Jun 27, 2013

5 Ways to Use Qigong for Self Healing

Qigong, pronounced as ‘Chee Gung’, is an ancient Chinese healing technique. It has been practiced for thousands of years. Apart from practicing it on its own, qigong can also be tried out with different medications to cure diseases more effectively and to give a boost to your immunity. Here are five ways you can use Qigong for self-healing –

1.   Qigong Workout In The Morning - The best way to begin your day is to do Qigong workout in the morning. When you do Tai Chi in the morning, it soothes your mind. However, when you are doing Tai Chi and other Qigong workout in the morning, be sure to follow the posture and techniques properly. If you are doing it wrong, you do not benefit and might hurt yourself.
2. Breathing - An important part of performing Qigong is breathing exercises. Breathing in a certain way calms you down and ensures the proper functioning of your body. It is the easiest self-healing technique. Sit down in a relaxed and calm environment. Dress comfortably. Sit straight. Ensure that the breathing is smooth and deep. Focus your attention on your breathing. Pay attention to the air being inhaled, travelling through your body and then moving up again before being exhaled.
3.   Meditation - Meditation always relaxes and calms your mind.If you are practicing Qigong meditation, be careful to read about it carefully or have a trainer who can guide you through the proper process. Qigong practitioners say that the Walking Meditation is the better than sitting. There is a certain posture and technique of doing itwhich takes time to learn.When you have mastered this technique, try out Walking Meditation and other different techniques to enhance the overall effect.
4. Performing Self Massage - Wrap up your Qigong exercises and meditation with a round of self massage. First, rub your hands together and make your palms warm. Wipe them on your face. Next, rub your palms together again and pat your head from the front to the back. Finally, rub your ears with your warm palms. Then squeeze and rub every inch of your ears. Rub the full length of your ears and finally pull your earlobes. Repeat each process at least three times.
5.   Maintain A Proper Diet - You can achieve the best benefits of Qigong self healing only if you follow these practices with a proper diet. You have to eat food that provides you good qi or energy and also provides you with enough nutrients that your body requires. Avoid oily and fried food. Try to cut down on your intake of poultry and meat. Qigong practitioners say that if you follow a more or less vegetarian diet, you can enjoy the benefits sooner. Consume brewed tea as it is an important part of the ancient Chinese Qigong technique.

The best time to practice Qigong is early in the morning or late at night. Choose a time that suits you best and stick to it.

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