May 3, 2019

All You Need To Know About Mikimoto Pearl Jewellery And Concerns When Buying It!

Have you ever wondered why one pays more for the Mikimoto pearls? What differentiates them from others? Well, let us explore all you need to know about them that will help you know their importance and make an informed decision when it comes to buying pearl jewellery.
Grading of pearl

Mikimoto pearls make use of copied grading method that is independent of the GIA grading standards. AAA is the highest quality among the four grades. The highest grade ones among them come with mirror like reflections. Generally, buyers buy replacement or grading valuation certification for the insurance purpose. So, when this certification is included, caution is warranted.

Separating real from fake

How to distinguish genuine high grade pearls from cheap imitation or freshwater pearls? Well, all of the authentic or genuine Mikimoto pearls have distinct roadmap pattern that can be recognized easily by experienced pearl jewellers.

However, there is even an easier way for the ones like us that aren’t dealers. The very pink or undertone or slight rose tint won’t be found in other Akoya pearls. This is one of the most crucial points for first time buyers to check out for.

Five distinctions for discerning pearls’ quality

·           Colour

Quality is even graded by clarity of colour. Distinctive colour indicates high quality. Colours are widely categorized as white, creamy white, pink, black, blue, and gold.

·           Lustre

Well, this is one of the most critical features of pearl. With the increasing layers of pearls, the lustre becomes deeper in tone. You can easily witness the difference once you compare pearls with varying lustre.

·           Shape

Perfect round shape of pearls means they are of better quality. However, the pearl oysters usually produce irregular or flat shaped pearls. Mikimoto pearls discard all of cheap grade pearls by keeping only the highest quality ones.

·           Minor flaws

Pearls are product of nature and not artificial. As a result, they are ought to have minor flaw on its surface just like other natural gemstone. It should be remembered here that Mikimoto pearls are chosen carefully after strict examination of the natural blemishes.

All of the Mikimoto rings that are sold in Japan will be in size 3-6 ranges virtually. Most of them would require being resized for the sale outside Japan.

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