Mar 23, 2012

Must-Have Beauty Treatments for 2012

Whether you are looking for a special treat or your body needs rejuvenating, there are many treatments and techniques designed to relax and restore your body. What you choose is only limited by your time and budget – just one beauty treatment can make you feel like a new person. Here is a quick guide to the must-have beauty treatments for 2012 that are sure to give you a new glow, both inside and out.

Hair Removal
Get rid of unwanted hair quickly and with a minimum of fuss by using a laser hair removal system or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technique. For a painless and long-lasting result – even permanent hair removal – laser treatment can target all areas of the body for a super-smooth result. IPL also gets great results and actually targets the individual hair follicles for permanent removal. This means no more painful waxing or shaving that only lasts for a short time. Make sure you use an expert who has experience in the best equipment, such as
Palomar for IPL and Candela for laser treatment.

Hot Stone Massage 

For the ultimate in deep relaxation, a hot stone massage is just the ticket. Using a combination of stones, heat and essential oils, a massage of this type is perfect for complete relaxation of your muscles. It is far more effective than a hand massage and the feeling of the heat as it glides across your back is just heaven.


This type of exfoliation is highly beneficial because it is tailored specifically for your skin type. It provides a “deep clean” and gives your skin a softer, silkier look and feel. It is also highly effective at removing stubborn blackheads. It is a pain-free way to restore your skin’s natural glow.

Spray Tan 

There is no need to put your health at risk in search of the ideal tan. A spray tan will help you glow without the risk of damaging your skin in the sun’s harmful UV rays or in a sun bed. There are many types of tans on offer, but the best are the ones matched to your skin type and tone by an expert. There are even tanning techniques that allow you to shower soon after without your new “bronzed” look washing away.

Ultimate Pedicure 

There is nothing worse than having a great pair of shoes or sandals, only to have your tired feet ruin the look. An indulgent pedicure that gets rid of dead skin, restores a silky smooth look and even incorporates a massage is the ultimate foot treatment.

Dermalogica Facial 

Forget about your basic facial – for the best result, go for Dermalogica facial that is tailored specifically for your skin type. It is highly effective if you suffer from dry or dehydrated skin and will give you a stunningly smooth and natural look. A Dermalogica facial will also leave your skin hydrated and cleaner.

Body Wrap
Give your whole body the special treatment with a body wrap designed to relax and rejuvenate. Using essential oils and massage, a body wrap can purge the body of toxins and leave the skin silky smooth and glowing. Look for a body wrap that also pays attention to the feet and face and uses a variety of different techniques to really spoil you.


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