Mar 30, 2012

Sky Watch: a Small Part of Rainbow

Is it a rainbow? I was questioning when the first time I saw it. The visible rainbow was just about one-eighth part of a full rainbow. Sorry for not sharing a good quality picture. I captured it from a moving car and I didn’t have another chance to take other shots.

When You Need Help of an Arizona Alimony Lawyer

When you say the marriage vows, there’s nothing else in your mind except a happy marriage life. But in reality, life can go to a different direction than we want to happen. Marriage has its ups and downs –of course- but this situation may get worse and lead to a divorce decision. You can’t maintain your marriage anymore. It’s a sad fact, but you should be ready to face it. A divorce is definitely a huge life change, but it can be a chance for you to create a new happier life.

Unfortunately, a divorce may take you to other possible troubles, such as child custody and alimony. Therefore you require the professional help of a lawyer who comprehends well the divorce laws in your area. The lawyer will support you in dealing with every legal aspect of divorce.

According to your current financial condition, you want to propose an alimony case. If you haven’t been familiar with the term, alimony is a court-ordered support that paid by one spouse to another after they divorced. In Arizona, alimony is also called spousal maintenance. Since you live in Arizona, you can hire the highly experienced Arizona Alimony Lawyer to resolve any alimony problem.

For your information, you can receive spousal maintenance only if you meet at least one of the requirements of the Arizona Revised Statutes 25-319. Then the Court will make decisions about the amount of fund per month and length of time for alimony payment based on several factors, such as your age, the length of your marriage, the financial sources of you and ex husband and some other important factors.

When it comes to choose an Arizona alimony lawyer, you can rely on the credibility and the capability of the lawyers at Hildebrand Arizona Law Firm as they have practiced the Family law since 1994. Ladies, visit first to get more information about their expertise. Only proficient Arizona alimony lawyer who can really help you to reach better future life!

Mar 28, 2012

To Stand Out from the Crowd

I believe that fashion always becomes one of women’s most interests. Many women love to search for fashion items –especially clothes- that will allow them to feel special, unique and confidence. My neighbor, Hana, is just one member of the fashion fan group. Last Sunday she dropped by my home and told me about her dress quest. She and her husband will attend an important party at the house of the owner’s company where her husband works. She desires to look impressive in front of her husband, her husband’s employer and colleagues. It seemed not an easy search at all.

My friend loves to see Bollywood movies; it’s no wonder that she’s interested in Indian fashion dresses like kurtis and salwar kameez. She said that she wanted to have an Indian touched dress, but in more luxurious way. I was glad that I can help; I introduced her to Nat Non label. Developed by a today’s famous female Indian fashion designer, the collection of Nat Non will surely amaze every woman with special fondness.

Every design is coalesced with and inspired by vintage style and nature characters. You can see that any added detail and element on a dress really enhances its feminine appeal. My friend has chosen one dress. I’m sure the dress will give her the look that she always wants – charismatic and graceful. Being known that the label’s company has conducted some environment care activities regularly made my friend more assured with her choice. She’s an environment lover as well.

Eat Healthy to Shape Up Your Body

In today’s busy and hectic life we often do not find any time to exercise and keep on putting unnecessary weight that can create a lot of health problems for us later in life. Therefore it becomes important to maintain a good weight as the first step towards health care. But how can you do that without investing a lot of time that it demands and we lack? Well, it is not that difficult if we include small routines and habits in our everyday schedule.

How Fasting Can Be Used As a Tool to Shed WeightFasting is known for years as a quick and easy way to lose weight without taking any extra time out of your daily routine. You do not need to do any exercise and the results are quiet fast and easy to achieve. However fasting which includes avoiding food completely for a day is not that advisable, as it can lead to other health issues, restricting your food intake to a single food group can be a good idea. Switching to healthier food items such as juice of fruits and smashed vegetables in place of the regular bread and grains intake can help you lose weight without feeling any discomfort.

Among the women fasting is a very popular method used to lose weight. But before going for it, knowing the right way to do it is important. You have to be cautious enough to take up fasting in a healthy direction in order to achieve a healthy weight. Fasting for weight loss is definitely an effective way to reduce weight.

Methods of fastingThere are various methods of fasting that are used to lose weight, such as restricting all foods and only drinking certain liquids, restricting some food groups for a period of time, and restricting foods on alternate days. This method can be used in a versatile way as you could simply cut your fast short if you had other plans, or an emergency popped up. If not followed in a sensible and proper manner fasting as a method to lose weight can be a little harmful for your body. There for you should acquire as much information and guidance as you can to benefit from it.

To observe fast in the right manner that will help you lose weight and improve your health at the same time, you should make a detailed plan that lists your fasting schedule and the food group that you will be eating from. This will make it easier for you to manage a healthy diet and weight target. On few days you can take only a liquid diet which may include soups, juices and a lot of water. On other days you can have fruits and vegetables only and avoid grains and dairy products completely. This method of restricted diet intake will not only help you lose weight but also cleanse and refresh your body.

The best way to lose weight is to eat the right and healthy food. And if you compliment this with some regular exercise it will definitely speed up the weight loss process. Eating healthy gives you that extra energy you need to take on the day with zest.

Mar 27, 2012

Wooden Japanese Dolls

Happy Tuesday to all! We still have other Japanese home decoration items here. These wooden girls have been with us for years. I put them inside a glass cabinet. Don't worry, they can get along each other.

If you ask my opinion, I prefer traditional dolls -like these- to barbie kinds. Your daughter won't be obsessed with their body shapes. Don't you know that barbie dolls can make a little girl obsessed with their unreachable body curves?

10 Ways to Spend your Pay in Style

Payday is the greatest day of the week. Finally there is cash in your pocket, the world looks sunny and you can spend some money. There are many options for the newly paid, but paying off bills, cash loans or payday loans is a priority. However, after that is done, the fun can begin and your hard earned cash can be spent in style. Here are some suggestions to help get you started:

1. Treat yourself

Buying that item that has been staring at you from the window of your favourite shop, is the best way to spend your pay. After all, you worked hard for that money, you deserve a treat. Buying yourself a present makes work worthwhile.

2. Buy a friend a present
Everybody has a friend who has been there when they needed them. So repaying that friendship with a small gift of appreciation is a generous gesture.

