Mar 6, 2012

Jewellery Tips for Major Milestones

Since the earliest days of human civilisation, we have used jewellery as a way to celebrate major milestones, ceremonies and initiations. Make sure you are playing your part in helping your loved one celebrate their milestones, with these ideas for giving the perfect gift of jewellery to mark a big occasion:

Gold Cuff Links
If a man in your life has just reached a major milestone, whether it’s his 50th birthday, or he has just been voted in as the President of his Company, giving him gold cuff links is the perfect way to recognised a commendable achievement. Gold cuff links have been a symbol of style, wealth and sophistication for hundreds of years, and still today they make a handsome way to pay recognition.

Birthstone Ring

Nothing compares to watching your daughter grow up, and by the time she is 16, you are going to have to accept that she is an independent young woman. A classy way to help your daughter celebrate her 16th birthday is to give her a simple ring with her birthstone mounted on it, or embedded in it. The ring will be a wonderful way for you to recognise that she is her own person and almost an adult now. This may be the first piece of real adult jewellery that she will own, so make it something special and it will be a birthday that you’ll both cherish forever.

A practical and stylish way to mark your son, daughter or friends graduating from University is by giving them a high-end timepiece. Chances are they probably haven’t owned a really nice watch before, so go in on it with some friends or relatives and get something impressive. Having a nice watch will be just the thing for helping them transition from their role as student to that of a professional, with the stylish piece on their wrist sure to help give them the confidence that they can continue to succeed in the ‘real world.’

Rather than just being the ‘must have’ on all
engagement rings, diamonds have become a smaller feature in a wider range of jewellery, making them a great choice to mark any kind of milestone. Giving a diamond necklace or pendant that is certified as being ‘conflict-free,’ can be a great way to recognise a loved one’s achievement, while also making a statement in support of their human rights based views.

The perfect way to celebrate your first year of being together with your partner is by buying him or her a classy bracelet. If you are buying for a woman, an anklet can also be a good choice, though regardless, both are less imposing than a necklace or a ring. A bracelet strikes the perfect note by being fancy yet not overbearing.

Giving jewellery to mark a major milestone is a classy way to help a loved one celebrate, so make sure you aren’t missing any opportunities, and that you have something extra special to go with those

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