Dec 31, 2010

Sky Watch: Sunny Day on Pangandaran Beach

Perhaps you still remember that a tsunami ever hit the area on 17 July 2006. An undersea earthquake measured at 7.7 Richter scale generated a three meter high tidal wave that caused wide damage. Hundreds were killed including a small number of foreign tourists (source: Wikipedia).

Now, Pangandaran Beach (Ciamis, West Java, Indonesia) is already beautiful again. Since it’s holiday season, you can see lots of visitors there. My husband captured this moment last Wednesday. On the way back home from his home town, my husband and SIL decided to visit Pangandaran Beach. I didn’t go along with them since I’m not in my good health. Arrived at the beach Tuesday night, they spent one night in a hotel and continued the ride the next day, after enjoying short times around the beach.

Dec 30, 2010

Nostalgia : My Father and Mother In Law’s House

Captured Last Sunday (by my husband). The guava tree is still alive and old.
The Guest Room

I don't know when it was captured. Sorry for the blurry pic.

Build in 1928, the house is located in a small city Bumiayu, Central Java, Indonesia. It’s a house that full of story behind it. Actually, it’s a sad story that ends with happiness. The house belongs to two sisters, my MIL and her younger sister. My aunt was died of cancer and then two years later, my MIL passed away.

All of my aunt’s family (her husband and children) live in another town, Jakarta (the capital city of Indonesia). About seven years after my MIL passed away; my aunt’s husband came to the house and insisted to sell the half of the house. He was a rich man that day, so, the selling reason is not for money.

My FIL who were willing to keep and take care of the whole house, felt really sad to see the house was divided into two parts and then the other part was sold to a businessman. This part was becoming a swallow house. Not long after he sold the part of the house, my uncle got sick for a long time until he died several years later.

Thank God, in 2008, my SIL and BIL can buy again the sold part of the house, and then broke down the separating wall inside, united and totally renovated the house as one part. The more good news is the relationship between my SIL, BIL and their cousins are becoming better and closer right now. The bright light is always waiting at the end of the dark tunnel!


Dec 27, 2010

Red Hanging Bridge

This red hanging bridge is located inside Bogor Botanical Gardens (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia). The bridge is very famous, every visitor surely wants to visit and across it. Walking on the hanging bridge will give you different sensation. You’re walking and bouncing at the same time.
Ruby Tuesday

Dec 26, 2010

Are They Wax Begonia Flowers?

I don’t know the correct name of these flowers; but I guess it’s similar with Wax Begonia flowers (I hope you can help me). I found this plant in the park around my neighborhood. I like seeing these small flowers; simple but beautiful.

Today's Flowers

Dec 24, 2010

Sky Watch : Changeable Afternoon Sky

All these sky shots were captured in the same afternoon, a few days ago, while we’re enjoying our afternoon at a caffe at a mall terrace. The sky can change so fast. From the dark sky, then you can see the sun was trying to come out from the thick gray cloud. Look at the soft colors around the appearing white clouds; it’s beautiful, right?

Sky Watch Friday

Dec 22, 2010

Nostalgia: Mother’s Day

Today is Indonesia’s Mother’s day. Different with other countries, Indonesia's Mother's Day has a historical background. Actually, it is the day of the first Indonesian Women Congress from December 22 to 25, 1928. It was attended by 30 feminist organizations from 12 cities in Java and Sumatra.

The day was originally aimed to commemorate the strength of Indonesian women and to improve the condition of the nation. Today, Mother's Day is celebrated by expressing love and gratitude to mothers.

My mother has passed away and I haven’t yet been a mother; but I want to convey appreciation to all mothers in Indonesia. I also want to share a poem that not made by me; but it really can express my feeling right now to my mother.

A Poem for My Mother – Shari M. Blom
I miss you so much, your laugh, your smile, your touch.
You always brightened my days with all the smiles you sent my way.
I need you as my angel to always be at my side.
I need you as my angel to give me peace of mind.
I like to think you are near to me to know that you are there.
Even though I can not see you, I feel that you are near.
Please do not forget me Mom, for you are always in my heart, my thoughts and prayers.
I love you...


Dec 21, 2010

Caffeine and Women’s Fertility

I still drink coffee; but not every day now. I drink only one cup of coffee, most often in the morning. How often and how much coffee do you drink per day?

