Jun 29, 2013

Yellow Iris

 This plant grows well here. The flower was captured at the front of one's house.

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A wondering star June 29, 2013  

Great image of your beautiful yellow Iris!

Betty Manousos June 29, 2013  

SO beautiful!

well done:)
wishing you a great weekend~

Joanne Olivieri June 29, 2013  

That is so exotic looking. I've not seen an iris with that beautiful heart. Gorgeous.

Luna Miranda June 30, 2013  

a lovely Walking Iris.

Carver June 30, 2013  

That's a beautiful iris.

DeniseinVA June 30, 2013  

Ah Lina, what a beautiful yellow bloom. It is magnificent! Thank you for sharing :)
Wishing you a happy weekend,
Today’s Flowers
An English Girl Rambles

Jannibele July 01, 2013  

So exotic. Like a tiger iris:)

Laura July 01, 2013  

Exquisite Lina! So beautiful... I hope you'll consider sharing something with I Heart Macro:-)

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