Jun 17, 2013

10 Stylish Tech Accessories for Women

What are some of the most stylish tech accessories available or women in 2013? Most tech accessories are now all about protecting your prized smartphone, tablet, or laptop, with designs looking to be as stylish as they are practical. At the same time, though, there are some excellent high and even low tech accessories out there, which include magnetic ear buds, USB hearts, and lipstick keyrings and USB sticks; these, and many more accessories, are worth looking into during 2013.

1 - Smartphone & Tablet Cases

There are a lot of options available for protecting your smartphone and tablet, which can turn a practical item into a great accessory. Some examples include decorative Ted Baker iPad cases, as well as smartphone cases inlaid with everything from crystals to bubbles and graphic designs.

2 - Laptop Cases

A hard wearing laptop case is a must if you travel a lot with your computer. Golla laptop bags are recommended if you want to find a bag that is sturdy enough to avoid damage, while also being colourful and well decorated.

3 - Wooden Earbuds and Magnets

You can combine wooden earbuds with magnetic wires, meaning that you don’t end up with a tangle of wires on your clothes when listening to music; the magnets used for these earbuds’ wires clip onto your clothes, while the buds are made from natural wood to appear more aesthetically pleasing than plastic buds.

4 - Phone Wristlets

If you want to carry your smartphone in style, phone wristlets can be a good option, representing a zip up bag that you can wear around your wrist.

5 - Headphones

A normal pair of headphones can be made more distinctive by opting for different coloured designs and colours; for example, Marc Jacobs offer headphones with a Stripy Lips print on the ear muffs.

6 - High Tech Watches

A high quality watch doesn’t have to be bulky, with some stylish options including Ziiiro Watches, which don’t have hands, but instead use circles that turn to tell the time; other minimalist watch ideas include Phosphor E-INK Curved Leather Bands, which use electronic paper to display the current time.

7 - USB Hearts

You can make your USB stick into something more unusual by finding ones that can be easily fitted and rearranged into different shapes; one idea is a USB that when put together with its case forms a heart.

8 - Lipstick Keyring and USB

A multi functional accessory, the lipstick keyring and USB comes together in one handy package (although you may be a bit limited in your choice of colour).

9 - iPhone Purses
 As well as protective cases, you can also find purses designed for iPhones and other smartphones that double up as mini purses, with mirrors and a money wallet included within a case.

10 - Battery Chargers

Portable battery chargers can be found for different devices, with one option to consider being a PowerBag, which represents a tote with a battery charger built into it.

Author Bio : Lisa Jane loves finding new accessories for her growing collection of tech. She particularly recommends checking out the smartphone and tablet cases available at www.choicestore.co.uk.

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