Jun 25, 2013

Baby Saving Tips for Traveling Moms

All mothers have been through them once and many have been through them more than once. Some mother knows who to deal with it while some cannot handle them. It is a trauma for most mothers when they have to take their kids on long flights. Those traumatic screams and the cold passengers are terrible to handle. Yes, we are talking about the baby saving tips which you were waiting to learn from. 

Here we will help you with some tips. These tips might be great for Moms, others might not be that useful but give it a try you never know which one pleases your darling.

Your angle might have an unmet need
A kid is cranky only when his needs are not satisfied. Keep your kids needs your priority. Feed them on time and change their diaper or play with them. Keep cool and things will get better.

You baby needs to feel at home
Your little angle is habituated to his soft cot which you have provided him. Your child might not be comfortable to in the lap when you are travelling long distances. To cope up with it book an extra seat so that you baby can lay in comfort not get crippled in your lap all time. Many parents might opt out of it when it comes to the great expenses. Instead opt for the baby sling as it gives more comfort than the lap. Be careful you might not be allowed to keep the baby sling when taking off or landing.

What to take what to leave?
With the restriction of the weight you can carry onboard it is difficult to decide what you should take for your baby and what to leave out. First and foremost don’t forget your babies nappies, keep a few toys along with some non messy food which you make likes. If you push in little more keep some easy clothes especially when on long flights your child might mess up his/her clothes.

Make use of technology
There is no shame in making use of entertainment to keep your kid calm. When on board carry some nursery rhymes recordings or even some baby movies or baby application to entertain your kid all the time as he/she is not going to sleep the whole time on flight. Light reading and signing to him/her might also prove to be a grand success in some cases.

Inform the airlines before hand
A great baby saving tip is to inform the airlines while booking or boarding that you have a kid with you. They might arrange for you some special seats and also there are times they might help you handling your baby.

Be prepared during taking off and landing
Most babies might get irritated when taking off or landing due to the change in pressure. It avoid it feed your baby as sucking and swallowing will equalize the pressure.
Keep in these little handy tips in mind. Do not panic. Hold on the calm and be safe along with keeping your baby happy and content.

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