Jun 12, 2013

Your Head, Covered

When looking for some new headgear for the Summer, it’s worth thinking about whether you want to participate in some of the current retro trends on the catwalks and the high street, or whether you want to add to a reliable look. Depending on the time of the year (and the weather), you’ll want to invest in a hat that can be versatile enough to keep you cool, while also making a statement. Look out for some of the best retro trends around at the moment, as well as variations on some popular staples.

Retro Hats

Given the popularity of 1920s and 1980s fashions at the moment, it’s perhaps no surprise that some hat styles are making a big comeback - one of the most significant hat trends of the past year has involved the fedora - a classic fedora with a coloured sash is ideal for matching with sunglasses and coats, while lighter fedoras in straw can be paired up with t shirts and more casual looks.

Another retro option that’s perhaps not quite as successful yet, but is growing in popularity, is the bowler hat - while this hat may be a bit too formal for some people, it can be worn with some ingenious combinations of suits and blazers, and works well if you have the confidence to pull it off. Bowlers are a bit less versatile, though, than fedoras.

1980s Trends

If you want to take part in the 1980s retro trend, but aren’t quite sure about whether shoulder pads and neons are your thing, then it’s worth looking into statement hats lie snapbacks - these adjustable baseball caps were popular in the 1980s and 1990s, and are often associated with streetwear, rappers, and sports stars. Some of the best brands to look out for include Twisted Soul; you can also experiment with different prints and decals to make a snapback your own.

However, there’s also the choice of going with a classic baseball hat, which can be made smarter if you’re prepared to go with a discreet brand - try to avoid turning it around, though, if you can - baseball hats can be a good idea for the beach, but are worth spending a bit of money on if you don’t want them to look too casual. Alternatively, try experimenting with beanie hats for a range of different colours, which can be a good way of keeping cool while making your headwear relatively simple.

Some more unusual hats that you can try include paperboy hats, which are another retro, if slightly more difficult item to pull off - they can work well, though, if you choose a high quality cap that doesn’t have a large rim, and if you want to create a look using blazers and scarves. If you want to push the boat out a bit further, there’s always the cowboy hat, which can be made more stylish, and less hen party-ish by getting fitted sizes in designer styles. Finally, if you want a hat that’s going to keep you warm when the weather changes, trapper hats with fake fur and chin straps will do the job.

Author Bio : Harry Francis isn’t sure whether he can pull off a fedora, but likes to believe that he can. It’s all about finding the right hat to match one of his new coats or shoes.

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kalo merhatiin mode pakaiannya...inget videonya debbie gibson th 80an...hehhe

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