Dec 2, 2010

Nostalgia : Collection Park

Me and my big curly hair (left). There wasn't popular yet rebonding and smoothing, hehehe. We were sitting on our favorite spot in the park.
Captured one week agoThe new thing : the IPB Cafe

I don’t know why the park is called Taman Koleksi (Collection Park). Actually, this park is a front yard of my college, Bogor Agricultural University. This park is one of favorite places for most students, including me and my friends.

There are several benches and tables. It’s a nice place to sit and rest, chat with friends, read books, or any other activity that we like to do.

Nowadays, Collection Park has become a public open space. Compared with my college times, the park condition is very different. It’s now open for every one, since the mall and convention centre are built beside the university. There is one entrance from the mall to the park. You can also find a café and some game stuff for children. The park is still a nice place to spend times pleasantly. I also recommend the IPB café, it’s cozy enough to enjoy your coffee and tea!


11 komentar:

sibutiz December 02, 2010  

keren banget tamanya mbak...

Verna Luga December 02, 2010  

it didn't change that much... memories are still there... nice one Lina..

Nostalgia here

Unknown December 02, 2010  

i cringe when i see my hairdo back in college.:p
i'm sure you had happy memories in this park with your friends.

Clarissa December 02, 2010  

same here,we have the same hairdo--I am thankful na meron ng rebonding ngayon!

Chubskulit Rose December 02, 2010  

I actually love your curly hair hehehe.

Sorry for the late visit, I am just so busy around here..

Mel_Cole December 03, 2010  

Oh I like the big tree in the middle of those benches. Such a lovely place. :)

David December 03, 2010  

That big tree is beautiful!

Lulu December 03, 2010  

i alway wanted a curly hair! straight kasi buhok ko

Unknown December 03, 2010  

at least the place is still there, instead of buildings....

thanks for the warm message, lina.

Dhemz December 06, 2010  

I haven't seen you on your curly hair...thanks for sharing memories!

Anonymous February 03, 2011  

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