Aug 27, 2020

5 Important Things To Know Before Hiring Event Staff

If you're organising event staffing in Birmingham, we examine the factors to consider in order to get the most from them.

Most businesses don't have the resources - or demand - to maintain their own permanent in-house team of event staff. However, specialist agencies offer flexible staffing for all manner of PR, promotions and events opportunities.

These highly-trained and experienced direct marketing professionals can quickly understand your brand and represent it in front of your target audience, acting as a brand ambassador to gain you vital conversions and exposure.

So what should you know before you take a decision to hire event staff?

1. The details of your event
Before looking to book event staffing in Birmingham or another city in the UK, make sure you have the basics confirmed. This means being able to confirm the date, the venue, your staffing number needs and the roles you are looking for. Are you looking for brand ambassadors to hand out promotional material and giveaways? Or will you need them to go one step further and deliver sales messages directly to potential customers? The more information you can give, and the earlier you can liaise with your agency, the better your results.

2. The target audience
The more you can communicate about your target audience, the easier it is for your event staff to prepare for them in terms of their dress and overall appearance, language and other presentation aspects. Provide a customer persona well in advance along with your brand guidelines.

3. Your brand
Your event staff will need any brand information that you have including key messages, your key sales points, product range and so forth. This will help them to prepare and to do the best possible job on the day. If you expect them to wear branded uniforms, then give clear instructions as to how these will be provided - along with any other guidance before the day. Preparation helps agency event staff to do the best possible job and to represent your brand in the best way.

4. Your objectives for event staffing in Birmingham
Share your event objectives so that the agency staff you use can be measured objectively. Perhaps you are looking to funnel leads towards your in-house sales people? Maybe you want to give away promos or build up a list of contacts? Set targets and measures and assess performance to measure your ROI.

5. Your budget
Be clear on your budget so that your chosen agency can work with you effectively. With a clear view of the budget, an agency can put together an offering of staff and services that make the best possible use of your spend. This will avoid time wasting and ensure that you get the most value from your marketing resource investment. Remember too that an ongoing retainer arrangement can be more cost-effective than one off bookings if you need to use flexible staff on a regular basis.

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