3. Buy a quality meal 
Going to a restaurant for good food and wine is an ideal way to spend your pay. Tasty food in a convivial atmosphere is a wonderful experience. Even better, there is no dishwashing or cleaning to do after the meal is finished!

4. Have a night out
Spending a night with friends is a good way to relax and an opportunity to try new experiences and even a great way to meet new people.

5. Take a short break
Spending your pay on a short holiday is an ideal way to get value for money. Sometimes the city is too restrictive, so a weekend holiday to the countryside can restore your health and peace of mind. A short trip to a place like Bowral or Katoomba can do wonders for your outlook on life.

6. Pay off your debts
It may not be stylish, but paying your cash loans or payday loans is classy nd decent. It will also allow you to spend more on the next payday. Bonus!

7. Buy a pet 
A pet is a big responsibility but buying an animal is also a rewarding way to spend some of your payday cash. A small animal such as a bird or fish can make a great companion to have in your home, especially if you live by yourself.

8. Buy an e reader 
E readers are cheap and also provide long term entertainment. If you like to read, investing in this modern reading method will give you access to a countless numbers of books at prices cheaper than a bookstore. It will also allow you to carry more than one book at a time.

9. Have a beauty treatment
Invest your money in pampering yourself. Buy a beauty treatment or a manicure or pedicure. It is an inexpensive way to improve your health and relax.

10. Buy a membership 
Invest in your health and fitness or education, buy a membership to a gym, class or club. Going to a gym increases your fitness and physical health and is a good long term investment. A class can provide education that can help you make more money, whilst a club can improve your social life.

There are many stylish ways to spend your pay. Just make sure you enjoy it, and cover all of the necessities before going out on that shopping spree!


Mar 25, 2012

Unique Activities for a Hen’s Day

Getting together with the girls was never so much fun, especially when leading up to the special day. But it’s about more than just high teas, massages and male strippers, right? If you’ve got your own Hen’s Party coming up or if you’re trying to plan one for your best friend, why not try a Perfume Workshop, Floral Arranging Class, Cocktail Making Class, Belly Dancing or even Stand-Up Paddle Boarding?!

Perfume Workshop
Fancy your own
Calvin Klein perfume that’s named after you? There’s nothing like getting to create your own scent that’s customised to you! Perfume workshops are fun classes usually completed in small groups, which take you through the process of creating your own, signature perfume. You’ll experience everything from choosing a theme, to sampling and selecting top, heart and base notes and mixing the oils. And at the end of the workshop you’ll have a bottle of your very own perfume to take home!

Floral Arrangement
Flowers are all part of that special day and it can be a wonderfully creative experience to work with flowers first hand before you get bogged down with all the floral plans for the wedding. Floral Arrangement workshops range from novice to advanced levels (for serious florists) so make sure you choose a class that’s geared towards having fun within the group. And if one of your friends is actually quite good at it, you might even consider getting them to put together your bouquets on the day! Flower arranging can be either a lovely introduction or follow-up to a high tea.

Cocktail Making Class
Shake it up girls! If you’ve ever wanted to know how to make a Funky Monkey, Pina Colada or a Sex on the Beach, a cocktail class is a great way to learn and enjoy a few drinks! You’ll discover everything from choosing the right ingredients (both alcoholic and non) to learning how to throw a drink together and how to garnish, pour, serve. A great way to have some fun, get a little messy and enjoy your favourite cocktails! A great warm-up for a night out on the town.

Belly Dancing
Plunk yourself into the heart of the Arabian nights with a belly dancing class for you and the girls! Most belly dancing workshops are designed to be fun – and they will usually provide you with outfits and costumes so you can get dressed up. Belly dancing can be great exercise to prepare you for lunch or dinner, but don’t do it straight after a meal. When looking, make sure you find one that’s focused on hen’s parties, as they’ll usually give you (or at least the hen) a take home gift. Now swivel those hips, snake those arms and work your seductive charm!

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding
For those who are up for a little more adventure or just perhaps something more refreshing, stand-up paddle boarding is a fun way to discover the ocean and get outdoors! It’s just like surfing except less intense – you stand on the surf board and paddle your way over the waves, giving you a chance to enjoy the scenery. It’s a good idea if you want to have a relaxing girls’ day at the beach and soak up some sun. Just make sure you take lots of sunscreen and umbrellas!

No keepsakes to take home here, though, except for lots of great (and funny) photos.

Mar 23, 2012

Must-Have Beauty Treatments for 2012

Whether you are looking for a special treat or your body needs rejuvenating, there are many treatments and techniques designed to relax and restore your body. What you choose is only limited by your time and budget – just one beauty treatment can make you feel like a new person. Here is a quick guide to the must-have beauty treatments for 2012 that are sure to give you a new glow, both inside and out.

Hair Removal
Get rid of unwanted hair quickly and with a minimum of fuss by using a laser hair removal system or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technique. For a painless and long-lasting result – even permanent hair removal – laser treatment can target all areas of the body for a super-smooth result. IPL also gets great results and actually targets the individual hair follicles for permanent removal. This means no more painful waxing or shaving that only lasts for a short time. Make sure you use an expert who has experience in the best equipment, such as
Palomar for IPL and Candela for laser treatment.

Hot Stone Massage 

For the ultimate in deep relaxation, a hot stone massage is just the ticket. Using a combination of stones, heat and essential oils, a massage of this type is perfect for complete relaxation of your muscles. It is far more effective than a hand massage and the feeling of the heat as it glides across your back is just heaven.


This type of exfoliation is highly beneficial because it is tailored specifically for your skin type. It provides a “deep clean” and gives your skin a softer, silkier look and feel. It is also highly effective at removing stubborn blackheads. It is a pain-free way to restore your skin’s natural glow.

Spray Tan 

There is no need to put your health at risk in search of the ideal tan. A spray tan will help you glow without the risk of damaging your skin in the sun’s harmful UV rays or in a sun bed. There are many types of tans on offer, but the best are the ones matched to your skin type and tone by an expert. There are even tanning techniques that allow you to shower soon after without your new “bronzed” look washing away.

Ultimate Pedicure 

There is nothing worse than having a great pair of shoes or sandals, only to have your tired feet ruin the look. An indulgent pedicure that gets rid of dead skin, restores a silky smooth look and even incorporates a massage is the ultimate foot treatment.

