May 23, 2019

What Are the Ways to Choose A Nice Pearl Earrings Design?

Earrings are a very important accessory that completes your look. It adds a shine to your personality. Pearl earrings come in different style for different types of outfit. Be it lehenga, suit, jeans, gowns or a saree, earrings have this ability to give a remarkable touch to your appearance. You need to have a good idea as to which earrings go well with which outfit.
Why should you choose pearl-based earrings?

Pearls have got distinctive characteristic to capture and reflect light that implies they will suit almost any look or color.

Learn about the shapes of pearl earrings

Double pearl earrings come in several different shapes such as round, baroque, drops, studs and oval and in various colors like white, silver, black pearls, and pink.

How to choose the right pearl earrings for different occasions?

White pearl earring looks very elegant and is best for traditional event or an everyday wear purpose. For a casual wear, you can opt for pearl stud in 6mm to 7mm diameter. For a bolder look, you can try wearing large button shaped earrings of size more than 9mm.

If you are going for a night party with your friends, then choose pink over white color. Pearl earring in stud shape in pink color is a fun alternative. To make your evening ultimate, wear any knee-length black dress, and complement it with South Sea pearls.

For people who are in search for a modern evening style look, should go for Tahitian pearl earrings. Choose darker and more exotic shades. Its peacock color and baroque shape make them unique and coveted pearl earrings.

The classical white colored pearl brings a discreet and polished touch to business attire or formal suits. Akoya pearl earrings work best for the office setting as these pearls are perfectly round and well known for superior quality and strong luster.


Earrings are a must have accessory in every woman’s jewelry kit. Due to the versatility of earrings, it is required that every woman should keep at least one or two pair of pearl earrings to look refreshing and new whenever they go.

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