Nov 25, 2022

The Differences in Addiction Between Men and Women

Signs on a gate saying “don't give up,”'you are not alone, and “you matter” as showing support for those addicted to different substances.

Addiction can be an extremely sensitive and personal experience for each individual. That especially holds when it comes to addiction between men and women. Even though they might've shared a co-dependent relationship and gone through the addiction process together, certain aspects affect only women, and others are more likely to affect men. These differences stem from both biological and sociological reasons. Therefore, if you're having difficulty with drug and alcohol usage or someone from your surroundings is, it is essential to know what to expect.

This article shares the info on gender differences in substance use to help you become more informed and might help you find the right treatment program.

Differences in addiction between men and women

Even though countless things can differentiate the effect of drugs on different people, studies haven't included women in the research until the 1990s. As a result, the field has a lot of "catching up" to do when it comes to investigating drug effects in women and treatment options.

Luckily, the experts in addiction treatment behind Bright Futures Treatment Center have come a long way in helping families and individuals who struggle with addiction improve their lives, regardless of gender. They strongly advise if you or your loved one is experiencing these kinds of problems, to reach out sooner rather than later. For example, you could seek help from a loving friend or reach out to a facility or treatment center. Even though this sounds impossible and like a huge step, there are people with expertise who can help you rebuild your life and start fresh.

Sometimes, however, this isn't an easy decision due to numerous factors, like social and cultural aspects. That's why it's vital to get informed so you know when and how to act and help yourself or your loved one in need. So let's now take a closer look at the differences in addiction between men and women regarding different substances.


Again, women are more likely to be prescribed opioids for numerous reasons. The main one is that women experience chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia. Also, females are more prone to reporting pain to men. 

Unfortunately, opioid abuse has become an epidemic in the past decade. The number of opioid addicts has increased even more due to people trying to cope with Covid 19 pandemic. That might've become a problem due to the overprescription of opioids to women. They tend to get prescribed higher doses for more extended periods.

An addict's head and hands lie on a table full of pills and a syringe.
When it comes to opioid addiction between men and women, women tend to struggle more.

Additionally, females frequently struggle with heroin abuse too. One aspect unique to gender is the introduction to the injection of heroin by a sexual partner. More than 50% of women are first injected by their sexual partners. On the other hand, 90% of men get first injected by their friends

Unfortunately, this also shows that women can inject different kinds of drugs due to social pressure from their partners. Therefore, seek help and let experts guide you if this is your case. There are many kinds of addiction treatments and oxycodone rehabs that can help you overcome your addiction.


Even though men use alcohol at higher rates, women tend to experience more damage due to its use. The primary reason women become more addicted to alcohol than men is the lower water percentage in the body. That means they need less alcohol to become intoxicated by it than men do. Also, women cannot metabolize alcohol quickly as the levels of alcohol dehydrogenase are lower in their digestive systems. 

A bottle of whiskey and two glasses representing addiction between men and women.
Men use alcohol more frequently, while women experience more damage due to its use.

Furthermore, the reasons for alcohol abuse are different between the two genders. Women usually drink to lessen negative emotions and stress, especially if living alone, while men typically wish to boost positive emotions

Finally, research shows women are more likely to have other psychiatric disorders that accompany alcohol abuse and are less willing to seek treatment and solutions than men.


Stimulants are also known as drugs that enhance alertness and energy. Some of the most common stimulants are:

  • cocaine,

  • methamphetamine (known as meth),

  • ADHD medical prescriptions, 

  • MDMA, ecstasy, and Molly (stimulants and hallucinogens).

The research suggests that the rate of stimulant abuse is more or less the same for both genders. Also, more than 1.9 million people have reported meth usage during the last year. Another disturbing fact is that many pregnant women have meth addiction. 

Again, women are more prone to stimulant addiction because of different hormones. It's proven that estrogen increases the stimulant effects. As a result, women say they've felt "higher" when using cocaine and experienced faster heart rates than men. On the other hand, men tend to experience reduced blood flow to the frontal brain regions due to cocaine usage.


Also known as ecstasy is a potent hallucinogen and a stimulant. Studies have shown that men experience increased blood pressure, while women experience more intense hallucinations that can lead to depression more frequently.  

Furthermore, ecstasy can lead to severe dehydration. When a dehydrated individual who took MDMA starts drinking water in excessive amounts, their brain cells can start holding onto that water instead of releasing it. Unfortunately, the result can lead to brain swelling and death. 