Dermalogica Facial 

Forget about your basic facial – for the best result, go for Dermalogica facial that is tailored specifically for your skin type. It is highly effective if you suffer from dry or dehydrated skin and will give you a stunningly smooth and natural look. A Dermalogica facial will also leave your skin hydrated and cleaner.

Body Wrap
Give your whole body the special treatment with a body wrap designed to relax and rejuvenate. Using essential oils and massage, a body wrap can purge the body of toxins and leave the skin silky smooth and glowing. Look for a body wrap that also pays attention to the feet and face and uses a variety of different techniques to really spoil you.


To Achieve Better Self Image

Ladies, do you feel that your self confidence goes together with looking your best? Lots of women around the world agree with this statement. To acquire such self-belief and personal happiness on their best appearance, some women are willing to go through any plastic surgery procedure. Have you noticed that there’s an increase in the amount of women who choose rhinoplasty los angeles –nose surgery- to improve their face look and self-worth. A successful nose reshaping can give a great positive effect to a woman who previously felt very annoyed with her own nose shape.

If you ask a woman what area of her body that she wants to change most; I believe that she will say one or more parts of her body; whether her nose, eyes, tummy or her breast. Since I have a fatty belly, I want to flatten my tummy! Anyway, whatever sort of makeover that you desire, there are some issues that need your deep consideration.

Every plastic surgery like tummy tuck beverly hills needs a competent cosmetic surgeons. Always talks to the cosmetic surgeons before making any decision. If their directions are in opposition to your wants, don’t force it. Taking a plastic surgery isn’t as simple as getting a new hairstyle at salons. You don’t need to rush. This kind of procedure isn’t a treatment that suits every woman. You should ensure first that there won’t be any possible medical risk that may happen to your health.

If you want a satisfying result on your breast augmentation beverly hills, you have to ready spending a great deal of money. Any mistake and unsuccessful breast enhancement procedure will only cost you extremely pricey to fix it. That’s why you must choose only reputable cosmetic doctors in your area!

Nose surgery, tummy tuck and breast enhancement aren’t minor issues, ladies. Don’t even think taking any form of cosmetic surgery as your new hobby. A woman who conducts cosmetic surgeries very often is a woman who needs help from a psychiatrist. They are your own tummy, breasts and nose. Respect your valuable body parts by making an informed decision!

5 Tips to Teach Adults

Adult learners have different needs than school students. Many study business courses for work reasons and bring life and employment experience into the classroom. Others study to improve their abilities in technology, for example learning operating systems such as Windows 8. Special strategies are required to effectively teach adult students. These can be expanded upon in a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment course.

Some tips to teach adult students are;
· Set clear aims for each lesson
· Make classes relevant to students’ experience
· Vary teaching styles
· Encourage positive communication
· Be a facilitator rather than a traditional teacher.

1. Set Clear Aims for Each Lesson
All students need to know the aims of each lesson. However, for adult learners the need is greater. Adult learners attend after hours classes by choice. Their time is precious. Therefore, providing clear goals for each lesson will motivate them and make each class relevant. This improves the confidence of adult students.

2. Make Lessons Relevant to Experience.
Adult learners bring life and work experience to the classroom, particularly those studying business courses. In order to teach them concepts adequately, it is useful to draw upon these experiences. For example, a teacher may use real life work examples to illustrate the effectiveness of Windows 8. Using real life examples draws upon the student’s existing knowledge, making the lesson relevant. It creates interest and makes new concepts easier to understand.

3. Vary Teaching Styles.
All teachers should have knowledge of the various teaching styles. Learners tend to favour visual, oral or kinaesthetic learning methods. Visual learners remember information if it is presented in images or in books. Oral learners prefer spoken instruction, whilst kinaesthetic learners prefer a hands-on approach. A versatile teacher will be able to incorporate all these methods of learning into a class. One way to do this is to use interactive learning methods, such as pair and group work, and to present material both visually and orally. This satisfies the needs of all learners in the classroom.

4. Encourage Positive Communication
Many adults will be returning to a classroom after a long period of absence. This produces barriers to learning. Some will be scared to ask questions or to interact with other students. It is important to overcome these barriers when teaching adult students. Positive reinforcement will give students confidence to ask questions. Even if answers are incorrect, it is important to give an encouraging response.

Group activity can enhance communication between students. Including group activities will promote a friendly and collaborative feeling in the classroom. Group and pair work draws upon each student’s experience and makes each feel a valued contributor to the learning process.

5. Facilitate Rather Than Use Traditional Teaching Methods.
Teaching adults using traditional teaching methods will alienate many students. Traditional methods of teaching encourage a view of the teacher as superior to the student. This does not encourage adult students, some of whom may be older than the teacher.

Acting as a facilitator to learning, asking open ended questions, for example, will produce a positive learning environment. If the teacher shows that they value the learner’s experience, it will enhance the student’s confidence and motivation. Treating adult students as adults rather than as children will produce good results.

Teaching adult students requires different strategies to school teaching. Using collaborative learning methods and positive reinforcement will increase learning abilities in the classroom. Valuing the input of all students and acting as a facilitator rather than a traditional teacher will produce effective classes and happy adult learners.

Sky Watch:Cut the Mountain

This cloud with a sharp edge attracted my attention. It looked like trying to cut the mountain. It's a pity I can't capture it clearly; the sky was so gray that day. I captured the cloud from a parking building of a mall in my city (Bogor,West Java, Indonesia).

Is the Reverse Mortgage a Right Financial Program for You?

My late father was a retiree from the national electricity company. At January 6th this year, he died at the age of 76 years. I can say that my father lived in a happy old age because he never had financial problem, although he has retired. The retirement fund, savings and regular income from a construction company can meet all his needs and cover all daily expenses. When he’s still alive, although my father has a home with his own name and his age is qualified –over 62 years old- he does not need applying any financial program such as reverse mortgages in USA to earn extra income.

Unfortunately, not all senior home owners are as lucky as my father who has sufficient income in his old age. Recently, there are many senior citizens in USA who really need extra income to support their daily expenses. Their current incomes can’t meet today’s increasing prices anymore! Applying for a new job in old age can be a possible way out, but I think it would be better to choose another better way; since the chance to be accepted is only a little.

Lots of senior home owners prefer to get financial benefits from reverse mortgage programs. What is a reverse mortgage anyway? In a simple definition, it’s a sort of useful home loan -for only permanent residents and US citizens at least 62 years old- that draws the equity of their own homes. Getting reverse mortgage allows you to attain added income in a monthly imbursement, lump sum or home equity line of credit.

