Jun 30, 2013

Making Friends is Easy, but Keeping Them is Trickier

You cannot choose your family, but you can choose your friends. A good solid group of friends is a constant support. The difference between having even one friend and none is vast. We know that we are not alone and there is someone to help when we need it. That's why it's important to keep them.

Make an effort

Be there. If you want to keep friends you have to make an effort. It's give and take. Yes, you can connect with new technology like Facebook and twitter, but it's not the same as being there. Personal contact lets friends know you actually do care and you are prepared to spend time on them. Email is easy, but physical presence says more. And when you are with your friends, switch off the phone sometimes. Don't check Facebook or your email or be constantly texting. It lets them know that you are concentrating on them, not your other friends.

Be helpful. Friends don't normally want anything from you except your company. But helpfulness adds to friendship. A strong wish to help is very attractive to other people. This could be anything from helping paint your new house or giving advice on where to go in London. Help, offered without anyone having to ask for it is always appreciated and remembered. And give freely. Don't try to measure it. Take as much as you need, give as much as you can.

Three little words

Be honest. True friends are people who can point out what you are doing wrong. A friend can tell you things which would be unpalatable from a stranger. The actor Charlton Heston said the secret to a successful marriage was three little words: 'I was wrong'. It's the same for friendship. If you value a friend then they just might be the only one who is prepared to tell you the truth.

Simply smile

Be happy. Yes, there will be times when you are very down and your friend is a good shoulder to cry on. But don't abuse that. Miserable people spread their misery and it's very off-putting. Don't get in the habit of moaning. Everybody is having a struggle through life. Smile. It will make you more attractive and the person you smile at will, subconsciously anyway, think it's pleasant to be around you. And be nice too and say nice things about other people. It will make you more fun to be with.

Be supportive. Everybody is an individual. Don't assume that other people view the world in the same way you do. Don't impose your standards on your friends. They will make mistakes, just as you will. Try to work out what they are thinking, rather than try to argue them round to your point of view. And when they've done something you admire, always give praise. It will boost them and keep them closer. As the song says, you've got to have friends...


Smith writes regularly on families and relationships for a range of interpersonal websites and blogs. He believes strong personal relationships keep us happier and healthier and are helpful. For instance, an easy way to find whereto go in London is to have a circle of friends interested in the same thing.

Why DIY Boot-Camp Workouts at Home are Important- Women’s Special

When you learn from sources reliable and strong, you get to go right ahead and for long. Practice may not guarantee you perfection, but you surely would make better of your own image than what it was in the past. A certified fitness trainer can help you achieve the impossible no doubt, but what if you don’t have the time to attend a camp or afford one? There are still ways for you to make the best deals for your overall health come true, and one of them is to engage in DIY workouts the boot-camp style for women, at home.

Yes, women need personal fitness training and why not? They run all day long, managing everything and doing what’s needed for the intended good of one and all. Homemakers are so caught up that they don’t have the time to work out or look after themselves or their needs. And that’s why it is so important for them to have resources which can help. The internet for example can be the best resource to make their dreams of shaping up come true.

There are various sources, blogs, websites, videos and tutorials etc that would help women work out and gain that amazing body. Today we would like you to understand the importance of working out at home, and to bring about high fitness levels too.
Why should you think of working out at home?
1.   You really shouldn’t be asking this question, but now that you did, we ask you to take a good look at yourself. Are you happy with the way your body is? You keep saying you don’t have the money or the time to go out and enrol in a camp for overall fitness. So here we are, bringing to you reasons why you should start one at home, just for yourself.

2.   Being out of shape can actually take a toll on you mentally and physically. Even daily functioning abilities would take a beat, if you don’t get back on track and maintain your body. Even walking up those stairs or waking up in the morning seems to be a chore, isn’t it? This is why you need to start working out from your homes, and watch the difference it brings.

3.   Are you tired of using all those diet pills and fat burners, much in vain which brings no results as promised on those fake television channels, the internet and the shows? If yes, it’s time for you to sweat it out at home. To get into shape, you need to apply strength training programs.

4.   When you work out well at home, you can bring down the symptoms of obesity, cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and high sugar levels too.

5.   Want to look gorgeous, get in shape!! And that’s why working out at home is a must, important for that well toned body, and your clothes wouldn’t complain.

6.   Stress combating is possible when you workout everyday, start your day with the right workout plans and remove stress that can affect while the day is on.

7.   While you watch how your body gets into shape, the cabinets filled with junk goodies would automatically find its way out too.

You may or may not have all the knowledge on how to DIY with boot camp fitness schedules from home. This is why we ask you to check online and read what experts for the same have to say.
Author Bio
When you learn the right ways on how to bring back your lost shapely body, achieving the figure of a diva you idolize is only a few days away. Say no to miracle fat burners or pills, says Shelton Lawless. You should remember that no pain no gain, and that’s why allowing tactics used at women’s boot camp UK and all over at home for you to use is a must.

Jun 29, 2013

Yellow Iris

 This plant grows well here. The flower was captured at the front of one's house.

Jun 28, 2013

Health Tips To Help You Glow This Summer

It is not enough to look good on the outside, if you really want to shine out from the crowd this summer you need to feel good on the inside too.

From eating well to avoiding the sun, read on for some fabulous health and beauty tips for the summer ahead, helping you glow from within and look great.

Keep To A Balanced Diet

We only look as good we feel so making sure we have a balanced diet is paramount to looking good this summer. Avoid sugary foods as these can play havoc with your energy levels making you look tired and sallow. Try to cut down on processed foods as these contain salt, one of the worst offenders for water retention. Wherever possible fill up on fresh fruit and salad, especially items with plenty of Vitamin C including oranges and peppers. Vitamin B1 also helps give skin and hair essential nourishment; you can find B1 in eggs, breakfast cereals, fruit and veg. Water is essential to healthy skin and staying hydrated will keep skin looking nourished. This is especially important during the summer when we lose water rapidly throughout the day. Try to replace sugary drinks and concentrated fruit juices with water and if possible swap that cup of coffee or wine with a glass of water.

Get The Right Amount Of Sun

The sun provides us with Vitamin D, so we don't need to avoid it entirely, but we do need to be careful if we want to avoid premature aging. Wearing sun screen of around 15 SPF will give most people enough protection in the UK whilst allowing enough Vitamin D through. Always make sure your face and neck are protected from the sun. Rather than worry about building up a tan, seek out the best fake tan products on the market. Look for ones which give a natural look and are easily applied. That way you get to look naturally glowing whilst not actually giving yourself any wrinkles or possible skin damage. The best quality fake tan products will also nourish your skin and include anti-aging ingredients.


Exercise isn't just central to preventing us from developing serious medical conditions and potentially living longer, it is also a great beauty booster. Exercise increases circulation which helps reduce and prevent cellulite, the bikini wearer's worst enemy. Exercise will also naturally tone you and keep you slim, something every woman wants to think about during the summer. Try to do a small amount of exercise each and every day. Those with better circulation will notice improved skin and those who exercise every day will generally feel happier and if you feel good, you will probably look good, they go hand in hand!

The fastest way to natural beauty is to stay healthy, looking good comes from feeling good. Avoid the sun and wear fake tan products instead, exercise every day, drink plenty of water and cut out the salt and sugar. The better you feel the better you will look.

Ilena is a fitness expert and blogger who discovered long ago the easiest way to look good is by feeling good. Ilena chooses fake tan products rather than subjecting her skin to harmful rays and also keeps to a balanced diet.

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