I guess you have known that there’s much debate about the health effects of caffeine, particularly in coffee. Caffeine is a stimulant. For healthy adults, drinking coffee can make you feel more alert, less sleepy and momentarily increase metabolism. Because it’s a stimulant, the effect of caffeine is comedown in a few hours after intake.

For women, it’s wiser to avoid excess caffeine consumption. So, one cups of coffee in one day is enough for me. When it comes to women’s fertility; the results of the researches about caffeine’s effects on fertility are still debatable.

But there’s a recent study found that the risk of miscarriage doubled with the consumption of 2 or more cups of coffee per day, and other studies have related high caffeine consumption with reduced fertility. Some studies also found that high caffeine intake by pregnant women correlates with low birth weight. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that pregnant women and breastfeeding moms consume no more than 1 cups of coffee per day. Since fertility is my most concern nowadays, I should obey this.

In 1990, three studies mentioned that breast cancer risk is not improved by caffeine. More studies in the 1990s also concluded that ovarian cancer risk does not increase in caffeine users. Caffeine is also not discovered in the expansion of osteoporosis.

Bad effects only occur if you have excessive caffeine consumption, so, be wise!
Ruby Tuesday

Data source: several sites in google

Dec 19, 2010

Flowers of Jamaican Cherry Tree

This tree has many names. Indonesian people call it kersen, ceri or talok. Some other names: kerukup siam (Malaysia), datiles, aratiles or manzanitas (Philippine), capulin blanco, cacaniqua, nigua, or niguito (Spain), Jamaican Cherry, Panama Berry or Singapore Cherry (England).

Have your ever tasted its sweet, juicy and full of tiny seeds fruits? This tree is located in the front of my left side neighbor’s house. The fruits aren’t red yet, I still have to wait more.

The flowers are small, white and last only one day. Its petals are falling in the afternoon. I read that the flowers can be used as an antiseptic and a medicine for headache and cold.

Today's Flowers

BT Office Furniture: Best Source for Your Home Office Furniture

Are you in quest of quality home office furniture but you are on a limited budget? BT Office Furniture can give you solution, as they also provide the large selection of economy office furniture. If you’re interested to work from home, you will need your own work space at home.

Your work space should be equipped with office furniture, such as desk, chair, table and cabinet. You may change the corner of your bedroom into your home office, as the aim is creating a different area in your house. To achieve highest productivity, you must feel comfortable in your home office. That’s why you should make a plan and decide what you need first.

Since you have tight budget, it’s much recommended to shop economy office furniture at online store such as BT Office Furniture that offers quality office furniture at discount up to 50% off. You don’t need to search for second hand office furniture since you can get new stuffs in affordable prices!

You should pay attention more on choosing your work chair. Make sure the chair is designed for heavier people, ergonomically built and adjustable one. The right chair will make you sit comfortably and support your back well. Select the desk that has drawers for your storage, enough top space that allows you to work efficiently and enough room below for your legs.

You may add other office furniture to your home office; it depends on your needs and the kind of your work. If you need more concentration and productive, consider to create your work space that separates with your home.

Dec 17, 2010

Sky Watch: Tree Silhouettes

The silhouette of these lining trees are attracted my attention a lot. I don’t know what kind of the tree is; I really like its shape! The picture was captured from a moving car, while we’re on the Cipularang highway, on the way to Bandung (West Java, Indonesia).

Dec 16, 2010

One Month on the Side of Indonesia’s Longest River

To achieve scholar degree, college students must complete all tasks. One of the tasks is submitting the final writing assignment. I was lucky, as one friend of mine also invited me to do the study at her father’s firm. Not at the head office; but at the cold storage firm in Kutai, East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

So, in June 1994, three of us left for East Kalimantan. My topic was a case study about the impact of the shrimp cold storage firm’s operation on the income of shrimp catchers. I must analyze whether the interdependency that links them is giving advantages for each other or just exploiting the shrimp catchers that have weaker bargaining position.

The office and the cold storage unit are located in Sei Mariam village, on the side of the Mahakam River. The cold storage has its own pier. The Mahakam River isn’t only the longest river in Indonesia; but the river also deep enough for ships from Japan to anchor at the pier and then bring the frozen shrimps back to Japan.

It was only one month, but it became one of my unforgettable experiences. We stayed in a beautiful guest house and all people were so helpful. I met no trouble at all while collecting all data (primary and secondary) that I needed. One more thing, I can eat delicious shrimps, every day…


Dec 13, 2010

Don’t be a Victim of Cyberstalking!

