Mar 10, 2012

5 Great Ways to Surprise a Loved One

Surprising a loved one can be lots of fun, especially when you find some creative ways to do it. The following are 5 surprises they’re guaranteed to love:

Love Bombs
Love Bombs are spontaneous acts of love, just for the sake of it, and are fantastic ways to make your partner feeling very special. It can be as simple as hiding small love tokens like
perfume or notes in places where he or she often looks, such as the pocket of his work suit or her make-up basket in the bathroom. If they are a chocolate lover, send chocolate hampers to them at work, for no reason other than you want them to be happy. Expressing your love at times other than Valentine’s Day is an important way to show that you are for real, and the gesture won’t be lost on your loved one.

Impromptu Dates
Show up at their work unexpectedly just before the lunch break and take him or her out on a date. Be romantic, and arrive prepared to have a picnic in a nearby park, or take them to a new restaurant. If you are doing this during lunch hour though, be sure to bring them back to work on time as you don't want to get your loved one in trouble with the boss. Alternatively, surprise them after work for an evening of romance or with tickets to a concert or show.

Do Her Chores (or His)
A lovely surprise for anyone, especially housewives and mothers, is to have someone do their chores for them. Tell your partner to relax and that you are making dinner tonight, or take over the lawn mowing this weekend.

Plan A Special Day
Dedicate one day, to making your partner promise to make no other commitments that day, and organise it around the two of you spending quality time together. If you want to maintain the surprise of it, you don't have to tell your significant other about your plans other than what she needs to do to be there. Whether it's a day at the spa being pampered, or an intimate day at home getting to know each other all over again, taking the time to relax and just be in each other's presence can rejuvenate a relationship and it’s a nice surprise at any time.

Propose All Over Again
The emotional impact of this surprise grows with the age of the relationship, so save this one for just the right time. It is an opportunity to re-affirm and renew your commitment to each other. If you were the one proposed to originally, you can say that you didn't get the opportunity to ask last time around and it's now your turn!

Even though you know what the answer to the question will be, it is more than worth it to put in the effort to make your proposal unforgettable. You have the added advantage of knowing your partner better than when you first met, so you know what will surprise and please them the most!

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