You don’t need to pay back the loan while you still can stay at your home, proceed paying your home insurance and property taxes like earlier. The reverse mortgage won’t due until you -as a borrower- sell the home or you pass away. For me, achieving added income from a kind of home loan without leaving the home and repaying monthly are the greatest advantages that you can get from reverse mortgage! Check the possible loan amount that you can obtain based on your home value by using a reverse mortgage calculator at resource websites of reverse mortgages.

Consider taking useful counseling before. You should know in advance that you’ll have to pay out high closing cost. Evaluated to traditional mortgages, applying for reverse mortgage makes you must compensate the origination fees about twice higher. Getting guidance, best advices and the latest information on reverse mortgage will help you a lot in making an educated and informed decision.

Mar 22, 2012

Famous Heads of Hair and Baldness

One of the most envious things about a celebrity is their hair (or lack of it). The manes of the rich and famous can cause us mere mortals to copy their style, or even inspire us to get a hair replacement, so we can look just as glamorous as they are. Here’s a list of celebrities who are also famous for their hair or baldness.


The pop queen is world famous for her constant reinvention of music and styles. Her many years in the spotlight have seen her sport dishevelled crimpled hair and bleached pixie cuts during the ’80s, high ponytails and dark long locks during the ’90s, and now her favourite hairstyle seems to be classy medium blonde waves or curls.

Justin Bieber

The teenage pop star heartthrob shot to fame with not only his music, but also his former trademark swoopy bangs. He cut off his hair in early 2011 and now sports a shorter and mature style. However, he did keep some of the snipped locks to raise $40,000 for charity!

Jennifer Aniston

The Friends star modelled the most stylish hair in the ’90s. Her layered, highlighted bob was highly requested at hairdressers. In most recent years, she’s sported enviable luscious, long and straight locks.

Halle Berry

The Academy Award winner has had several hairstyles throughout her career, but it’s her stylish and sexy pixie style cut that makes her stand out from the A-list pack. Her oval face shape makes her pixie cut look youthful and perfect.

Farrah Fawcett

She was known as a Charlie’s Angel and for her very popular 1976 poster, which turned her into a sex symbol and pop culture icon. Many young women emulated her gorgeous, fluffy and flipped out signature hairstyle.

Bob Marley

The reggae superstar was famous for his dreadlocks as much as his music. His dreads were considered to be a part of his identity. Many people inspired to copy his style.

Long haired rock stars

Many rock stars have sported long hair at some point in their careers. Here are some of the popular frontmen who have:
Ø Mike Patton – The extremely talented and versatile vocalist behind bands like Faith No More and Mr. Bungle, had long hair during the late ’80s and early ’90s.
Ø Anthony Kiedis – The Red Hot Chili Peppers lead singer’s style was his long hair and bare chest. He debuted his short hair during the release of the band’s Californication album in 1999.
Ø Chris Cornell – He had long and curly hair during his time in the grunge band, Soundgarden. Then he had short hair in Audioslave before growing it out again recently, just in time for reuniting with Soundgarden.
Ø Ozzy Osbourne – The Black Sabbath singer and reality star has had long, thick and dark hair for much of his career.
Ø Axl Rose – The Guns N’ Roses leader is known for his ginger locks and even had plaits and beads in it at some point.

Famous Baldies

With no hair on their heads, these men could have considered an eyebrow transplant.

Sports stars
Ø Michael Jordan – Considered as the one who introduced the bald look to basketball with other players inspired by the shaved look.
Ø Andre Agassi – The retired tennis player had signs of male pattern baldness in the front of his head early in his career.

Action movie stars
Ø Bruce Willis – Considered as the world’s most popular bald actor with masculine and leading men looks.
Ø Vin Diesel – Women are attracted by his bald head and deep, sexy voice.

Comedy men
Ø Danny DeVito – The loveable funny guy proves that men with short height and balding scalps can also be successful.
Ø Jason Alexander – He’s sported a balding look for much of his career, but has recently had a hair transplant.


Getting High Quality and Effective Custom PowerPoint Presentation

Nowadays, a successful presentation is a presentation that has used a powerful tool like MS PowerPoint. Almost every profession in various fields depends on PowerPoint to create an effective presentation. If you’re a college student, you should learn PowerPoint skills; since you’ll have to present academic papers in front of the class. Not knowing how to use PowerPoint in presenting your papers will avoid you from getting good grades. It’s something that you don’t want to happen, right?

If you’re still confused in making a good PowerPoint presentation and you don’t have enough time to improve your PowerPoint skills; consider to get help from a reliable PowerPoint writing service company that offers custom Power Point Presentation.

You don’t need to search anymore, is much recommended as every order will be handled excellently by their writers. Just fill in the order form at the website in details. Make sure that you have already given clear instructions and attached every needed file; it will ease your writer to finish your order on time! Their best support allows you to make contact with your writer directly!

You’ll receive the custom PowerPoint Presentation that suits your requirements and the result will be original. If needed, you can get free revisions and free rewrites. Whether for business or academic purposes, don’t hesitate to ask for their PowerPoint writing expertise!

Mar 21, 2012

Terracotta Warrior Replicas

A good friend of mine is planning to make over his current garden. As he loves Chinese culture, he wanted to create an oriental garden this time. He has searched to find some oriental garden designs, but he still didn’t find that he’s dreaming of. Fortunately, I have navigated a few days before. I was able to give him useful information that he needs.

My friend was really interested with the idea to place one Terracotta Warrior replica at his future garden. He’s so excited and I was glad that I could help. Can you imagine the presence of Terracotta Warriors replicas from China to guard your garden? Every one who sees your garden will be surely amazed!

Once you visit, you’ll see various replicas of the famous Emperor Qin Shi Huang Di’s warriors. The statues are made from the best materials and you can get it with best prices. All of their products are in finest quality, but one thing that attracts me more is they offer customized warriors. They can follow your unique requirements. For example, they can create a terracotta warrior with your own face and a gesture that you want. Isn’t it really great!

My friend will order a kneeling archer; he likes the gesture. Now it’s your turn to visit the website and navigate every product category there. Perhaps you’ll be attracted to bring home the first Emperor of China replica to your home!