The idea of cyberstalking scares me. Who doesn’t? So, how to protect ourselves from becoming victims of cyberstalkers? I’ve compiled from several sources; here are the tips:

1. Never expose your home address.This rule is especially important for women who are business professionals and very noticeable. You can use your work address or a rent a private mailbox.

2. Use password to protect all accounts including cell phones, land lines, e-mails, banking and credit cards with a secure password that would be difficult for anyone to guess. Change it every year/periodically. Your secret questions should not be easily answered either.

3. Conduct an internet search using your name and phone number.
Be sure that there is nothing out there that you are not aware of. A cyberstalker may have created a craigslist account, web page or blog about you.

4. Be distrustful of any incoming emails, telephone calls or texts that ask you for your identifying information.Most of my spam emails asks my personal information!
The "Caller ID Spoof" can imitate your bank's caller ID. It is very easy for a cyberstalker posing as a banking representative, utility, credit card representative or your cell phone provider to acquire your personal private information.
If you are doubtful- hang up the phone and call the institution straightly to be sure that you were not a target of a cyberstalker.

5. Never give away your Social Security Number unless you are absolutely sure of who is asking for it and why. With your "social" as they call it in the business, a cyberstalker now has access to every part of your life.

6. Apply stat counters or other free registry counters that will record all incoming traffic to your blogs.With a stat counter you can discover who is viewing your site or blog easily because the registry records the IP address, date, time, city, state and internet service provider. It is helpful for marketing and it also provides a very valuable safeguard in the event that your web site or blog is targeted.

7. Check your credit report status regularly, especially if you're a business professional. You can request a free copy of your credit once a year directly from the credit bureaus.

8. If you face broken relationships and leave your partner or spouse and in fact, they are abusive, troubled, angry or difficultrearrange every single password on all of your accounts to something they cannot guess.It is also a good idea to get a new cell phone number and credit card that the ex doesn't know about. Make these changes before you leave if you can.

9. If you come across something suspicious – a weird phone call or an emptied account that can't be explained by your bank – it could be a cyberstalker so act accordingly. Change all your accounts, and ideally change banks. Check your credit report. If you have more than one or two "strange" incidents per month, it's probable that you are a target.

10. If you think you're a target, have your computer checked by a professional. If you are already experiencing cyberstalking incidents, your computer may already be infected. Check your computer for spyware and other viruses!

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For Handling Your Storage Needs

I think every one will need storage space, whether it’s for personal, family or business purpose. It can become problems if there isn’t any space left at their residences and business places to store their stuffs. Have you noticed that there is increasing amount of people that use rented self storage units nowadays?

Many households also rent self storage unit to keep their items in short term. For example of temporarily storage, you can use self storage unit to store your stuffs during moving out, transfers and renovation; to decrease excessive items at your home, and to keep seasonal items that will be required in a while.
Where ever you face storage problem, getting storage service at Allstate Self Storage can be your finest way out. They already have 13 branches in 4 states; each branch, such as
Las Vegas Self Storage in Nevada will provide you with safe and secure storage service, and it’s offered in affordable prices. Moreover, they already run storage business for 35 years. This long experience will ensure you about their reliability and capability to handle your storage needs.

Besides Nevada, the people in Arizona, Indiana, and Minnesota can already rent and get storage service at nearby Allstate Self Storage branch. If you are one of Arizona residents, you can rent self storage unit at
Cave Creek Self Storage or Tempe Self Storage. Visit the website and contact them whenever you need their help!

Dec 11, 2010

Scarlet Dwarf Canna Lily

Canna Lily flowers is very common here. I can see lots of Canna Lily plants on the side of the street, like these ones. In countries with four seasons, they will bloom in summer. Canna Lily prefers a full sun position and it’s also suitable for pots. My mother loves red flowers; she had ever planted this flower in our front yard.

Best Women Shopping Center for You

Fashion is always becoming one of women’s most interests. Many women are fascinated to always catch up with the latest women’s fashion trends. But with the current hard economic condition, most women prefer to shop their needs in savvy way. Thanks for the internet technology that allows you not only to do online shopping, but also to get benefits while shopping.

Ladies, if you want to be a savvy and smart online shopper, is the right place for you. I recommend as it’s the best and biggest online shopping website. If you browse this online shopping center, you’ll get anything that you search for. Let’s say that you are looking for
women’s tops at The site will help you to choose your favorite blouses as it gives information and picture on every product.

