Aug 11, 2020

Home Improvement Vastu Tips for Living Room Remodelling

According to Vastu Shastra, the important gateway to your house is the living room, through which negative or positive energies enter. Since the living room is located close to the main entrance door, it must be decorated according to Vastu for prosperity and well-being. With the proper living room arrangement during your home improvement project, you can bring in prosperity, wealth, and happiness in your house.

The living room is the part of western architecture, and it is the room in a house for relaxing, sharing moments and togetherness. So, for an increased influx of positivity in your house with joy and success, you must consider the Vastu Tips for Home before arranging and setting up the living room decor. Below is a glimpse of useful Vastu Tips for the living room that you must consider when setting up the living room during your next home improvement project.

Living Room Location

If you are concerned about your family's health and wealth and want to fill the living room with positivity, then choose the northeast, northwest, north or east direction of the house to set up your living room. If other rooms occupy these areas, you may consider other locations like the southwest or southeast direction of the house. These are the best-suited location for living room arrangement as it brings peace and prosperity in a house.      

Entrance Door

The main entrance door is crucial as it attracts the guests' attention and is the place where positivity inflows. Consider the Vastu for Doors and Windows before choosing the right direction for main entrance door construction. East, northeast and north are the directions where main entrance doors must be constructed, and each direction opens the way for success in your house.

Sofa Sets and Lighting in Living Room

A living room seems incomplete when it has no sofa sets. But you can’t arrange the sofa set anywhere across your living room. You need to follow the Vastu tips for the proper arrangements of the sofa in your living room. You are suggested to place the sofa against the east walls or north walls, depending upon space's availability. These are the ideal locations for sofa arrangement as they will never hinder the influx of sunlight from the east direction of the room.

Since living rooms bring positivity and energy into the house, it must be brightened with different light arrangements. If you want to make your guests and members happy and pleased, light up the living room properly. According to Vastu, one must focus on installing large lamps and brighter bulbs in the living room for optimal lighting.
Living Room Accessories

  • Fountain – Most of the modern living room has a water fountain and must be placed in the living hall's east or north direction. You may choose copper, clay, stone or glass water fountain as it helps in attracting positivity in the room.
  • Aquarium – The fish aquarium is another decorative piece that you will find in most modern living rooms today. It gives relaxation and mental peace to watch the colourful fishes, and it enhances the indoor atmosphere. You can place the aquarium anywhere across the living room.
  • Flowers – Vase fill with flowers is the centrepiece of attraction in any living room. But, ensure to place only real flowers and remove all artificial flowers from the room. Real flowers in the living room give positive energy, and artificial flowers bring negativity in the room.        
  • Hanging Painting – Every living room must be equipped with exquisite paintings as it works as a home decor piece that enhances the blank walls. Ensure to choose wall hanging paintings that evoke comedy, happiness and positivity and avoid those that display negative emotions, sadness and darkness.

Wall Paintings

Here you need to be selective as you need to focus on Vastu tips when choosing wall paints for your living room. Make the living room look attractive, beautiful without compromising on Vastu by using green, blue or light yellow colours. Please avoid using colours like black or bright red as they distract the mind and attract negativity.   

These are some Vastu Tips for Home Improvement that you need to keep in mind when decorating and setting up your living room for prosperity, wealth and happiness.  

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