To Stop Your Grey Hair Naturally

As the time goes by, we grow older, of course. I believe that most women desire to age in graceful. The fact that we age every day is a natural process that no one can hide. But if the sign of mature –grey hair- starts to arise too early; doesn’t it annoy you? Many women don’t like if the first silver hair appears too soon and they want that gray away!

When it comes to grey hair, have you ever heard the big paradoxes between women and men? Grey hair in women signifies that you’re old, period. Others can call you grandma. While a man with grey hair gets called mature, sexy and a silver-fox-like predicates. Grandma and silver fox are really huge differences; we still live in a discriminatory world!

Your hair is becoming grey if there’s no pigment on it anymore. The main cause is the damage of the melanocytes, the cells that generate your hair pigment. The dyeing melanocytes is a natural thing as you get older. While the earlier grey hair appearance can due to big stress, unhealthy lifestyle or genes factor.

In this hectic life, you’re close to stress every day. Based on a new research in UK, there’s a shocking trend that the grey signs have already occurred to women below 30 years old. The amount of younger women who coloring gray hair increased; stress is still the major reason!

For some women, covering gray hair is already becoming routine activities. They color their hair with chemical products frequently. Some women and men who prefer natural way are looking for another way to solve their grey hair problem. You can discover the safer and healthier way to cure your grey hair at Taking vitamin supplement that contains the Catalese enzyme can be a good option to prevent gray hair naturally. Besides consuming the right supplement; managing daily stress, exercising regularly to improve blood circulation and doing hair treatments are things that you should try as well.

Mar 20, 2012

A Japanese Home Decoration

Another our home decoration item for Ruby Tuesday 2. I don't know how I should call this Japanese decoration. There's a wooden hand grip at the below part. Although we already have it for years, her pretty face is still white and clean as it's covered by plastic. Since I don't know what its real function is, I just stand it on the corner of our book cabinet. I guess she looks comfortable there :)

Mar 18, 2012

American Garden (2)

I still have a few spots of American Garden inside Nusantara Flower Park (Cipanas, West Java, Indonesia) from my archives that I haven't shared here yet. This American Garden presents Country Classic Garden (a replica of American village garden) and Native Garden (a replica of flowering bushes in America).

When You Need Help and Support on Finding the Right Treatment Centre

For me, any sort of drug and alcohol misuse is very severe problem. The addicts will not only destroy themselves, but also endanger other people’s life. Recently in my country, there has been a tragic car crash that has killed nine pedestrians. A young woman who drove the car that hit nine people to death; it turned out that she had just attended a party all night, drunk alcohol and taken a few ecstasy pills. Still under the alcohol and drug effects, she couldn’t control the car and it led to the death of nine people –most of them were children- who were walking on the sidewalk. This tragedy really shocked all of us and made us aware of the danger of drug and alcohol abuse! If every alcohol and drug addict gets the right treatment programs immediately; perhaps this tragedy will not happen!

Unfortunately, these bad habits can happen to everyone and it has extended around the worldwide. There’s a fact that mentioned an increase in the amount of people who become obsessed to alcohol and various drugs nowadays. Besides the reasons that I have stated previously, these bad addictions must get serious attention as most victims or addicts are young individuals who actually are productive man power in their countries.

Can you imagine the great loss suffered by a country that countless young people become addicted? To avoid worse consequences, every addict should be treated right away and get the rehabilitation programs at reliable addiction treatment centers that most suit with the addict’s needs and circumstance.

If someone who is close to you turns out to have problems with not only uncontrollable drug or alcohol intake but also emotional disorder; what can you do?

Don’t be panic, ladies. You can use the helpful addiction treatment resource website to find out the quality rehabilitation centre that offers the most appropriate dual diagnosis treatment programs. Since choosing the right treatment centre is like searching for a new, recovered and healthier future life for your loved one; getting help, guidance and support from trusted people at the reliable resource website can be a great step to keep away from making any mistake.

Mar 17, 2012

Releasing Your Creative Side through Fashion

We’ve all got a creative side – it’s under our skins somewhere! While we’re bound to uniforms, suits and corporate wear during our working lives, it’s fun to let go and get a little creative with our clothes sometimes. From silk scarves to funky hats and unique jewellery, here are a few tips to help you discover your own creativity.

Shop in Unique PlacesWhile all your friends probably shop in generic department stores and ‘Westfield’ chain stores, try finding a store that’s away from the mainstream. You can shop in boutique stores if you want to discover unique designs or head for vintage or second-hand shops if you’re keen on a retro look.

Overseas FashionsIf you know your sizes and measurements, the internet is a great place to shop! While everyone’s following the trends in your home country, why not look outside the borders to see what’s happening in fashion elsewhere? You might discover a funky, layered skirt or a silk top that no one you know has got!

Tailor MadeIf you can afford it, getting your clothes hand-made at a tailor or dressmaker is a great way to get creative! You can pick your styles and patterns, choose colours and materials and customise your outfit any way you please. Consult with the tailor about how to really ramp up your new clothing – could you add in pockets or a sewn-in belt?

Beads, Ribbons and ButtonsIf you can’t afford to buy a whole new wardrobe, you can consider revitalising your old clothes by giving them a little decorative boost. Purchase some beads, ribbons or buttons and sew or glue them onto your dresses, shoes, hats and belts to create a whole new look. You can also use things like flowers, shells, sequins and feathers!

PatchesGetting creative with sewn-on patches is lots of fun because you can choose the exact design you want. Could you sew a patch of your favourite band onto your jeans? Or jazz up an old skirt with some floral patches? If you’re into
Aboriginal art, for instance, some aboriginal-styled patches on your satchel bag could make it much more unique!

Again, if you can’t afford a new wardrobe or you’re just not into DIY, accessories can make all the difference. Get creative with scarves, belts, hats and shoes. Choose a range of colours and mix ’n’ match your accessories to create looks for different occasions. Does that old dress need a thick belt and a new pair of heels to bring it to life? Perhaps your t-shirt and shorts combo could look more creative with the addition of a funky belt, a hat and some flower-studded thongs?

JewelleryFunky fashion jewellery is a great way to get creative with your outfits. A boring dress can be lifted simply by wearing bangles, rings, earrings, necklaces and anklets. Choose jewellery that’s bold and original and steer away from the boring silver/gold pieces. For instance, you could get feathered earrings, brightly coloured rings, big pendant necklaces and beaded bracelets.


