Dec 10, 2010

For Chatting Lovers

Are you an online chatting lover? If you are including one of them, have you ever tried random chat before? For your information, random chat is a new trend for online chatting. It begun in mid 2009 and until now, there are several offered new services such as webcams.

Actually, I don’t know much about random chat. I was informed by my teenager niece. She is a big fan of online chatting. Every weekend, she can chat for hours. On my last conversation, I asked her how she can develop her English ability, as I’m amazed with the fast progress of her English learning.

My niece said that joining a random chat website can help improving her English. There are already lots of random chat websites available in internet, but her favorite is If you like to chat, meet new friends and
talk to strangers around the world about any interesting topic that you like, you should try random chat!

Many young people like my niece love to meet and make new friends that come from different countries. She said that sharing story and opinion with new friends can be so much fun as she feels free to convey her thought. I think as long as the online random chat is used for good aims, it can become one positive and fun way to spend times.

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