Also known as cannabis is the most frequently used drug in the USA. In the case of marijuana usage, men are twice more likely to be daily users compared to women. 

On the other hand, women that have a cannabis addiction tend to develop anxiety and mood-related disorders that are in connection with internalized emotions. Men, on the contrary, will have externalizing conditions if addicted to cannabis. They can become inappropriate towards the environment and others found in it. 

Black wallpaper with green letters saying 'recovery'.
If faced with this kind of a problem, it helps to know there's a variety of care and treatment for substance users.

Final words on addiction between men and women

Despite the differences in addiction between men and women, it's essential to be aware that seeking help can save your life or the one of a person you care about who's struggling. Rehab is the first step to leading a more fulfilled and meaningful life. You're not alone.

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Nov 14, 2022

New Trend To Build Everyday Shapewear

Sustainable fashion is what everyone is talking about these days. It is a term that describes clothing that are designed and manufactured in an environmentally friendly way. Buying sustainable fashion can improve the impact on the environment. Besides the oil industry, fashion is the second most polluting industry as factories producing garment often dump pollutants into the waterways, unleashing poisoning water and plastic microfibers to millions of people. It also takes around 500 gallons of water to produce a t-shirt and some 1,800 gallons of water required to make a pair of jeans. The fashion industry worldwide is responsible for 10% of the annual carbon emissions. Fossil fuels are used in the creation of fashion garments and the transportation it involved to reach the consumers.

Therefore, if you want to reduce your carbon footprint by making ethical shopping choices, choose clothing that are made with eco-friendly material to improve sustainability. Garments made from recycled material requires less water to produce and is far kinder to the environment. Of course, when it comes to wholesale shapewear, we can make a difference by choosing shapewear brands that use sustainable fabrics.

Every Day Shapewear That Are Eco-Friendly

Below is a range of new sustainable trend of shapewear that are comfortable and fit all body types. 

Seamless High Waisted Tummy Control Shorts

The high waisted tummy control short is both feminine and comfortable. The double layer abdominal fit design enhances the midsection flattening effect. Made with recycled nylon, this full body shaper features 4-way stretch fabric for easy movement and the double shoulder straps ensure that it will not roll down. The crotch overlapping design makes it easy for bathroom breaks.

Wholesale Eco-friendly🌿 Seamless High-Waisted Tummy Control Short
Available at Waistdear

Everyday Shaping Pants

Do you have a flabby tummy? Then this everyday shaping pant is exactly the solution you are looking for. The flexible, soft, and comfortable eco-friendly pants will tone your legs and keep the stomach in place. The double layer fabric strengthens the abdomen and offers maximal support to accentuate your body curves. The non-slip waistband with drip rubber will prevent it from rolling down.  Pair it with a wholesale sports bra and hit the gym in style. 

Wholesale Eco-friendly🌿 Seamless Everyday Shaping Pants
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Seamless Low Rise Brief

This low rise panty is made from comfortable recycled nylon and feels like second skin. The seamless material makes it comfortable to wear while also gently shaping and tightening-up your stomach, buttocks, and hips. The double layer on the abdomen can strengthen the midsection while the butt lifting design contours the curves naturally.

Wholesale Eco-friendly🌿 Seamless Shaped Low Rise Briefs
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7 Upgrades That Can Raise Your Home Value in Las Vegas

a nice house whit a grey-brown theme

Although a complete remodel may raise your home value, there are other ways to enhance your living space without going into debt or exhausting your savings. Do-it-yourself home repair jobs like painting, re-grouting tiles, and power washing the outside won't break the bank and could significantly increase your home's value.

With little elbow grease, a can-do spirit, and a little cash, you can increase your home's selling price when the time comes to move on. Even if you're not ready to sell, you could benefit from living in a more attractive dwelling. Also, just like buyers are looking for when it is best to buy a home, the same goes for selling. Be sure to determine the best time for selling and buying a home. In the end, you should think about some of these low-cost but high-impact ideas for improving your home in advance.

A new roof is your most powerful tool

In every real estate transaction, a brand-new roof is the most noticeable improvement that potential buyers will see and will raise your home value the most. Your real estate agent will probably inform you that a new roof is appealing to buyers because it eliminates the need for re-roofing. The majority of buyers cannot afford substantial post-purchase expenses like a new roof. To play it safe, they could pass on making an offer on the house with an older roof. Does this mean that putting in a new roof will automatically increase your home's value? 

