Jun 4, 2013

Buying Shoes as Gifts for Female Friends

No matter what personality a woman has, there is a high chance she will be crazy about shoes. Therefore, these items will make for the perfect present as long as you take care to purchase the right sort. So that you don’t make a mistake when shopping for shoes for that special female friend, here are a few tips and tricks you can use. With our help, you can then find a pair that she’ll absolutely love.

Think About Style

First, you’ll need to think about her sense of fashion. Whether she prefers something luxurious or casual will then dictate what kind of shoes she enjoys wearing. For example, a classy business woman who attends regular corporate events would be well matched with some designer high heels to show off her wealth and status. On the other hand, an outdoors woman who enjoys hiking will be better suited to a pair of female trekking boots. In either case, the lifestyle they lead should give you a fairly good idea about the types of shoes that they prefer and whether it’s a good idea to buy something formal or casual.

Choose a Type

Next, you’ll need to then pick a type of shoe to be given as a present. Here, you have a number of options available, including:

·         Boots
·         High Heels
·         Flats
·         Sandals
·         Loafers
·         Running Shoes

As you can see, the type will then determine where these shoes can be worn. The material of the shoe is a major factor here. Leather is generally universal, being used in both knee-high boots and walking shoes, while fabric such as suede is reserved more for formal situations.

The trick here is to sneak a look at what your friend has in her wardrobe. If you can spot a preference for a particular style and type, this will give you a good idea of what to shop for next. Alternatively, online fashion for women has now led to the emergence of plenty of clothing websites. If you can browse through some of her favourite web-based shops and view her preferences in this way, you should also get an idea of which types of shoes will be most suitable.

Find Her Size

Lastly, you’ll then need to find the appropriate size. This involves the length and width of her foot, which will have to be measured. If you’re shopping together, trace an outline of her foot on a piece of paper. You can then measure the length from the tip of her big toe to her heel and the width across the widest part of the foot. This should be done for both feet. You can then get the shoe size by taking the largest length measurement. If you’re surprising her with a gift though, you’ll need to measure the shoes she has at home instead. Find the length and width of a few pairs first so you get an average and then use this to gain a good idea about which shoes will be best suited to her feet.

About the Author: Equipped with team of shoe loving experts, GreySiren aims to help women of all ages find their perfect pair of cheap high heels shoes, fashionable stilettos and a lot more.

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