Mar 20, 2012

A Japanese Home Decoration

Another our home decoration item for Ruby Tuesday 2. I don't know how I should call this Japanese decoration. There's a wooden hand grip at the below part. Although we already have it for years, her pretty face is still white and clean as it's covered by plastic. Since I don't know what its real function is, I just stand it on the corner of our book cabinet. I guess she looks comfortable there :)

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Mrs.D March 20, 2012  

that is super cute Lina! I like asian decors!

Gattina March 20, 2012  

That's adorable ! How sweet !

Magical Mystical Teacher March 20, 2012  
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Chubskulit Rose March 20, 2012  

That's beautiful LIna. This is also timing for the letter J of ABC Wednesday hehehe.

Leovi March 20, 2012  

Yes, great composition, really creative, I really like this decorative element.

Cheryl March 21, 2012  

Whatever it is, it is beautiful.

Phoenix March 21, 2012  

What cool looking decoration! Love it! :)

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 March 21, 2012  

My sis went to work in Japan, and gave one similar to me, but when we moved house, the husband threw them out.

Jama March 21, 2012  

That's a cute one!

eden March 21, 2012  

So cute..

Leah H. March 22, 2012  
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