Girls know that the right bag should complete any outfit. If you’re the type that just takes the same bag wherever you go, shake it up a little. Invest in some new bags that you can match with different outfits. You can choose from big handbags, small handbags, satchels, tote bags, hippy bags, clutches, baskets and more. If you really want to get creative, buy a plain canvas bag and brighten it up with some beads, prints, patches or paint – and create your own unique style! 

Mar 16, 2012

Teaching Your Partner about Insurance

When my grandfather passed away recently it led to a reassessment of how bills and information are handled in both mine and my parents’ households. We realised that after 55 years of relying upon my grandfather to deal with bills, payments and all finances, my grandmother didn’t know where to start or who to contact. The cultural differences between this generation and my own are huge, and there is now a much greater level of cooperation, but there may still be a separation.

Whilst you may think that it is fine for one person in a relationship to handle finances, it could actually create a huge problem if that person were to suffer an accident or leave the relationship. It is ok for one person to retain responsibility, of course, but it is vital that you provide your partner with the skills to cope with finances and an understanding of how you do it – otherwise they could be left unable to manage. Here is a simple method for sharing knowledge about
home insurance and other finances with your partner:

● Collate the Information
All of the necessary information needs to be available to both partners in a relationship. This is vitally important, so that your partner is able to determine which companies you utilise – for everything, from water to internet – in your absence.

● Give Them Access
Knowing which companies you use is only useful if both partners can access the information needed to make changes. As much of this is carried out online and by phone, it is important that both of you know the passwords and understand the needs and arrangements.

● Explain
Explanation is vital to this process. If your partner knows how to access the necessary information but not how to deal with it or process it, then there is no point. Explain what everything is and why it is important. This is particularly important for things like life insurance, property tax and
contents insurance because their uses and processes are less obvious than electricity, for example.

● Demonstrate
Let them assist you in the process of paying bills and managing budgets for the household. This educational process should help them to understand what you are doing as you do it.

● Split Responsibilities
The best way to keep a good level of understanding is to provide your partner with responsibilities. By splitting the responsibilities and exchanging them occasionally, you will necessarily both have a decent level of understanding about the financial situation.

● Discuss the Future
Discussing future arrangements is possibly the most important part of this process. Consider the financial state that you would be in if either partner died, fell terminally ill, or were unable to work for any reason. Planning for the future and for the worst-case scenario is the only way that you can ensure it would have a minimal impact if it were to occur.

Sky Watch: Another Village View

-click to enlarge-

It's like a typical scenery of any village in a tropical country. But nowadays you can also see 'modern touches' between the green fields and the valley. Though looks annoying, it's something that you can't avoid anymore. We need those towers to make sure that you can communicate well anywhere.

The pic was captured at my husband's home town (Bumiayu, Central Java, Indonesia).

No More Bad Hair Day!

Ladies, have you ever tried to use Clip in hair extensions? If it’s your first time to know about this innovative kind of hair extension, you should pay more attention on this hair style product, as it can give you more advantages than the other kinds of hair extension.

Every woman desires to always have good-looking hair. There’s no doubt; having healthy, shiny and wonderful hair will make you look good and feel good as well. Even some women don’t bother to pay more in salons and spas; as long as their hair looks beautiful every day. But nowadays, you don’t need to spend much money anymore!

Every time you see amazing celebrity hair style recently, have you ever wondered what is the secret behind? Thanks to the clip in hair extension, now you can have the celebrity hair style every day in less cost. There won’t be any bad hair day!

Clip in hair extensions come to you in wide variety of colors, lengths and textures. It really gives you limitless hair style options. You can have different hair look in just a minute. If you have short hair, you can change it into long hair by using 22 inch clip in hair. To create a highlight effect, you can choose the lighter or darker one than your natural hair color; so the hair extension will blend nicely. You don’t need other’s help as you can easily replace and remove the clip in hair extensions just by yourself. You can save money a lot here!

Clip in hair extensions provide an outstanding way out if you crave to attach some length, improve your hair volume or add color variant to your hair. You can simply modify your hair for the short term; it’s really different with permanent type of hair extensions that make you stuck with it for months.

Using clip in hair extensions will not only improve the way you look and feel, but also it will make your natural hair healthier. You don’t need to color or flatten your hair anymore. Whatever hair do that you want, this sort of hair extensions can help you creating it!

Mar 15, 2012

Traveling for a Good Purpose

I believe that every parent in this world has similar hope for their sons and daughters; they want their teenagers to grow up to become adult people with good health and good moral characters. Care to other people, needy community and environment are only a few of good deeds that parents wish their teenagers can do.

Meanwhile, parents also always concern with their children’s safety, security and survival; but many young people tend to enter and explore the world without paying attention more to their safety. Parents want to protect their loved ones but your teenagers desire to get away from your grip and leave to find out, travel around and discover the world. It seems a contradiction, right?

If you face the similar situation, inviting your teenagers to join volunteer programs can be a great win-win solution. You respect your teenager’s wants for independence and traveling around but you still keep their safety as they will be well guided by trusted people at the corporation that offers the volunteer programs. After all, behind all worries; actually parents want their teenagers to develop to become young people who can survive and struggle without their parents.

Allowing your teenager to volunteer abroad won’t be a wrong decision. You give him or her freedom to get valuable worldwide learning experience. It’s more than just traveling with other teenagers to amazing places. The good volunteer program will provide a chance for teenagers to develop and participate in enjoyable, educational and important activities at the destination place.

Volunteering programs are not just about doing charitable things. As a volunteer, your son or daughter will also learn a lot from the people in the new community. Knowing local traditions and society, acquiring important work experience, making lots of new friends, learning new ability and language, and having broader mind are some benefits that can be achieved. Your teenager will go back home enriched with many good memories and life-changing experience!

How to Stay Healthy and Happy in a Stressful Job

Lots of people work very stressful jobs, and though they often get paid well, the cost to their health and happiness can be overwhelming. If you work a stressful job, you need to take your health seriously and be proactive when it comes to your happiness. The following are a few tips for staying healthy and happy, working a stressful job.

Time Management

The ability to manage your time well can single-handedly save you from a mental breakdown, so if you get really good at anything, get good managing your time. Even the busiest people have time to relax if they are managing their time well, and having even a little down time can do wonders for your health and happiness. Any independent medical opinion will tell you that your body needs rest in order to function properly.