Roof replacement is necessary when the roof has reached the end of its service life or is leaking, causing a decrease in the value of your home. Though premium shingles are likely to boost the value of your home, this may not be the case. It's tough to say how much a new roof will add to your home's worth. The roof's condition, the current situation of the real estate market, and the tastes of potential buyers are all factors to think about. Also, don’t forget to hire about bird control. Nothing will damage your roof like birds, trust us. So be sure to hire experts to handle this issue since they can help prevent this.

New red tiles on a roof
Be sure to change your tiles; it will make the roof a lot better

How much does it increase the value?

Getting a new roof is a smart financial move, according to the findings of at least one study. An average American household will spend $22,636 on a new medium-grade asphalt shingle roof in 2019, as reported by Remodeling magazine's Cost vs. Value Report. A new roof adds about $15,427 to the value of a home. To put it another way, this is a return of 68% on the initial capital.

Other research, however, has shown that a new roof adds far more to the property's worth. The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) found that roof replacements have an average return on investment of 109 percent.

A new roof is a worthwhile investment, but how can you be sure that you will get back the money you put into it? There are a few things to think about before deciding on a new roof, including the condition of your current roof, the local property market, and your own preferences.

Ceiling fans are a good investment

Considering the cost of electricity these days, it's no surprise that ceiling fans are a popular home improvement. By directing rising warm air downward, ceiling fans reduce the need for air conditioning or heating, resulting in cost savings. A good fan shouldn't cost more than two or three hundred dollars, although even the most basic ones go for around $50. The price of this installation is likely to climb significantly if you need to hire a professional because there is no existing wiring from overhead lighting.

A ceiling fan above egg chairs
A ceiling fans can improve your house value for a low cost

A new hardwood floor can push your home to new heights

In older homes, hardwood floors are typically covered up by carpet. Wood floors can be identified by their distinctive squeak. If you're unsure, lift the carpet in a hidden area and have a look. It is likely that refinishing your wood floors will be necessary to return them to their former splendor, but this will be a considerably more cost-effective option than installing brand-new flooring. If you were wondering, there are also renovation options you can do in the winter. So be sure to take advantage of that time. Most companies are free and don’t have any work in the winter. So that’s when they’ll get work done the fastest.

Upgrade small appliances

Replace the doors and front panels of your appliances directly from the manufacturer if you find that they don't all match. You may avoid spending money on new appliances while also giving your kitchen a more unified look.

Invest in updated, energy-efficient models of commonly used equipment to reduce your impact on the environment and your bills. It's possible that Seattle City Light will pay for your energy costs. Prospective homeowners are looking for ways to cut costs when purchasing a home.

Improve your bathrooms

The report found that homeowners may recoup between 87.7 and 93.5 percent of their money after remodeling a bathroom. In the kitchen, moderation is key. Bring in new furniture, re-paint the walls, and re-grout the tub. To make a bathroom look better, you may replace the mirror and the lighting. This is guaranteed to raise your home value.

Remodel your fireplace

When wood is burned in a brick fireplace, soot and creosote stain the masonry. Improve the aesthetic value of your fireplace as much as possible, as it could be a deciding factor in whether or not a buyer chooses to put in an offer. First, use a damp cloth to remove some of the soot, and then clean the fireplace using a product designed to get rid of creosote. The brick will look fantastic after some rigorous scrubbing and possibly numerous applications. Besides the fireplace, the living room is the most important part of the home. Be sure to remodel and make it look and feel good. Buyers will look at the living room first.

A nice living room with a fireplace and a TV that will raise your home value
A good-looking living room will leave a good first impression and will increase your home value a lot

Get your basement in order

An unfinished basement can be used for storage, but it can't be used for anything else, such as a home office or a place to host guests. HomeAdvisor estimates a return on investment of up to 75% for a basement finishing project of 400 to 1,500 square feet.

Top real estate agents explain that you can add more heated square footage, which will raise your home value. A finished basement can add $40,000 to $50,000 to a home's value. The average cost to finish a basement is $18,400 but can rise to $34,000 depending on the size of the basement. HomeAdvisor states that although this project necessitates the installation of flooring, drywall, and paint, the final result is a "valuable blank canvas" for potential buyers.


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