they want to look professional, classy, and modern.

6. Adding colours That Pop

Adding colours that pop to your wardrobe is something that you can do fairly easily if you are willing to wear basic suits most of the time. You can add colour with a pocket square, with a belt, with your shoes, or with a handbag. You can add any colour you want that you think looks best on you, and you could keep using these colours because they are your favourites. The people who work around you will get to know your favourite colours, and you might even start wearing your favourite colours every day.

7. Bringing Your favourite colours To Your Clothes

You can bring your favourite colours to your clothes, and you will find that you could use these colours in a pair of pants, in your jackets, or in your shirt. Allow your favourite colour to take over your wardrobe so long as it matches your personality. Someone who wears red will need to have a fiery personality where someone who wears yellow has a sunny personality. Matching your clothes to your temperament is an important way to make a good first impression.

8. What About Coats And Hats?

Coats and hats are things that you wear when it gets cold outside, and your coat or hat could be the thing that makes people take notice of you. If that is the case, you need to be sure that you have found a striking hat or coat that people will notice the second they see you. You might wear neutral clothing much of the day because you want to give the impression that you are very serious. However, your coat or hat could be a strong colour that will speak to your personality.


There are a number of people who would like to learn how to dress using colour theory, and they need to use colours to make a good impression, to express their personality, and to set the tone in the office. Black clothes are very serious where bright clothes speak to your personality. You could use accessories to add a bit of your favourite colour to your clothes, or you could wear your favourite colours every day to show off your personality.

May 15, 2019

Start Preparing for NEET from Class 10

The National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) is one of the toughest competitive exams and every year lakhs of students appear for the exam to secure admission in medical and dental colleges. In Class 10, students appear for board exam for the first time and from this time the most crucial phase of career starts. The clock starts to tick fast and with a blink of an eye, it will be time for NEET exam.

The syllabus is huge and candidates need to cover each and every chapter well to crack the exam. A smart study plan along with loads of consistent practice is required to notch the success. So, if you are passionate about making a career in medicine, start preparing for NEET right after class 10 board exam.
NEET exam is mainly based on 3 subjects - chemistry, physics and biology (Botany and Zoology). There are 180 MCQs where for every correct answer, candidates get 4 marks and one mark is deducted for every wrong answer. So, it needs the right technique to clear the examination.

1. Know the syllabus:

The first thing candidates must do is to get familiar with the complete syllabus before rushing headlong into studies. Know the complete NEET syllabus from their official website and compare it with your board exam syllabus. The common chapters need not be prepared separately. As NEET covers the syllabi of various state boards, be well versed with the topics covered under other state boards. Make a note of the topics covered in your board syllabus and club them all to prepare for NEET.

2. Make a smart study plan:

There is no alternative for hard work. But for effective preparation, planning to study smart is also important. Once you are done with sorting out the syllabus, identify your strong and weak areas of the course. Prioritize the topics in a way so that you get more confident about the strong areas and have ample time at hand to work on the weak areas. For NEET, start learning from scratch so that the concepts get clear and you gain in-depth knowledge about the topics. Rote learning will not help in this case.

3.   Set deadlines:

Time runs faster than you think while preparing for the exam. A well-planned time table infuses a sense of seriousness and discipline in mind. When you are starting to prepare for NEET right after class X, you have enough time to study, practice and revision. Set the monthly, weekly and daily deadlines to finish the course of study just as you want. And be strict about the deadlines.

4. Revise & Practice regularly:

The revision has a big role to play for improvising memory skills during the exam. Write down important points and footnotes in a copy so that you can remember everything about the topic while going through them just before the exam. Also, practice sample question papers and previous years’ papers to enhance the problem-solving skills in a limited time.

5. Go for mock tests:

Taking full-length mock tests will make you familiar with exam pressure. It is also the best way to evaluate you. Solving sample question papers within three hours regularly will make you habituated of dealing with the extra stress during the exam. Best NEET coaching institutes in Raniganj and Chandannagar conduct mock tests for the candidates where problems are similar to the NEET level.

6. Take small breaks:

Long hours of study can take a toll on your health and may lead to fatigue which is harmful to cognitive abilities. Take short breaks to help your brain to retain information. Exercise or go for a walk to unwind a bit.

Lastly, do not lose focus and stay motivated while preparing for such an important exam of your career. Be confident that you have learned well and you have worked hard for the exam so you do not have much to worry about.

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