You are never too busy to eat, and if you are, call the police because you are being kept in slavery! Seriously, stop and eat, and eat as well as you can possibly afford. If you are working in a stressful job, hopefully you are being compensated for that financially, and if so, make sure you always have good food at home. Your body can run on adrenalin alone for surprising lengths of time, though unless you eat well you are bound to crash sooner or later.

Turn Off Your Phone

It is really important that for at least some part of the day you are not on call, so whenever this is, turn off your phone and relax. Having time to yourself is important to allow yourself to unwind a little and recharge, and shutting off your phone for a couple of hours will make it far more likely you won’t be interrupted.

Leave Town

For people who live close to where they work, it can be great for being quick to get to work, though it also means they are never really very far from work either. Psychologically, it is important to get a bit further away once in a while and totally leave town for a couple of nights, the longer the better. You will be able to better unwind knowing that work isn’t 5 minutes away.


Especially if you are an office worker, everyone should spend at least some part of every day exercising. Whether you walk to work, go for a swim or just kick the footy around with your kids, exercise is an important way to relieve stress and expend pent up energy. Going for a run or to your yoga class is also a great way to make sure you have at least some part of your week be just about you.

People who work stressful jobs often talk about the enormous sense of gratification they get from doing the job well, though you can definitely only do stressful jobs for so long unless you are also taking care of your physical, mental and spiritual health. Make sure you are being good to yourself while you are taking care of business, and you’ll be able to do a better job, for longer, rather than ending up as a workers compensation case.

Mar 13, 2012

Birthday Gift Ideas for Little Girls

Thank heaven for little girls, for every day they get bigger so does the range get wider for gift options. There are so many gorgeous, wonderful items to choose from when buying gifts for girls that one might easily overdo it. Here are some bright ideas to consider when shopping for a special gift for your favourite little girl.

Gifts for Baby Girls 
Baby gifts need to be practical, well made and safe. Natural rubber dummies, organic cotton and natural wood teethers are a super practical and trendy gift idea. So is an organic baby bath pack or organic cotton towels. A set of Marquise or Bonds singlets will make baby feel cosy and warm.

On the more extravagant side a sterling silver personalised rattle makes a lovely keepsake that can be handed down for generations to come. Crocheted booties are always hard to resist and seem to inspire general cluckiness in women unlike anything else on earth. Handmade knitted toys for babies are everywhere right now and will surely give your special baby girl a thrill.

Big Girl Gifts
For girls aged between 3 and 5 the range of gifts gets bigger. Department stores selling
girl’s clothes are positively bursting with tulle covered frocks and spangled numbers that would set your little girl’s heart on fire. Comfort should never be trumped by style however and the key to finding the princess perfect, special occasion dress is to always choose quality over quantity.

The Special Occasion Dress
Quality dresses for little girls don’t have to be expensive and can still achieve that fairytale princess style that little girls adore. Check that the dress is lined adequately so that there are no harsh, scratchy surfaces rubbing their skin. Make sure the fabric is natural or at least a mix as 100% synthetic fabrics do not breathe and can become uncomfortable. Floral prints, frills and vintage designs are all popular now and pink is still the favourite. Plain white with frills, tulle or lace will also make a winning combination for your tiny treasure as it really does capture the essence of the fairytale princess look.

Dress Ups
Little girls love to play dress-ups and there are many different costumes available. The trick is finding out what their favourite cartoon character is first. Dora outfits and accessories will be appreciated as will Angelina Ballerina style outfits. Tiaras, magic wands, ballet slippers and mermaid costumes go down a treat with little girls and when in doubt, think Cinderella. Alternatively a supply of plastic jewellery inside a jewellery box or a trunk designed to safeguard all the exciting costumes both make great little girl gifts.

The Toy Kitchen
There are lots of different kinds of toy kitchens on the market and little girls love them. There are retro kitchens, Dora kitchens, painted wooden kitchens and a good supply of pretend food and utensils too. Some kitchens even have battery operated stove tops that light up and imitate cooking noises. If you are going to buy a toy kitchen it’s a good idea to include some pretend food as well. There’s nothing worse than arriving home, tired and hungry, only to find that the cupboards are empty!

There are so many great books for little girls and reading books to children not only encourages there language and comprehension skills it creates a genuine bonding experience. Many local bookstores have children’s sections and bookstores specifically for children are full of old and new stories that will dazzle and delight. Golden books and classic fairytales may well involve dated themes and messages however children still get a kick out of the wild fantasy. There are many new children’s writers that manage to combine a modern message with adorable characters and a good story – all you need do is take a look.

There are so many wonderful gift ideas to choose from when it comes to little girls. I hope our list of suggestions has helped you think of just the thing for that little angel in your life.

Mar 12, 2012

Punk Outfit

It seems that the punk community in my city has increasing members. I can see young men in punk outfit are gathering in several spots. Sorry for the unclear pic, I captured one of them from the moving car. Weird outfit (for me)!

Mar 11, 2012

How to Treat Common Breastfeeding Problems

Contrary to popular belief, breastfeeding doesn’t just happen easily all the time without any problems along the way. Some new mums find it hard to get started, while others may experience difficulties later on. It’s all too easy to get frustrated when problems arise, but it’s good to remember that every breastfeeding problem has a solution. The following are some examples of common breastfeeding difficulties and how to fix them.

Lack of Milk
One of the most common concerns for new mums is having enough milk for their
baby. In general, your baby should be wetting at least five diapers a day, so any less than this and your baby may not be getting enough milk. All you can do in this situation is to stimulate your body to produce more milk. To do this, you can let your baby feed on demand, give your baby only breast milk or remove left over milk from your breast following a feeding. Also make sure you are drinking plenty of water so that your body is capable of producing more milk.

Sore Nipples
It is pretty common for new breastfeeding mums to have sore nipples, but any pain that is severe or lasts longer than a few seconds following latching on is not normal. The most common reason for very sore nipples is that your baby isn’t latching on properly, causing her or him to suck or pull harder on the nipple. This is simply a technical issue, so you can try again until your baby gets the proper latching technique. If the problem is not the latching on, it could be a skin issue such as thrush or dermatitis, which you can get creams to help alleviate the discomfort. Otherwise, you may just need to get a more comfortable
nursing bra to reduce chafing and further nipple soreness.

