May 16, 2019

Reasons Why Colour Theory Matters In Workplace Etiquette

Colour theory is something that you need to consider when choosing your clothes for work because colours paint a picture of who you are even before you speak. Take a look at all the tips below to learn how you can pick the right colours, how to make the best impression, and how to build a signature style that is all based on your personality.
1. How Do You Choose colours?

You could choose any colour that you would like, and you need to choose the colours that are most appropriate for work. When you start to use colour theory, you can begin picking the colours that match the situation, make you look great, and build your signature style. For example, if you reside in Australia, you could study any australian designer when you are looking for clothing to wear to work. These designers make clothes in all colours, and you must choose the colours that you believe will look best on you.

2. Which colours Are Appropriate?

You should choose the most appropriate colour for work based on what your office is like, the colours of the company logo, or your personal style. You might choose to wear black, blue, or grey because they are the standard colours of an office environment. You might choose to add a splash of colour just to be playful, or you could wear your favourite colour every day as a part of your wardrobe. You know what is appropriate in the office, and you can start using those colours to your advantage.

3. Black Is A Serious colour

Black is a very serious colour that you might wear when you are ready to close out a business deal. Many people who wear black are seen as the most serious workers in an office, and you will make a good impression if you are meeting a client for the first time.

4. Blue Is Classy

Blue suits that are matched with fun colours such as brown shoes or grey pumps will look classy because the colour itself calls attention to how you have dressed. You are exuding the calmer country club image that some clients might like. Plus, a blue suit gives you a chance to wear a crisp white shirt or a fun colour underneath.

5. Grey

Grey is the neutral colour that you're a pair with anything. You might choose to wear grey and black, grey and pink, or grey that allows you to show off some other colour that you like. Grey is the colour that people wear when they want to look professional, classy, and modern.

6. Adding colours That Pop

Adding colours that pop to your wardrobe is something that you can do fairly easily if you are willing to wear basic suits most of the time. You can add colour with a pocket square, with a belt, with your shoes, or with a handbag. You can add any colour you want that you think looks best on you, and you could keep using these colours because they are your favourites. The people who work around you will get to know your favourite colours, and you might even start wearing your favourite colours every day.

7. Bringing Your favourite colours To Your Clothes

You can bring your favourite colours to your clothes, and you will find that you could use these colours in a pair of pants, in your jackets, or in your shirt. Allow your favourite colour to take over your wardrobe so long as it matches your personality. Someone who wears red will need to have a fiery personality where someone who wears yellow has a sunny personality. Matching your clothes to your temperament is an important way to make a good first impression.

8. What About Coats And Hats?

Coats and hats are things that you wear when it gets cold outside, and your coat or hat could be the thing that makes people take notice of you. If that is the case, you need to be sure that you have found a striking hat or coat that people will notice the second they see you. You might wear neutral clothing much of the day because you want to give the impression that you are very serious. However, your coat or hat could be a strong colour that will speak to your personality.


There are a number of people who would like to learn how to dress using colour theory, and they need to use colours to make a good impression, to express their personality, and to set the tone in the office. Black clothes are very serious where bright clothes speak to your personality. You could use accessories to add a bit of your favourite colour to your clothes, or you could wear your favourite colours every day to show off your personality.

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