Dec 26, 2010

Are They Wax Begonia Flowers?

I don’t know the correct name of these flowers; but I guess it’s similar with Wax Begonia flowers (I hope you can help me). I found this plant in the park around my neighborhood. I like seeing these small flowers; simple but beautiful.

Today's Flowers

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Muhammad khabbab December 26, 2010  

Not sure which one it is but is very beautiful flower.

Lui December 26, 2010  

I'm sorry but I'm pretty clueless myself. But I agree, it is so beautiful!

Anonymous December 26, 2010  

They do look like wax begonias. Great capture!

Wish you a wonderful 2011!

Unknown December 26, 2010  

they're very pretty, Lina. sorry, i have no idea what this flower is called.

thanks for droppin' by. wishing you a fabulous New Year!

Quilt Works December 27, 2010  

I don't know what they - but so pretty and delicate!
Wonderful to see your beautiful flower on this snowy day!
Makes me feel warm and not worry that much about the over a foot of snow we are expecting!

English tips December 27, 2010  

Scientific Name Begonia semperflorens. Common Name Wax begonia you are right Lina. Desire a wonderful Monday and of course I want to desire for you, your family and your readers a HAPPY NEW YEAR, peace, love and success for you. Visit me back friends

Jama December 27, 2010  

They are so lovely!

eden December 27, 2010  

Such beautiful blooms. I love all your photos. Great shots. Wonderfully captured.

Dhemz December 27, 2010  

am not sure....those are gorgeous....we have one just like that but it is in pink color...:) awesome shots Lina!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) December 27, 2010  

Simple but beautiful is a great way to describe these flowers. I'd add 'elegant".

Goyang Karawang December 27, 2010  

tali kasih yang tulus antara serangga dan bunga.. sebuah nilai kehidupan yang mesti dipelajari dengan seksama oleh manuksia :)

Anonymous December 27, 2010  

Lovely pictures of pretty Wax begonias!!
Happy New Year!!

Unknown December 27, 2010  

suka liatnya
boleh request photo gak mbak?

Míriam Luiza December 28, 2010  

Parecam mesmo begônias! O im portante é que são lindas! Feliz ano novo!

English tips December 30, 2010  

I desire for you, your family and readers a wonderful Happy New year, peace, love and success, God bless you, everyone, I really appreciate your comment there.

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