May 14, 2019

A major overhaul in the e-commerce industry in Israel – How technology is helping the trade

Once you open a browser, you’ll see new fashion-preneurs, fashion tech and e-commerce retail websites popping up. The social media has become one of the most crucial places to promote and sell products. Though shopping malls still lure majority of the fashionistas but at the same time, there has been enough market research which process that online apparel and online cosmetics are two of the fastest growing categories of the e-commerce industry.
This is probably the reason why there are so many retailers who are jumping on to this bandwagon. While 5 years back, people thought there would be none to shop online, yet today this is undoubtedly the fastest-growing platform. Israelis are creative people and they also have a very good sense of fashion. Beauty e-commerce websites like in Israel are changing the entire perspective of buying cosmetics online. More and more consumers have started buying their everyday cosmetic items from such websites which have gained reputation with their authentic products and speedy delivery.

Social media and personal styling

Just as women prefer shopping with their friends in real life, in case of online shopping too, they prefer to hear what others feel about their styling choices. Professional styling is something that is more common among celebrities but for the laymen, we are pretty aware of what others recommend to us and what we might recommend on their dress and cosmetic choices. There are social media platforms like WiShi which let users to share their real life closets so that they may get styling tips from the members of the community. Since its launch, this became a go-to site for majority of the DIY fashionistas.

In short, fashion and social media always go hand in hand as the latter gives an outlet to people to showcase their style and express themselves on a wider platform. If you take it from the perspective of the designers and brands, it is the best way to reach out directly to the customer. Even the brands are using the social media to draw inspiration for the latest trends and utilize them to make their products famous among their customers.

There are also few Israeli fashion-tech startup firms which deal with guiding shoppers through the labyrinth of e-commerce websites. Have you heard about the Shopetti app which allows the consumers to shop at several stores but pay through a single checkout? Another app Zipy aggregates e-commerce fashion platforms all at one place.

Hence, we can clearly see a major overhaul to be taking place in the e-commerce industry in Israel. Israel offers too much room for the e-commerce industry and there’s so much to receive as an opportunity in Israel.

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