Mar 18, 2012

American Garden (2)

I still have a few spots of American Garden inside Nusantara Flower Park (Cipanas, West Java, Indonesia) from my archives that I haven't shared here yet. This American Garden presents Country Classic Garden (a replica of American village garden) and Native Garden (a replica of flowering bushes in America).

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Luna Miranda March 18, 2012  

this looks like a great place to visit. lovely shots.

Tatjana Parkacheva March 18, 2012  

Beautiful garden.

Regards and best wishes

kim March 19, 2012  

wow! i love flowers and this is one great bunch of them.. thanks for sharing!

Admin March 19, 2012  

I love all the colors very beautiful

Carver March 19, 2012  

What a beautiful garden. Thanks for the tour. These are all wonderful shots.

outlet March 19, 2012  

nice palce & beautifull :D

Yen March 19, 2012  

Flowers and gardens reminds me of my childhood days:)

DeniseinVA March 19, 2012  

Such a beautiful garden Lina. How I would love to walk around it. Thanks for sharing.

Indrani March 20, 2012  

Beautiful garden, lovely shots.

Dhemz March 20, 2012  

wow, really! super love those gorgeous flowers.

Sallie ( March 21, 2012  

Nice place to visit.

Mona's Picturesque March 24, 2012  

Such a wonderful springy garden :) Just beautiful!

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