Shopping women’s clothes at will give you many advantages. It provides you with various quality products in affordable prices, information about latest fashion trends and also fashion guides for every season. It’s really great, right? If you still don’t know how to look good during this winter season, you must check out their women’s winter style guide.
I’m myself really attracted with their women’s plus-sized clothing collection, as it most suits with my recent body shape. I’m so sure that you’ll also love their beautiful and elegant collection like I do. If you are bored with your present workout clothes, don’t forget to browse their women’s workout apparel collection. There’s no doubt, is the best source of women’s clothing and anything about latest fashion information. So, ladies, what are you waiting for?

Dec 10, 2010

Misty Hill

When you’re looking at misty hill, what do you have in mind? It feels cold and wet, and the white cover gives mysterious impression. This hill is located in Kaligua (Bumiayu, Indonesia) and I captured it from a moving car.

My entry for
Sky Watch Friday.

For Chatting Lovers

Are you an online chatting lover? If you are including one of them, have you ever tried random chat before? For your information, random chat is a new trend for online chatting. It begun in mid 2009 and until now, there are several offered new services such as webcams.

Actually, I don’t know much about random chat. I was informed by my teenager niece. She is a big fan of online chatting. Every weekend, she can chat for hours. On my last conversation, I asked her how she can develop her English ability, as I’m amazed with the fast progress of her English learning.

My niece said that joining a random chat website can help improving her English. There are already lots of random chat websites available in internet, but her favorite is If you like to chat, meet new friends and
talk to strangers around the world about any interesting topic that you like, you should try random chat!

Many young people like my niece love to meet and make new friends that come from different countries. She said that sharing story and opinion with new friends can be so much fun as she feels free to convey her thought. I think as long as the online random chat is used for good aims, it can become one positive and fun way to spend times.

Dec 8, 2010

What Every Single Woman Should Have and Know…

Single female friends, check out this list. I’ve added my own thoughts into the list; let me know if you also want to add your opinion here.
A Woman Should Have :
  • Capability that she is proud of…
  • Positive thinking, inner beauty, a feeling of love herself and high self esteem…
  • Enough funds within her control. She can use it for any emergency situation...
  • Something perfect to wear if there’s a special occasion in an hour ahead...
  • A youth she's pleased to leave behind...
  • A valuable enough past times that she's looking forward to retelling it in her old age....
  • A set of screwdrivers, a cordless tool, and any other women-friendly equipment ...
  • One friend who always makes her laugh and one who lets her cry...
  • A matching dining set and best recipe for a meal that will make her guests feel honoured...
  • Positive thinking, a feeling of love herself and high self esteem
Every Woman Should Know :
  • How to behave properly in any different situation
  • How to treat others with respect and assertively
  • How to say ‘no’ elegantly
  • How to beautify her appearance
  • How to fall in love without losing herself
  • How to quit a job, break up with your boy friend, and confront a friend without ruining the friendship...
  • When to try harder... and WHEN TO WALK AWAY...
  • That she can't change things like the length of her calves, the width of her hips, or the nature of her parents...
  • That her childhood may not have been perfect...but it’s over...
  • What she would and wouldn't do for love or more...
  • How to live alone... even if she doesn't like it...
  • Whom she can trust, whom she can't, and why she shouldn't take it personally...
  • Where to go, when her soul needs comforting...
  • What she can and can't accomplish in a day...a month...and a year.
  • How to recover from every failure…
  • How to value things without any prejudice…

Dec 7, 2010

More Red Stuffs in a Temporary Market

I still have several captured red stuffs that I want to share here from a temporary market at Sempur field.
Things that I love from a temporary market: free entry, very wide choices, colorful stuffs, very cheap prices, lots of people!

Ruby Tuesday

Dec 4, 2010

Flying Dandelion Seeds

If you catch a flying dandelion seed, you can make a wish~ Anita Sanchez.
Have you known that Dandelion isn’t just unwanted weed in your lovely garden? This plant actually has many advantages, such as for medicine and nutritious food.

If you’re interested to know more about the real facts of dandelion, you may read this article
Ten Things You Might Not Know About Dandelions by Anita Sanchez, the author of The Teeth of the Lion – The Story of the Beloved and Despised Dandelion.Today's Flowers

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