Breast Refusal
If you have been happily breastfeeding your baby, and suddenly she or he refuses your breast, it can come as quite a shock. There is often a good explanation when this happens, as your baby is probably just trying to tell you something.

The following are common causes of breast rejection:

• There has been a change in the taste of your milk, either caused by a change in diet, a new medication, your period has returned or you are pregnant again.
• Your baby has a cold or allergies, making it hard for her or him to breathe while feeding.
• Your baby has an ear infection and is feeling pain while breastfeeding.
• Your baby has a cold sore or thrush, making her or his mouth painful.
• Your milk supply has been reduced.
• You have put perfume or cream on or near your breast that your baby doesn’t like the taste of.
• You have an inflammation in your breast, called mastitis that is making your milk taste salty.
• Your baby is becoming more distracted by her or his surroundings.

Some of the problems have obvious solutions, but some require a bit more attention. Some things you can try include talking to a lactation consultant, finding a quiet room to feed in, giving your baby more skin-to-skin contact, offering a breast when your baby is dozing, feeding on the move, taking your baby to the doctor or trying a new feeding position.

Orchids for Sale

During our journey to other town, I saw orchids for sale in the front of a store at a rest area. Which color do you prefer to buy? I'll choose white orchid this time.

Mar 10, 2012

5 Great Ways to Surprise a Loved One

Surprising a loved one can be lots of fun, especially when you find some creative ways to do it. The following are 5 surprises they’re guaranteed to love:

Love Bombs
Love Bombs are spontaneous acts of love, just for the sake of it, and are fantastic ways to make your partner feeling very special. It can be as simple as hiding small love tokens like
perfume or notes in places where he or she often looks, such as the pocket of his work suit or her make-up basket in the bathroom. If they are a chocolate lover, send chocolate hampers to them at work, for no reason other than you want them to be happy. Expressing your love at times other than Valentine’s Day is an important way to show that you are for real, and the gesture won’t be lost on your loved one.

Impromptu Dates
Show up at their work unexpectedly just before the lunch break and take him or her out on a date. Be romantic, and arrive prepared to have a picnic in a nearby park, or take them to a new restaurant. If you are doing this during lunch hour though, be sure to bring them back to work on time as you don't want to get your loved one in trouble with the boss. Alternatively, surprise them after work for an evening of romance or with tickets to a concert or show.

Do Her Chores (or His)
A lovely surprise for anyone, especially housewives and mothers, is to have someone do their chores for them. Tell your partner to relax and that you are making dinner tonight, or take over the lawn mowing this weekend.

Plan A Special Day
Dedicate one day, to making your partner promise to make no other commitments that day, and organise it around the two of you spending quality time together. If you want to maintain the surprise of it, you don't have to tell your significant other about your plans other than what she needs to do to be there. Whether it's a day at the spa being pampered, or an intimate day at home getting to know each other all over again, taking the time to relax and just be in each other's presence can rejuvenate a relationship and it’s a nice surprise at any time.

Propose All Over Again
The emotional impact of this surprise grows with the age of the relationship, so save this one for just the right time. It is an opportunity to re-affirm and renew your commitment to each other. If you were the one proposed to originally, you can say that you didn't get the opportunity to ask last time around and it's now your turn!

Even though you know what the answer to the question will be, it is more than worth it to put in the effort to make your proposal unforgettable. You have the added advantage of knowing your partner better than when you first met, so you know what will surprise and please them the most!

Mar 8, 2012

Helping Your Child Find Work

One of the most important lessons a teenager can learn is that money doesn’t grow on trees – or from their parents. Finding their first part-time or casual job can be an important step for a young person. It’s a chance to kick-start their working career and put something solid on their resume. It’s also a chance to gain maturity and learn responsibilities, meet new people and manage their money. But how do you help your young one find work?

1. Create a Resume

Putting together a resume is essential for anyone, especially when applying for jobs. Your child may need your help and experience for this. Use a Microsoft Word template to help make it look professional and include as much detail and information as you can. Don’t be deterred by the fact that your child doesn’t have any work experience, as this isn’t a pre-requisite for most junior jobs.
Some things you could include are:
· education details
· school subjects
· sport activities
· extracurricular interests
· special achievements

Ensure that the resume reflects your child’s positive and dedicated attitude to work. Also include any references or letters from superiors or teachers that could help their credentials. A 2-page resume is usually fine.

2. Ask Around
As an adult, you probably know lots more working people than your child does. Ask your friends, neighbours and colleagues if they are looking for any ‘junior’ help. You might have a friend who needs help with office duties or an acquaintance wanting an extra hand at the warehouse.

3. Junior Positions
As we all know, lots of retail and fast-food outlets employ juniors, including McDonalds, KFC, Hungry Jacks, Red Rooster, and so on. It’s a good place for your child to get some experience, build their
customer service skills and it can also lead to more ‘serious’ jobs. Check any regulations regarding age and send off a resume. Make sure you ask your child to follow up with a phone call to demonstrate their enthusiasm.

4. Browse Job Ads in Your Local Area
Browsing for jobs in your local paper is a good way of finding out what’s available.Retail stores also often advertise casual positions in their shop windows, so keep an eye out while you’re shopping or picking up dinner. If you’re a dedicated parent, you can always carry a few resumes around with you and hand them in when you spot something.

If you have to drive your child around, finding a job locally is useful. It’s easy to spend 5 minutes driving them to and from work, but a job 30 minutes away could become an inconvenience for you.

5. Figure Out Their Passions

If your child is particularly passionate about something, consider finding them work in their desired area. For example, if they love art, could they work in a store selling
art supplies? Or if they’re into sport, perhaps they can get a job helping to coach young kids? Or if they like fashion, perhaps their ideal job is in a clothes shop? There are lots of options and finding something your child is into will usually mean they’re more keen to work.

6. Volunteer Work

If it’s not all about the money, volunteering is a great way to develop a child’s work ethic. It can be very rewarding and gives them a chance to enhance their social skills and boost their confidence. Volunteer work can be for a non-profit organisation, a charity or church, or a nursing home.

7. Working at Home
If your child is not quite ready to enter the workforce, they might be able to develop their responsibilities by working at home. This could be as basic as doing chores for pocket money, like lawn mowing, cleaning or babysitting. If you work from home, they might be able to help with your office filing or other duties that can teach them simple responsibility and money management.

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