Jun 14, 2013

Mutual Benefits of Employee Wellness Programs

Employee wellness programs are becoming more commonly applied in many corporate. Since employees are the most important assets to any company; thus it’s significant to develop healthier employees that will lead to happier and more productive employees. Most employers should Learn more about Employee wellness programs at IncentaHealth.com to know how this program can offer many advantages to the company. Investing in incentaHEALTH’s workplace wellness program will bring reduced expenses in return; it can be in the form of improved working productivity, decreased absence and corporate health care cost.


Providing workforce with the wellness program means that the company is making better of the employees’ wellbeing that will affect straightly on the company’s success in the long run.  As the cost of health care is always bigger than the cost of maintaining the employees’ health, lots of companies have decided to use motivational wellness program like incentaHEALTH’s system to make employees in better health through efficient, simple, enjoyable and useful strategies.


One of the most common programs offered is assisting and encouraging workers to manage their weight by providing interactive email health coaching, a private kiosk for weighing in and cash incentives for constant weight loss success.  If you’re an employee, don’t be hesitant to participate when the company offers you a good wellness plan.  Helping you to be able to fulfill your job well, achieve improved health, reduce stress and built better companionship with your colleagues are only some important benefits that you may obtain from joining the employee wellness program!


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